Soul Saga – A JRPG That Could Be Coming To The Vita, PS4, and Wii U With Your Help!


Huh, this notebox is good. Password: Minimurspassword /talk password: minimur12pass Hold on, people can see this?

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21 Responses

  1. Jolan says:

    I wanted to donate but it put me through Amazon payments, which means I need a credit card. Can’t I do it via paypal?

  2. BahamutBBob says:

    They’re only 3k away from meeting the Vita stretch goal.

    I think I will help them meet this goal.

  3. Raphael Wood says:

    Wow, one of the extra goals is to add airship combat..
    Did anyone remember Skies of Arcardia and started to drool at the prospect of airship combat :O?

  4. x-eye says:

    an adventurer, an inventor and a robot? um i don’t know how to break it to you minimur, but this Is chronotrigger. not that I’m complaining though.… i Love chronotrigger! i just hope this project is lawsuit proof!

  5. S1NFUL says:

    This is gonna look beautiful on the Vita screen :D

  6. - says:

    For a mere $150 you can hot glue your very own figurine.

  7. omg says:

    Elise reminds me of Roll from Megaman. Maybe it’s the hat. o_O

  8. Alex says:

    Can’t believe I didn’t see this on kickstarter earlier, thanks for blogging about it, I might have missed it otherwise. Pledged my $15 for the game :D

  9. seinre says:

    still got western vibes though

  10. twofourty says:

    Damn! The $60000 goal has already been reached!

  11. Justin says:

    I will definitely be watching this project!

  12. maki90x says:

    This game looks like torchlight

  13. Thrawn says:

    Cool. Looks good so far. Any chance for this to be on android? I mean more fodder for my life companion XD

  14. Kyu says:

    I tend not to like such games (made by people I haven’t really heard of…ever)Note that I do support free development,but everything I have tried so far left me with a bitter taste,one way or another.

    This one though smells good.Mostly getting nostalgia feels.
    Cannot back it now,for I tend to only use paysafe cards or direct payment.

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