PSone sale starts today! – EU. Possibly other regions?

A message for gamers as the holiday season is here:
Hey Folks, it is the shopping season and that means most of us will be buying gaming stuff in November and December. will be looking for the best deals and let you know about them. For example in July 2016, our twitter followers and mailing list subscribers were among the first to know about an Uncharted 4 Special edition deal for $19, a 75% discount at the time! Follow us on twitter to stay up to date. I also suggest to subscribe to our deals mailing list below for full deal updates. Note: this mailing list is mostly useful for people in the US.

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22 Responses

  1. sid says:

    CTR here I come…

  2. Sam Lynch says:

    Metal Gear Solid for only £3.50 sounds good to me!

  3. NaSty13 says:

    hmm kinda cool, unfortunately i’ve sold my Vita now.
    This wouldn’t have made me keep it to be honest, need something alot better than some PSOne games for my Vita

  4. psYos says:

    so far not in the US 🙁

  5. x-eye says:

    no free stuff? don’t they care about freeloaders anymore?

  6. DQEight says:

    spyro trilogy and metal gear solid sound good, too bad im in the US and my debit card wont accept.

  7. FUCKFACE says:

    This Site is Turning into the PlayStation Blog ***!

  8. psp411 says:

    tnx for the news, I like to check first in the wololo´s site before enter the PSN so I have a good chance to decide if I go to sony or not tnx again

  9. bob4real says:

    Would have loved it if they included the FF games 🙁

  10. Solid Snake says:

    I wanted to play mgs on the vita sins I got it can’t wait

  11. soh says:

    im from algeria … no chance to have mgs or resident evil .. i want takken 3 too … no chance in afrika

  12. Raphael Wood says:

    I can’t even find Metal Gear Solid on the Us Store, what happened to it? Did it get removed? If so why?

    • DjNeo says:

      You have to buy it on Website, or PS3… sadly it is not on the Vita store… and you DO need a PS3 to transfer the game… there’s no other way to do it. I’ve got mine stuck.

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