More test results for VHBL on 2.12


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81 Responses

  1. dang at the moment I have no $ till Tuesday and the game will be removed by then sad days :(

  2. Max7731 says:

    Hi is that Daedalus R13 works.?

  3. Dicemen4 says:

    Nice now I can play Nazi zombies on my psvita :)

  4. VictorWei says:

    What is Dragon Ball Z ??I only know that a GBA game and a PSP game have that name

  5. mike says:

    HEY WOLOLO – I’ve got the apachi over kill exploit… Do you think I should update when this new
    Exploit is released for grabs?? Also do you think tnv or ecfw would be compatatable with 2.12
    Sooner then 2.06?? THANX

  6. Reddevil says:

    We dont need vhbl we need native vita hack :((

    • mrolive says:

      Well you can ask Sony for that. They locked down the vita so hard this time ( to avoid what happend to the psp ) that we need to buy a game from their store for the exploit to work. I wish this was as easy of IOS jailbreaking :(

    • the3 says:

      Guys like u suck No one is gonna release a vita/new ps3 hack.cause piracy has gone too far and thats all ur worried about the rest of us like the new awsome consoles and just wanna see a little hb so comanys like sony will keep making better devices if u want free gaming get an andriod it has free out the wazoo and then u donthave to beg and complain about something u havent earned or deserve just my opinion on it devs spend month on these kinda projects to enjoy them and hold out on public releases cause they dont want all there hard work to go down the drain overnight just so ppl can have piracy 4 a while till a good game comes out and update and cry again that u need another buy vita games or trade it 4 a note 1 just saying

  7. Alberto47 says:

    I am anxious to use VHBL read more on your blog will not be published as I do to know the name of the game. I await response

  8. Crzylegz says:

    So what’s the difrence between the ninja release and the public announcement? So will the ninja release be on another site.

  9. coololo says:

    Cant wait already bought my 20$ psn card in my wallet, daedalus r13 is all i need and gba emu for pokemon, only wish powder worked i love that game.

  10. Brian says:

    as soon as the game name is released sony will pull it and and release a firmware update. (2.13 or something)

  11. Renan says:

    ai tells me the name of the game by email if possible thanks

  12. brz says:

    Hey, the game is available on brazilian PSN?
    I already have lots of paid games from PSN, then I don’t wanna change the store.

  13. scooter61686 says:

    I feel like i’m being left out of the Ninja release this time :( i used to feel like i got it semi-early but a public release seems imminent…hopefully thats not the case…im have kernel on 2.02 so its not that big of a deal, but still. VHBL is the best for the vita, it keeps it sony’s fault that the Vita isnt doing well because of the games they are releasing not because of piracy. I vote a native vita hack should be held on to if anyone has one (ive heard rumbling around the scene of one existing) and shouldnt be publicly released.

    • The Budds says:

      None of us are in really in a place to deserve anything. I’m more glad to see that they do rather then if I got it myself or not.

  14. San Francisco says:

    Hey wololo will this b a better vhbl then the 2.6 apache mod? Don’t c why I should get this if its the same plz comment had the UNO mod that’s was fun had lost of ps1 games and psp games but my friend update it for me after I told him not to a kernel release is what I would like , don’t get it mix up tho vhbl is fun have lost of gba and snes and other homebrew but it also comes with a lot of bugs the psp is so much better for all this really feal like I use that more then my vita

  15. Iyokuu says:

    Does it run a psone emulator with sound yet?

  16. meler says:

    stick to uno 😀 till ps4 is out i think :( will miss 2.0.2 with full psp mode 😀

  17. Coco says:

    there is a possibility to be changed software? put on it a windows or linux even android?
    I do not understand why it is not fully exploit its potential
    ps vita will die if sony does not come with something new, some accessories for mysterious port, a video output?

  18. sheon says:

    Pointless and waste of time hack and also waste of money if it cant even play PSP ISOS not everyone that downloads psp isos does it for piracy maybe some of us want to play games we own already but cant play them cause of the format…

    I just want to play kingdom hearts final mix on my psp but it looks like thats not going to happen since this new hack sucks

    • wololo says:

      Feel free to provide your own hack, if what the community gives you is not satisfying. The lack of iso support is not (only) an ideological one, it’s mostly a technical limitation. So if you feel like adding iso support to VHBL, just open your text editor and start coding, instead of whining.

      • azulaeu says:

        I love you for comments like this wololo; it’s always awesome to see you put the ingrates in their place.

      • sheon says:

        its still pointless if u cant play iso’s and if any of this Homebrew was worth playing u would submit it to Sony and go legit and every preaches about piracy yet u seem to have no problem pirating old school games….

        These hacks are a waste of time it will be patched anyway

        • wololo says:

          1) You fail at basic punctuation and grammar, your posts are extremely hard to read, if you want to have som sort of constructive discussion please make an effort. This is a blog, not an sms client.

          2) If you can’t see the difference between pirating a game that was out 1 year ago, and a game that was out 10 year ago, you also fail at basic economy and ethics.

          3) This site “preaches” against piracy because we respect the law. If you read my blog regularly, you will see that personally I don’t care what you do or don’t do with piracy, it’s a problem with you and your conscience. You want to play psp iso’s? Buy a PSP and install a custom firmware. Problem solved.

          • sheon says:

            does not matter is the game is 1 year old or 10 years old its still stealing from the dev’s yet u seem to have no problem with it. u say u respect the law but i call *** on that since u seem to have no problem with games thats are 10 years old.

            if ur really against piracy as u say then u would not allow even allow old games to be played and pirated which again makes vhbl useless.

            I own all the games I just want to play them on a better screen and from a memory card i hate disc based software.

          • wololo says:

            People who have tried to battle me in a fight for “how much they respect the law” have always lost. Point finger as much as you want to other people pirating videogames, then go back to listening your pirated music and watching your pirated TV shows. When you’re done, come to my place, I dare you to find a single pirated videogame on any of my computers.

            By the way, the money you pay for games that were developed 10 years ago, except in very rare situations, does *not* go to the developers of the game. In many cases if you pay for 10 years old games, you are most likely paying the wrong people. Developers, unless they own the intellectual property for the games they work on (which basically only happens for indie), do not get paid 10 years after working on something.

            You don’t enjoy playing your PSP games on UMDS? Buy the game again from the PSN, you’ll be able to play it on both your psp and your vita without the need for a disc.

        • The Budds says:

          Different strokes for different folks. The main use of CFW at the time I had my psp was for sc*** around with the .rco files. Well I could easily of played isos, I found it more fun to mess with editing.

          In the end though, can’t wait for your hack since you say this one sucks.

          • gunblade says:

            I jus had the Xbox boot for my psp.. Xp took real long to long ……thought to triple the ram.. Now my vita needs a new back camera…

  19. slenderman says:

    Could you tell us if the game is going to be 10$ or higher because i have 10$ left on my account and i don’t if should buy another 20$ card :S

  20. Sl1tf1re The Liker says:

    Lamecraft Works OMG ! FuckYeah ! :)

  21. Max7731 says:

    How do I know what I’m playstation store.? thank you

  22. antonio says:

    llevo tiempo visitando esta pajina pero nunca me he registrado .como lo hago?

  23. antonio says:

    una ayudita wololo

  24. thecoldest1 says:

    hey can somebody who knows jus tel me if the relese comes out a week or sumthin bcuz im gettin tired of bein of gettin exited everday thinkin its ganna com

  25. zombie jesus says:

    Vhbl is better than nothing

  26. alpha says:

    can the next article be about the cost or something cause your going to *** off allot off people when you release it and its way above peoples wallet

  27. Sam says:

    Wjats a ninja release?? How does that work out?

    • fairy tail ninja says:

      Before going to bed put under the pillow ps vitaa and a ninja will come to give you vhbl (unless you are asleep).

  28. StanSmith says:

    There has been so much talk about the VHBL I can see a new forced firmware released days after this exploit gets released.

    I really with people would stop talking about things before they are released then we would have a lot more time with our homebrew.

    I dont care whats coming, I care about what is released and so does everyone. If you really want to use the exploit to its full potential then dont talk about it. The sooner $ony find out the sooner they block it and release a new firmware. If these devs didn’t speak a word and just did what they do best when they did finally release it $ony would have to start from then to try and patch it which could take weeks. As its already been weeks since they probably already have a firmware just waiting for the release of this export to release then you can have the export for all of about 2 days before its useless.
    In other words SHUT UP ABOUT IT!

  29. Devin Smith says:

    You know,im starting to think sony is putting in these exploitable games on purpose just for some extra cash when everyone rushes to get the exploited game.

  30. Kevin says:

    Quick question, you guys…
    If I get this exploit, can SONY get me banned from PSN or something like that?.

    • wololo says:

      It might be possible but sony have never banned people for using vhbl so far.

    • thecoldest1 says:

      Yea bro they wnt becuz people who had hbl on PSP never got banned n PSP wax around for like 7 yrs

      • StanSmith says:

        They DO ban PS3 accounts for having CFW on your PS3 and thats the same account as a PSP/Vita account so they can ban you.
        They haven’t directly banned an account for CFW on a PSP but that doesn’t mean they wont start.

    • The Budds says:

      At the times I had various exploits and still be able to go online. Never once had a problem.

  31. Ats says:

    Please, can you test Frontier 1337 on the Vita? I’d really like to know if it works… I’m planning on selling my Vita, unless I can work a bit more on Frontier 1337’s code. Thanks!

  32. The Budds says:

    The only sadness I have about this release is seeing scummVM not working u_u Is it due to searching for a call not found?

    • wololo says:

      older ScummVM releases might work, I should test that.
      But yeah, most compatibility issues today are because the exploited game does not import this or that call. ScummVM requires lots of mutex/thread/message related functions that very few games or homebrews use.

  33. SPoONiE says:

    Qwikrazor87 thanks for sharing your work.

  34. Ryan says:

    I’m curious about VHBL. Will it be able to run PSP plugins? Like weltall’s cwcheat?

  35. wololo.hack says:

    Ok for those who like saying the vhbl is a waste it really isnt.emulation is the factor of this upcoming expliot.Wololo jr you have to understand that since you
    and suppliers who have the coded files for the Iso’s to be played on the ps vita shouldnt be closed minded about the mainstream supporters dying for that exploit.

    Give the fans what they want if not then quit the gig.

  36. alpha says:

    i just want to know how much the game cost you dont have to tell me the name or nothing i just want to know if i got enough for the exploit. i mean is it to bad if you tell us the cost, or how much we should have before release? kinda anxious cause my gravity crash exploit was getting old and i just got PSASBR and really needed to update for online, now i just want to get my darling games back i had long ago

  37. Adams Hit says:

    Too much hassle – I’m on a UK account

  38. L337Snowman says:

    Have you checked to see if the Australian PSN store has the exploited game? If not, then I think that whoever is in charge of sending out the beta files to testers should really try to find an Australian tester. I have 10-15 friends who own vitas and are waiting on an exploit, we would be delighted if we had somebody over here testing for our region, it would be greatly appreciated.

  39. tiny tiger says:

    want this so badly

  40. Rafa says:


    this is my first exploit. Which of the homebrews would you recommend?

  41. Willa says:

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  1. December 11, 2014

    […] You can find a small compatibility list for the 2.12 VHBL here […]

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