What will you do with VHBL? Tell us on /talk to win a $20 PSN Card


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106 Responses

  1. nekocode says:

    i would probably play some GBA games

  2. ShrekDTH says:

    I whould like to play Homebrew Games and SNES Games with the nex VHBL ;)

  3. Xbudz says:

    Super Nintendo, as my current hack only lets me play Sega Genesis and NES!

  4. MarSprite says:

    I will keep rocking my UNO hack, cause playing Phantasy Star Portable 2 on my vita is where it’s at.

  5. Saqib says:

    I’d play homebrews & Emulators I guess :D

  6. dark_pearl says:

    With me i would like buy some minis and game for VHBL. And play Golden Sun on GBA Emulator ^o^

  7. JiachengWeng says:

    I have had a kernal exploit on the 1.81 Mad Blocker Alpha. While, as the updating of the system, I can not access the PSN even the explorer. In order to playing my Vita games online and also keeping the vhbl, I bought a new vita a month ago. The vhbl is awesome and remind me of the junior life with PSP. Now I still spend a great amont of time on it playing some masterpieces on the TN-V. I think I will keep it forever!^_^

  8. Thrawn says:

    Well I don’t know, while playing old stuff is fun once in a while, I would rather more fiddle around like crazy with deadalus and snes.
    For me tinkering around makes much more fun than just plain ol playing, maybe I’m too old after all. XD

  9. faez barca says:

    use Vhbl for playing homebrew and gba games surely bring excitement for the vita user like me.I loved to play gba games and snes on vhbl.

  10. Francois says:

    Easy question, playing Wagic The Homebrew while i’m away from my home because I really love this game on my Vita and now I’m stuck on my PC :)

  11. omar sasi says:

    Wow wow, what will I do?
    Every thing possible especially psp games and the other emulators

  12. mario says:

    Yo quiero Usar el Emulador de GBA y jugar Pokemon cristal Liquido, yo quiero usar el Ebook para leer libros en mi PSvita.

  13. v587sora says:

    i hope to play some PSP games

  14. TeraDer says:

    Probably finally try out Mother 3, I hate playing handheld games on pc emulators and have never had a mobile device capable of playing one :p

  15. ilostchild says:

    I would give the psn card to my wife so she can get vhbl on her vita so she can play GBA (Pokemon) and play the old school Mario

  16. Kyo007 says:

    I’ll play Sega Genesis, SNES & GBA Games :)

  17. HikaruAsakura says:

    PS Vita is a good platform game but if you can not use homebrew is quite limited, I hope to take advantage of the maximum win because I love the console. regards.

    And sorry for my bad english i live in Chile :3

  18. flash_falcon says:

    I really would love to get some emulators on my Vita. I don’t enjoy playing classic titles on my phone as the virtual button method really blows and having the physical buttons makes a world of a difference.

    Best of luck to everyone!!!

  19. BladeDark says:

    Hum, what will I do with VHBL?
    I will load my psvita with retro games, I am out of games to play on the bathroom :D

  20. Ness says:

    I’ll definitely be replaying Earthbound on my vita with VHBL.
    Such a good game :3

  21. ivo says:

    delta force warrior

  22. ndv says:

    I’ll play the *** out of Pokemon…all of them. Oh and Zelda games too!

  23. TCFH says:

    I was stupid enough to not backup all of my gba/nes/snes/ saves from my vita before updating. Now I can’t get them, and I will be losing a load of progress without the new Homebrew. Plus, I can also do [ insert overused DBZ joke here] things with it. Oh, and if I do win, my happiness level will be over 1006 (I think).

  24. SS says:

    i was hesitant to get the vita, but after i saw the psp emu hacked i gained interest,as i was a avid psp sceener back in the D_A days, so i waited till black firday 2012 and got one on a $200 wifi BF deal + employee discount so was like $181 out the door. bought MGS HDc and UC to hold me over till the uno exploit poped up i got in on the early ninja release, got a few more 8 GB BSMC (*** Memory Cards) and filled em with my fav homebrews, emus and .CSOs,…

    now get this… i have demoed my vita running TN-V and playing super mario bros 1,2,3,world, and best of all SM64, now ive used this as a reference tool to my PC/gaming console skills to the point where ive gotten 2 jobs from just letting the boss’s play SM64 on my vita

    for that i thank you to all that still work on PSP and vicariously work on vita PSPemu mods.


    i did the uno exploit with TN-V CEF and super mario 64 to impress the pants off people to the point where i make money modding consoles for a small video game store and a major electronics retailer;)

  25. jeffrotron says:

    Two things nesterj and psp2600 old school rules!

  26. Dijitaal says:

    I will finally beat Maximum Carnage!

  27. Sortvind says:

    Super bomberman on Snes EMU! :)

  28. slenderman says:

    Since it’s my first VHBL Emulators ans WAGIC because a Magic the Gattering FAN…

  29. GlueGun says:

    well the title of the said savedata be announce?,
    because sony your just a guy around the corner,
    becuse i dont need to listen to you.
    that comments about that you want it your way is is the per- perfect…prefix


  30. ikenna says:

    Honestly i will use vhbl to reconnect with my childhood because playing them on the pc doesnt really give you that handheld feeling to it and also during my leisure time i would use it to read my books and explore different homebrews

  31. h4ckNsl4ck says:

    What would I do with a $20 psn gift card I would do 2 things save it for future use and wait around for a kernel based exploit andbuy the latest exploitable game. thanks

  32. Francisco says:

    I would like to play kingdom hearts birth by sleep since i never got a chance to play that one and I am trying to play all the kingdom hearts games in chronological order before Kingdom Hearts 3 gets released.

  33. 9rockky says:

    try to put other operating system on it :-)

  34. nunbgu says:

    i would play the games like pokemon and megaman i used to play when i was little and enjoy the other games like n64 and snes

  35. bdubs says:

    i would play so many snes games

  36. Zach says:

    I would love to us VHBL to play some timeless SNES games on the wonderful PS Vita!

  37. Ivo says:

    I would buy on psn the titles gta1 vor ps1 and gta2 vor ps2

  38. Louis says:

    I would play nes, sega, snes games on it and beat the game I haven’t finished.

  39. Ivo says:

    Or better yet spend 20 dollars developing a guide howto install gta1 and gta2 … Alltheway from an ps iso ripped or piratebayd … To converting it to psn pkg … To installing it on ofw with vita or ps3 proxy. :)

  40. Adam says:

    Finish Donkey Kong Country and Earthworm Jim!!!!!!!!!! after that take a shot at Silver Surfer on NES.

  41. DarknessSquall says:

    With VHBL I would play all the games I love and miss, because the main reason I bought the PSVita was because my original PSP died, just stopped working. So I want to play all those psp games I had. Like Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear… The emulators and free vita games is just an extra for me, probably I would not even do that XD

  42. Alejandro says:

    I will play Super Mario RPG on the snes emulator! ;D

  43. JGOORN says:

    I’d play super mario world. I love it. Thanks wololo I am waiting for the ninja release.

  44. Lennan Joel says:

    would loooooove to have this :) never had a exploit before and tried searching for my own with overflow, but no luck :/

  45. Hamza says:

    Sega Genesis, SNES, and Gameboy Color games. :)

  46. Darren says:

    I’m sorry but can we run the vhbl by the psvita card?
    Meaning that I run my the pawapuro in psvita card the load the save file which content vhbl? Thank you.

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