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Would you like to use your PS3 accessories on your PC?


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  1. Botarguirix says:

    El unico pedo en esa madre del motion in joy es que a veces se encarnan esos drivers como una maldita ladilla … y es dificil quitarlos… de hecho me paso con mi controles de xbox … desinstale tantas veces los drivers que casi formateo la maquina y al conectarlos solo veia un control de un solo boton… nada mas!.. de hecho a varias personas les pasaba eso (esto me paso con mis baterias y mi guitarra del rockband) y el problema es que en versiones anteriores tenias que estar conectado al internet … lo cual era un contra… pero en fin… si lo probe estuvo chido pero realmente prefiero comprarme un cpntrol generico o uno de xbox para ello, ademas son mas compatibles que los del ps3… otra es que el complemento ideal para esto es un programita llamado “x360ce” muy bueno para emular los botones del xbox en los juegos que necesiten un control autentico

    English:….. google xD

    • TechNet says:

      Eso para el ingles al Google jajajaja

    • Draven says:

      This is an English website. Not a Spanish website. I can’t think of many things more rude than for you to come here and refuse to even translate what you posted into a language everyone else could read, but instead commanded everyone else to Google it. As if what you had to say was SO important that another person would want to Google it to translate it.

      Your arrogance and rudeness is enormous.

      • Bruno says:

        Well, I agree with you, in parts. It’s so anoying when all the world needs to know english to talk. I can understand spanish and english, and I’m brazillian (not sure if I can write lol). I do understand that this is an english site and we must respect yours language, but, it won’t hurt if we all open g.translator. When I was child, I’ve used to play Super Mario RPG with babelfish open to try to understand the game. That was awesome, because now I can speak in three languages (of course I need to study to fully understand you and Botarguirix). Try it a little! It’s awesome. Sorry about being anoying, but, it’s a free world XD

  2. Anomnomnom says:

    I’d be careful with motioninjoy, they use a shady chinese ad service, so I’d hop on their forums and grab an offline patch that removes those ads, and allows the application be used offline!

  3. ronald says:

    *** motion joy just use better Ds3 better ui and it works offline.

  4. DarkenLX (Louis Royal) says:

    the code labs and motioninjoy drivers are unsigned “no digital signature” so if you use win 7 x64 or win 8 x86 or x64 you need to disable driver signing and enable test mode to load them as windows refuses to load them most of the time.

    • Thrawn says:

      Nope, when you install an unsigned driver/programm, you always get a security information.
      Then you have the choice to A: abort installing driver and or programm, or B: ignore the warning and install anyway.
      After that choice (whichever you made) windows will proceed or abort, and drivers like for the ds3 from motioninjoy have to be started manually inside their programm (there is menu option just for that), because their programm is not so well coded, but it does what it should do.

    • Dink says:

      you can get the signed drivers look harder.

  5. Mango says:

    You can use Better DS3 after you’ve got motioninjoy set up, so you can avoid using they’re spammy, pos software.


  6. ricerrr says:

    i run my psp on my pc for a bigger screen then i connect my ps3 controller to the pc with motioninjoy and played it that very fun =)

  7. jappy4thofjuly says:

    I use my ps3 controller on my xbox one yes the real xbox one not the new remake *** *** ms im gonna mod the remake to say 720!

  8. Acid_Snake says:

    I love playing N64 and PSX on my PC with the DS3, but I’m most of the time in ubuntu so not always I can play these emus, unless I find a good DS3 driver for linux

  9. Thrawn says:

    Well anyway, for the simplicity, the ds3 is imho not the holy grail. It is not bad, but it was never intended to be used on a pc or sony would have written drivers for it and released them a long time ago.
    So using its counterpart (xbox 360) which self installs when you hook it up is an option, and also the calibration and button maping is easier done than on the ds3. Also, I found it very interesting that the use of multiple controllers works just like on the console itself. For instance playing kane and lynch in splitscreen on pc is not a problem, also serious sam fe se or overlord 1&2… to name a few.
    But anyway, its everyones choice afterall.

  10. phil87700 says:

    No Thanks..

    But one thing how do you people get these different icons logos for your posts..

    Please need help in changing mine… coz mine is always 😉

  11. phil87700 says:

    आनंद त्या आईच्या उलगडत फक्त अपानवायू कधीकधी crabs म्हणून या ड्राइवरचा मूर्त स्वरुप देणे आहे … आणि ते काढण्यासाठी निंदा करणे कठिण आहे … खरं तर मी माझा Xbox नियंत्रणांसह खर्च … ड्राइवर जवळजवळ मशीन आणि Connect स्वरूपित फक्त एकच नियंत्रण बटण पाहिले की अनेक वेळा विस्थापित … अधिक काहीही नाही! .. वास्तविक समस्या पूर्वीच्या आवृत्ती आपण इंटरनेटशी कनेक्ट करण्याचा प्रयत्न केला आहे की (हे माझे बैटरी आणि माझ्या rockband गिटार मला घडलं) आणि अनेक लोक खर्च … एक काउंटर होते … पण तरीही … पण खरोखर chido cpntrol PS3 पेक्षा अधिक सुसंगत आहेत तसेच ते एक Xbox किंवा एक सर्वसामान्य खरेदी पसंत होता … आपण शोधण्याचा तर दुसर्या या आदर्श पूरक नियंत्रण अस्सल आवश्यक असते गेम Xbox बटणे अनुकरण करणारी खूप चांगले “x360ce” नावाचा एक कार्यक्रम आहे

    English ?…. Google 😉

  12. compccs says:

    I have used motionjoy for a while and it works great. .. it’s a little buggy the last version I used which was a little while ago now but overall did what it needed to. .. gave me bsod when it would finish charging and would turn on and shut off but that is probably fixed by now

  13. Hugo_Mundo says:


  14. mike says:

    For all you psp fans out there motion joy is the *** for windows when it comes to ppsspp

  15. Darkova says:

    Motionjoy is a pain in the ***. It works fine at first with a Bluetooth PS3 set. However, when I want to use my Xbox 360 wireless controller the problems begin. I tried to uninstall motionjoy and it seem to have remapped my usb ports drivers with motionjoy’s proprietary drivers and my usb devices would either not work or have very limited functionality. The whole system is just very buggy.

  16. Tom says:

    Install MotionJoy drivers, but use BetterDS3 for actual configuration

    MotionJoy alone is *** ad bloated crapware


  17. =p says:

    motioninjoy is so hard to remove it’s practically malware. It screws up other drivers and takes a completely manual uninstall to fix. google “how to uninstall motioninjoy”.

  18. Dink says:

    The software is know to blue screen most computers, when disconnecting and reconnecting controllers the driver makes computer blue screen.

    • They are cheap, but when I went to Ireland from London UK, I simply didn’t pay for any extras. BTW, if they remake this, they’ll have no problem with the charges: most airplanes charge by credit card for anything now, so no worries about unexpected high charges or correct change… charge it!

    • That’s a smart way of thinking about it.

    • / Buenas noches Rosa:Despues de todos los comentarios que han llenado tu blog,queda poco que decir pero,ayer encontre una frase que creo nos viene muy bien a todos,buano a algunos mas que a otros,decia:Tenemos que recuperar la objetividad,como una de las formas de recuperar la verdad,y tenemos que recuperar la verdad como una de las formas de merecer la vitoria.(Mario Benedetti)Un saludo,Juancho

  19. James says:

    Motioninjoy is a piece of ***, anyone with half a brain should know better than to use it when there’s MUCH better alternatives available (xinput wrapper).

  20. shinra358 says:

    The SCP Driver from the PCSX2 forums is the best ps3 to pc driver…

  21. James Way says:

    I’ve used motion in joy and it is awesome. I play on steam using it and my ps3 controller. It’s weird on some games, max payne, but over it is awesome. You can map every single button as you wish and create macros….what can be better than that?

  22. Mike says:

    Bojams.com‘s prices are pretty hard to beat for ps3 controllers. I buy more and more stuff from there, whether it be ps3 controllers or anything else. Way cheaper than any other place I’ve seen.

    But if you find better prices than Bojams.com for ps3 controllers, please share! I’m always looking for deals.

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