upcoming VHBL hack on Vita 2.12: updated homebrew compatibility list


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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  1. DarkenLX says:

    Wololo How will we know who won the psn card? (anounce on twitter , Forums , blog etc..?) also when is the entry deadline for the card? and is this kernel or usermode?

  2. Devin Smith says:

    Does this one require that we buy a game?

    • Flutterpony says:

      Of course it does, at the moment there’s no other known way of running VHBL. Well, there might be one, but it doesn’t seem to be released anytime soon.

  3. ironysteeth says:

    lol filer would make manga reading stupid convenient, so thats a bloody shame. but the bookr is really cool.

  4. omar says:

    hi can you please tell how much the game would cost?

    i currently have 5 dollars in my account.will they be enough?

  5. meteor says:

    How much time do we have after ninja release?
    if sony cut off the game between the download we will lose it any way?

    • Tingee says:

      The time usually goes from one day to about a week until sony pulls the plug on the game, stay tuned for more updates if you are that cautious.

  6. rob says:

    What about a Australian release ? Is it the same as a us or eu game?

  7. gunblade says:

    think not to update my ps3 for now….might just get a new super slim if anything i guess..but tree months to the ps4 i might as well save i guess..probly get tv n sum new gear if anything a Wii U..

  8. TJ says:

    Question, any idea of when the game will be announced? It would be great to know! :)

    • Qraze says:

      it will come when it does. ninja release is just that, if a time is announced, you can bet sony would be watching that day very closely.

      have patience young grasshopper.

  9. spiderboy says:

    Great job guys

    we will stay tuned! for name of the game I hope that in the near future

  10. when will you announce VHBL when I had another uptade the ps vita?
    why I do not have ps3
    ps vita only have $ 22 on psn waiting to be buying the game but is after uptade I can not vo uses VHBL why to purchase the game has to update the ps vita you could help the day before? me the name of the game?

  11. josh w says:

    im really nooby at this sort of thing where is the download for the ps vita hbl?

  12. Robert W says:

    This is the reason I bought the vita :D I cant wait for the release!!! ^_^ Anyway that I could play my n64 roms?

  13. RickyD says:

    You can add Wolfenstein to the list of non working. The menu where you pick between Wolfenstein and Spear Of Destiny loads up fine, and you can move around, but you can’t select a game. All my data files for the games are where they should be. Looks like the keys aren’t getting mapped properly

  14. jaffar says:

    After i copy the GAMOCRACY ONE: LEGEND OF ROBOT in my ps vita it does not appear on the home screen so i dont know how to run the game i can find it in the setting but i can’t run it so if you can let me know what to do thanks.

  15. k8y3 says:

    just go on highscore

  16. k8y3 says:

    and will open that hack

  17. k8y3 says:

    just open gsmocracy legend of robot after go to highscore

  18. yasir says:


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