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106 Responses

  1. meh says:

    Havent checked in months your website…no news about real Vita hacks. Well il check back in another few months.

    Dont know why people waste their time with VHBL’s.

  2. Sandro L says:

    I have been looking forward to getting VHBL for many months already but never had the chance. Once I do get VHBL I know I will have lots of fun with it. I have been using homebrew for my PSP for years and really hope I get the chance to once again enjoy the experince on my PS Vita. I know that I would be using DaedalusX64 because I know I would have hours of fun with that and Lamecraft. There are many apps I would want to use such as Picodrive, Nester J, GPSP, Breakout 1.0, Ragdoll Cannon and Cave Story. I hope that this time I could use VHBL because it add many more amounts of fun to my Vita.

  3. SpeedPowered¤DeLtAdAgGeR says:

    if the VHBL cant run isos dsnt mean its not fun.Enjoy it and thank to peoples who created it.

  4. omar rana says:

    well vhbl for me is going back to old young age like 10 year old boy playing arcade gaming in market,old school gaming like snow bros bubble puzzle super pang street fighfer and so many more memories ,fun part is i always dreamt of having arcade at my home qnd play endlessly and finally ps vita will make it true by emulators .cant wait 😉 thanks woololo

  5. miko says:

    well if the vhbl cant run iso games then ill not get it

  6. ChaOS says:

    VHBL = Wagic and Emulators.

    No need for ISO/CSO support when you have that :)

  7. phil87700 says:

    Hi, i want to win coz, Want to badly play Jelly Car, Super_Collapse_3 and other Homebrew Apps on my PS vita which i ordered specially from JAPAN after i heard about the 2.12 VHBL. THanks …

  8. cosimo98 says:

    I really like the VHBL because it is a very good to use in the psvita psp mode with various homebrew emulators and especially for the iso I do not care because the use of psp however I really like this site you are the best guys

  9. The Kick says:

    I’ll hook my power grips with the speakers I added and just play some retros while I listen to music.

  10. KILLER says:

    **** who ever says homebrew emulators are better than ISO/CSO support, I’m fed up with ppl saying vhbl is better not having ISO/CSO supprort, well I got something for u mates u can go **** urselfs for all i care u and while ur at it suck ur moms ****s , u faggots

  11. Lyian says:

    I would like to play Pokémon and so me awesome retros. I will also try to Programm something useful for the vita :)

  12. trololo says:

    nothing because you can’t do anything with that on the VITA

  13. pspfanMOHH says:

    Hunt for exploits using the card to buy as much minis I can.

  14. fatman01923 says:

    Trying to test out multiple theories I have with ps1 games I have from PSN store. Seeing what I can find out with psp filer.

  15. Game says:

    I Can’t stand old games, must be a resent game for me with good graphics, not this retro stuff.

  16. Sly Nightsun says:

    Looking forward to playing some old school Nintendo again on my vita….miss playing legend of Zelda!

  17. psp411 says:

    I love some hombrews in psp, allready haved psvita kexploit MH, but I losted when my little princess ask me to play coop some game of the psn, so I do, (what we don´t do for our “peques”, I realy enjoy psp doom, in vita looks gorgeus, same as glquake, but booker is the killing app in haked vita

    as a matter of truth retro games with no hd grafics are fun, CoD vita is crapp, sorry but is it, ressistance was a deception completly, I like to see quality fps in vita, even a port from ps2 ps3, imagine FEAR in vita wow, Black, I just loved ninja gaiden in vita, I hope ninja gaiden 3 be in vita too.

    I understad who don´t like retro grafics in vita, is like the sup some likeit some don´t, I definitly loveit.

    but there´s a need for quality game in vita, resident evil ds could be ported for capcom to vita but dosn´t, resi raccon city was first a psp game way don´t in vita?

    mercadotecnia misteris.

    KH BBS is no ompatible with vita asome that´s the reason hombrew come to rescue us, the gamers who love our portable devices, there´s a pleyade of good games for android, everyone of them could play in vita why do not ported,
    sony is lazy and developers ambitius, free games for vita as android is the salvation of vita, but cuality games (fun and well designed in grafics and playability) not the crapp we have today

    the ps4 remote play is a dark mith, if you dont have a deent provider of internet, you just can´t play for the deley efect and buffering trouble, remote play is not the answer in my concept,
    good and quality games is,

    cheers and respet to community

  18. Ocsicnarf X says:

    i want vhbl to play mario bros in nesterj and test the new 138 menu

  19. DrunkenNinja says:

    I grow pot outdoors for a living n Northern Cali. As you can imagine Its pretty boring sitting in the middle of nowhere at night waching (Grass Grow) Still Have three months to Harvest so Lots of Sitting around on my part. Vhbl Would be a Lifesaver for a guy like myself. Emulators FTW. Hoping the Chex Quest Mod For Doom Works.

  20. Douglas says:

    I want to play Pokemon and Super Mario :3

  21. Ephzee says:

    I am truly awaiting this game exploit. I have had my Vita since Christmas. I think the system is solid and great games will follow(KillZone). That said, I really like the fact that I will be able to play all the games from my favorite systems on my Vita. I think it is awesome to have my entire childhood favorite games and systems in one convenient place.

    I have just recently found your site and it rejuvenated my interest in my Vita. I have gone as far as purchasing an old PSP to install CFW on. Thanks for all your hard work and I look forward to the future of gaming on my Vita and my PSP 2000.

  22. Adam Hart says:

    I wanna play some Zelda on my Vita is what i wanna do lol

  23. Tapion says:

    i’ll play dragon ball on gba, that game awesome ^_^

  24. Yuuno Misaki says:

    I honestly haven’t gotten into using VHBL at all.
    But, I will. I found an interesting Pokemon ROM hack, Flora Sky, that I’d like to play. And some Castlevania would be wonderful.
    A friend of mine is also into Magic: The Gathering. So, I might get Wagic too so she could play it. She doesn’t really want to spend money to collect–

  25. julian Romero says:

    I will play pokemon, crash, donkey kong, golden sun, and many others GBA ROM’s, of course N64 emulator will be my second ocupation, is frustrate play this awesome games, naturally portables on a pc or on limited and old GBA.

  26. Jvhellraiser says:

    I love play my Snes,Gba,Neo-geo,Cps1/Cps2 thats all i want
    i’ll be really happy only with these,i hope you guys can make
    Snes Mod 19 Run cause this is the best emulator for Snes.

  27. SSJ-Vita says:

    With vhbl on 2.12 I could have a chance to cross my fingers for a possible later on kernel exploit port and then maybe just maybe, a homebrew that will play internet radio. Vita really needs radio in my opinion, and that might be the only way to get it, but even all of that is a gigantic IF.

  28. Merunas says:

    I would like to use the VHBL for play nintendo games on ps vita (LOL) yes, it is true, because some games like mario64 or pokemon from game boy advance are very very very funny and with the emulators of the ps vita i think that it would be better than the original console. Also, i would like to play games with my friend who has a pirated psp.

  29. Handoniumumumum says:

    I’ll be doing the homebrew thing and hopefully making something that will keep you all amused for 5 minutes.

  30. Renan says:

    Hello to all! My name is Renan I live in Brazil and would like a chance to use this new VHBL. Most never get on psn because Brazil has almost no games and games here in Brazil are very expensive price absurdities. I’m always watching the site and releases you. If you can help me I will make a U.S. psn account and use that card to buy the game needed to use this new VHBL longer bear to thank.

  31. Darkenmal says:

    I would use it so that the PS Vita could get a little closer to fulfilling its full potential.

  32. ryan says:

    i would love experience my younger years again and use the emulator the original gameboy and play some pokemon yellow and have lots of fun on the vita =) its nice to have a classic experience again it makes you feel younger!

  33. Techni says:

    I’ll use it just like I used the PSP go hacks, to fix Sony’s idiotic mistake of not letting us play the PSP games we own.

  34. Buck01 says:

    Hey, I wish to get vhbl, since I missed all previous ones. There is a lot of fun in vhbl; Therefore it is perfect for my ps vita. It really is good stuff. So keep up with the good work.

  35. M says:

    Emulators on the go of course!

  36. aristidesj says:

    buy some minis or the game for the vhbl

  37. Technostar says:

    Well I’d use the homebrews…and I will wait for an ISO/CSO reader (homebrew app).

  38. luis763367 says:

    pra falar a verdade gostaria de ganhar para para comprar o jogo explorado para jogar os emuladores,kkkk sou do BRASIL não sei se voce vai conseguir entender minha linguagem.thanks

  39. saya says:

    I would probably play GBA games like metroid an Pokemon.. but I would also want to play the PSPR because of the music I can add. It reminds me of dj max.

  40. Viral_Weaponry says:

    I would get a gameshark and get infinite lives for me and infinite battery for my Vita and play emulators forever…

  41. Filippo Tarpini says:

    i’ll create an Homebrew PS3 emulator and maybe i’ll turn the resolution of my vita into Full-HD.
    excluding superfunny jokes i’ll just use some emulators and stuff.
    i’m not special, i’m just like everyone else.

  42. Helder says:

    I want play strip poker rom for gba 😛 in vita!

  43. Evo_ExiLe says:

    I’ll be playing some good emulators and probably some homebrews.

  44. RooKata64 says:

    i would use VHBL to play the original Pokemon xD
    like i did when i was a kid
    preferably Pokemon emerald

  45. Devin smith says:

    I would use vhbl for just about every emu on the compatability list.

  46. Th3o says:

    Touch myself incessantly, once finished load vhbl and go on the subway and sit next to 3Ds/DS users and confuse them when I’m running snes/gba/n64 on my Ps vita:)

  47. elon says:

    I would use VHBL for FC,sfc EMU, feel good..

  48. ijnmko says:

    i want to be familiar with the vhbl hack & expedience my vita without limited security that sony established. I think its anybodies right to controls his vita .

  49. Tony says:

    I’ve been wanting a portable device strong enough to run games like Majora’s Mask and the Donkey Kong Series(SNES) for the longest time. With the Vita not coming out with too many interesting games, I feel like having a nostalgia vita and this will be the perfect opportunity. Kind of hard to take my laptop to work with me to play games on break, especially when it’s out in the open 😛

  50. nekocode says:

    i would probably play some GBA games

  51. ShrekDTH says:

    I whould like to play Homebrew Games and SNES Games with the nex VHBL 😉

  52. Xbudz says:

    Super Nintendo, as my current hack only lets me play Sega Genesis and NES!

  53. MarSprite says:

    I will keep rocking my UNO hack, cause playing Phantasy Star Portable 2 on my vita is where it’s at.

  54. Saqib says:

    I’d play homebrews & Emulators I guess 😀

  55. Susanoo29 says:

    nothing,, cuz i like to play REAL games not this *** from the past lol

  56. dark_pearl says:

    With me i would like buy some minis and game for VHBL. And play Golden Sun on GBA Emulator ^o^

  57. JiachengWeng says:

    I have had a kernal exploit on the 1.81 Mad Blocker Alpha. While, as the updating of the system, I can not access the PSN even the explorer. In order to playing my Vita games online and also keeping the vhbl, I bought a new vita a month ago. The vhbl is awesome and remind me of the junior life with PSP. Now I still spend a great amont of time on it playing some masterpieces on the TN-V. I think I will keep it forever!^_^

  58. Thrawn says:

    Well I don’t know, while playing old stuff is fun once in a while, I would rather more fiddle around like crazy with deadalus and snes.
    For me tinkering around makes much more fun than just plain ol playing, maybe I’m too old after all. XD

  59. faez barca says:

    use Vhbl for playing homebrew and gba games surely bring excitement for the vita user like me.I loved to play gba games and snes on vhbl.

  60. Francois says:

    Easy question, playing Wagic The Homebrew while i’m away from my home because I really love this game on my Vita and now I’m stuck on my PC :)

  61. draught says:

    I would give a *** of the new exploit! In REALITY all want to play Backups of PSP Games or PS Vita. Dont need the 100th SNES Emulator or teh 100th Ebook Reader … i have this for all my Hardware. Its Time for a new Kernel Exploit or a real PS Vita Hack.

    Sorry to Wololo beacuse his Work is for free so i give him a THX!

    The Scene Vita is nearly dead and if the PS4 Wonder doesnt work so the Vita is realy dead.

  62. omar sasi says:

    Wow wow, what will I do?
    Every thing possible especially psp games and the other emulators

  63. mario says:

    Yo quiero Usar el Emulador de GBA y jugar Pokemon cristal Liquido, yo quiero usar el Ebook para leer libros en mi PSvita.

  64. v587sora says:

    i hope to play some PSP games

  65. TeraDer says:

    Probably finally try out Mother 3, I hate playing handheld games on pc emulators and have never had a mobile device capable of playing one :p

  66. ilostchild says:

    I would give the psn card to my wife so she can get vhbl on her vita so she can play GBA (Pokemon) and play the old school Mario

  67. Kyo007 says:

    I’ll play Sega Genesis, SNES & GBA Games :)

  68. HikaruAsakura says:

    PS Vita is a good platform game but if you can not use homebrew is quite limited, I hope to take advantage of the maximum win because I love the console. regards.

    And sorry for my bad english i live in Chile :3

  69. flash_falcon says:

    I really would love to get some emulators on my Vita. I don’t enjoy playing classic titles on my phone as the virtual button method really blows and having the physical buttons makes a world of a difference.

    Best of luck to everyone!!!

  70. BladeDark says:

    Hum, what will I do with VHBL?
    I will load my psvita with retro games, I am out of games to play on the bathroom 😀

  71. Ness says:

    I’ll definitely be replaying Earthbound on my vita with VHBL.
    Such a good game :3

  72. ivo says:

    delta force warrior

  73. ndv says:

    I’ll play the *** out of Pokemon…all of them. Oh and Zelda games too!

  74. TCFH says:

    I was stupid enough to not backup all of my gba/nes/snes/ saves from my vita before updating. Now I can’t get them, and I will be losing a load of progress without the new Homebrew. Plus, I can also do [ insert overused DBZ joke here] things with it. Oh, and if I do win, my happiness level will be over 1006 (I think).

  75. SS says:

    i was hesitant to get the vita, but after i saw the psp emu hacked i gained interest,as i was a avid psp sceener back in the D_A days, so i waited till black firday 2012 and got one on a $200 wifi BF deal + employee discount so was like $181 out the door. bought MGS HDc and UC to hold me over till the uno exploit poped up i got in on the early ninja release, got a few more 8 GB BSMC (*** Memory Cards) and filled em with my fav homebrews, emus and .CSOs,…

    now get this… i have demoed my vita running TN-V and playing super mario bros 1,2,3,world, and best of all SM64, now ive used this as a reference tool to my PC/gaming console skills to the point where ive gotten 2 jobs from just letting the boss’s play SM64 on my vita

    for that i thank you to all that still work on PSP and vicariously work on vita PSPemu mods.


    i did the uno exploit with TN-V CEF and super mario 64 to impress the pants off people to the point where i make money modding consoles for a small video game store and a major electronics retailer;)

  76. jeffrotron says:

    Two things nesterj and psp2600 old school rules!

  77. Dijitaal says:

    I will finally beat Maximum Carnage!

  78. Sortvind says:

    Super bomberman on Snes EMU! :)

  79. slenderman says:

    Since it’s my first VHBL Emulators ans WAGIC because a Magic the Gattering FAN…

  80. GlueGun says:

    well the title of the said savedata be announce?,
    because sony your just a guy around the corner,
    becuse i dont need to listen to you.
    that comments about that you want it your way is is the per- perfect…prefix


  81. ikenna says:

    Honestly i will use vhbl to reconnect with my childhood because playing them on the pc doesnt really give you that handheld feeling to it and also during my leisure time i would use it to read my books and explore different homebrews

  82. h4ckNsl4ck says:

    What would I do with a $20 psn gift card I would do 2 things save it for future use and wait around for a kernel based exploit andbuy the latest exploitable game. thanks

  83. Francisco says:

    I would like to play kingdom hearts birth by sleep since i never got a chance to play that one and I am trying to play all the kingdom hearts games in chronological order before Kingdom Hearts 3 gets released.

  84. Ken says:

    i would go back in time and play one of the greatest forgoten fighting games of all time,killer instinct! Bad *** game can’t wait till release great work guys hope to c more releases n future,possibly to coexist with ps4?

  85. 9rockky says:

    try to put other operating system on it :-)

  86. nunbgu says:

    i would play the games like pokemon and megaman i used to play when i was little and enjoy the other games like n64 and snes

  87. bdubs says:

    i would play so many snes games

  88. Zach says:

    I would love to us VHBL to play some timeless SNES games on the wonderful PS Vita!

  89. Ivo says:

    I would buy on psn the titles gta1 vor ps1 and gta2 vor ps2

  90. Louis says:

    I would play nes, sega, snes games on it and beat the game I haven’t finished.

  91. Ivo says:

    Or better yet spend 20 dollars developing a guide howto install gta1 and gta2 … Alltheway from an ps iso ripped or piratebayd … To converting it to psn pkg … To installing it on ofw with vita or ps3 proxy. :)

  92. Adam says:

    Finish Donkey Kong Country and Earthworm Jim!!!!!!!!!! after that take a shot at Silver Surfer on NES.

  93. DarknessSquall says:

    With VHBL I would play all the games I love and miss, because the main reason I bought the PSVita was because my original PSP died, just stopped working. So I want to play all those psp games I had. Like Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear… The emulators and free vita games is just an extra for me, probably I would not even do that XD

  94. Alejandro says:

    I will play Super Mario RPG on the snes emulator! ;D

  95. JGOORN says:

    I’d play super mario world. I love it. Thanks wololo I am waiting for the ninja release.

  96. Lennan Joel says:

    would loooooove to have this :) never had a exploit before and tried searching for my own with overflow, but no luck :/

  97. Hamza says:

    Sega Genesis, SNES, and Gameboy Color games. :)

  98. Darren says:

    I’m sorry but can we run the vhbl by the psvita card?
    Meaning that I run my the pawapuro in psvita card the load the save file which content vhbl? Thank you.

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