Huge US ‘Summer Blast’ PSN Sale; 60-80% off most games!


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. Fly Like A G6 says:

    Ha once again U.S gets more goodies. lol

  2. zakaiya says:

    Damn man so glad i found your site! I’m always getting this exciting reads!

  3. Phil87700 says:

    How do I find out whether I have an US account or EU account.
    Somebody please tell…. Thanks in advance….

  4. VictorWei says:

    Is the 2.12 VHBL exploit game on sale ??

    • Epicsnail12 says:

      No the vhbl 2.12 exploit is a psp mini or psp game on the store and in the list I do not see a psp title at all and even if it was on there he can not tell you because it will most likely be taken off of the store before the exploit is released

  5. kuagelo says:

    Too bad I’m not interested in any game listed. 😐

  6. Acid_Snake says:

    this is only for PS+ users, what a deal breaker

    • Minimur12 says:

      No it isn’t 😀

      It’s for both users, ps+ subscriber or not. Just get that little bit more off if you’re a subscriber 🙂

      • Thrawn says:

        Thx minimur.
        Now I know that purchasing that 50$ psn was not a failure 🙂

        • Minimur12 says:

          you can subscribe to PS Plus for different amount of times, yes, $50 for a year, but also for 3 months which is $17.99

          • Thrawn says:

            Yeah well I know that, but this is all a matter of calculation and MY personal preference to keep games I purchase, I dislike renting.
            So how much games would I have to buy with ps+ to actually “save” money, hmm?
            That is a question of calculation because the most games on ps+ only differ between 50 cent and 2,50$ (vita and psp titles without any sale) so you would have to spend so much more to “save” some. XD

        • jayturns says:

          you actually save a very lot with all the free games you get every month. you get alot of good free games.
          Too bad you didnt start ps+ a year ago.

          • Minimur12 says:

            Games with gold vs PS Plus?

            Games with gold: assassins creed 2, halo 3, some 4 year old game

            Ps +:
            Free games:
            Saints row 3 battlefield 3 uncharted 3 little big planet karting gravity rush

            Timed trials of games like:
            Fuse, bulletstorm, bioshock infinite, Army of two the devils cartel and loads more I forgot


          • Thrawn says:

            But you don’t own them, read the text below every “free” ps+ game, it’s not yours and never will be. You have it for the time of your subscription, then throw in money again (the same amount of course) and you’re allowed again. So you keep on paying the same fee, while the actual games (hardcopies) get cheaper and cheaper.

  7. omAD says:

    i have 5 dollars in my us psn.i need 5 mre for mortal kombat any one wAnna Share dat game by 5 dollars cntact me

  8. x-eye says:

    Good news for people who download games; bad news for people who buy physical games. Also…PS3 PS3 PS3 i may go off :-[

  9. x-eye says:

    Btw wololo your site is taking longer to load than usual. I don’t know is it’s just me or is it affecting anyone else too, but could you investigate? It could be just my browser…i dunno

  10. bob4real says:

    Ratchet & Clank Collection – 3 games for $7.50 what a steal!

  11. RooKata64 says:

    why cant the VHBL exploit game be
    used with free games?

    what i mean is why does is have to be with games that we have to buy/already bought

  12. tinostar91 says:

    Found that Tron game in EU store and for some unknown reasons it’s not Vita but PSP and it costs about 9€ (215 czk) not 20$.

  13. Kyu says:

    Basically,the EU is given the cold shoulder,just like the Vita.

  14. AkaiEdge says:

    60-80% off the terrible games(in my opinion, of course)…
    The good games are only 50<% off.

  15. jayturns says:

    i think i will be picking up lego batman 2 and lego pirates, i already 100%ed pirates on xbox,best lego game ive played since star wars tcs. havent played lego batman 2 yet.

  16. somthing something something light side says:

    Sucks that its only US PSN, but oh well, maby elater for Aussie and Europe

  17. man_of_power05 says:

    only this sale sucks. only like one game i’m mildly interested in. it seems they chose the games to put on sale completely at random. i bet when europe has their summer sale they’ll have plenty of deals on popular AAA games. us psn sales have been known to suck. the last e3 psn sale one of the few exceptions

  18. Draven says:

    This sale just made my whole weekend. Granted, I had Mortal Kombat already, for Vita and PS3, but now I can get the digital versions for less than the price of lunch. Splendid.

  19. flash_falcon says:

    For the love of God…why is Scott Pilgrim vs. the World NOT on the Vita?????

  20. kira30 says:

    @javo i live in mexico too and already see the mortal combat and the lord of the rings for vita in discount, so i think we do have a us account.

    they didn´t add too many vita games so only one i´m getting is silent hill book of memories.

  21. gunblade says:

    my back camera on my vit messed guess got to get a new one..

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