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45 Responses

  1. 1stMaster

    I Wish to Win 🙂

  2. manleong

    i wish to win too 😀
    asia quite hard to get us psn card

  3. Alexeon

    I wish I wish I was a fish.

    I also wish to win.

  4. Evo_ExiLe


  5. Evo_ExiLe

    And I also wish to win.

  6. Evo_ExiLe

    I can’t get US PSN cards cause I don’t have my own credit card and My parents don’t let me.

    • DeathBySleep

      How old are you? Lol I got my first credit card when I was 13. Your parents must suck. Lmao

      • Evo_ExiLe

        Are you actually ***? You can’t get your own credit card at the age of 13. The law states that your age requirement is 18 or above. The reason why is because minors are not enforceable by law and people under 18 are considered minors. Unless it’s a prepaid credit card, which isn’t a proper one. You also need a job with an income that is appropriate for a credit card. Don’t say useless comments that are not true when you are going to embarrass yourself. Research before saying things that don’t make sense. And I am 13.

        • Rudy76107

          I got a debit card when I was 13 had a job ( mowing lawns) now I’m 17 and still working. Unless you are lazy you can get a job and get a debit card.

          • Evo_ExiLe

            Uh..hum. Did you actually read my comment. You can’t get a debit card because at the age of 13 you are considered a MINOR. The only card you can get is a preloaded/prepaid credit card not a debit card.

          • Evo_ExiLe

            Sorry. Didn’t research properly. Wasn’t that sure what the difference between a debit and a credit card was.

        • tinostar91

          In here you can have your own credit card at age of 15, only requirement is your ID card

          • JeoWay

            Get about $150 – $200 and ask your parents to go to the bank and get you an account. The parents are allowed to give the bank your $200 and in return give you a debit card with your money on it. You can get paid this way and link it to a Paypal as well. Take $100 more to the bank and you get more on your debit card. A debit card only allows you to spend what is on the card where as a credit card is where you can spend as much as your credit is even past the actual dollar amount.

          • wololo

            Yup, I actually didn’t hear about the existence of credit cards until I moved out of France, where debit cards are much more common than credit cards. Even today, as a grown up, the concept of credit cards baffles me. Not sure why people want a system that lets them spend more than what they have, given the consequences. Debit cards FTW!

        • Evo_ExiLe

          My parents aren’t gonna let me get one cause they are very thrifty.

    • loljejelol

      Dude… buy amazon gift card or ebay gift card and buy the psn card, is easy C:

  7. pspfanMOHH

    I need that but no twitter, and got the worst luck ever

  8. Johnny Be Goode

    i’ve never won anything in my life


    I wish to win

  10. FZerolight

    wish to win
    BTW,Is it still able to use VBHL if I buy the Apache Overkill right now?

  11. pspfanMOHH

    Made a tweet account and followed, funny thing is I only got $0.02

  12. owanef

    I am supperior to all LOL I will win 🙂

  13. @wololo – only one $20 PSN?

  14. seinre

    no JPSN ? i just bought 2x 10K Yen PSN Card LoL

  15. boriswinner

    349 retwits 😛

  16. oO Flowzilla Oo

    *gets PSN code* *buys a game not required for the exploit*

  17. phil87700

    dont want to cheat on amazon or my bank fake addressess
    i hope to be selected so i can use the exploit.

    • kuagelo

      If you’re in or from the US there’s no need to cheat anything.

      If you’re not, then I’m pretty sure you’re cheating PSN anyway 😀

      As long as you’re actually paying, I think Amazon wouldn’t mind 🙂

      • Phil87700

        I’m not from US it’s just that I have an EU account.

        And I buy games on PSN clean without any cheat code

        I guess I’ll have to wait for the EU exploit release..

  18. aeruzven

    i want to win 🙁

  19. Buck01

    Greetings, I want to win this.

  20. Hellbelial

    Jajajaja 20.

  21. owanef


  22. Tim

    Broke atm so this would be nice so I can finally update my Vita and still keep my homebrew.

  23. Vison

    I am live in HongKong ,can I win this code?

  24. Vison

    sorry , my English is not good.

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