How to purchase US PSN Cards from Amazon when you don’t live in the US


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78 Responses

  1. j_lo1992 says:

    i’m from iran.there is just us and uk psn card.

  2. Netrix says:

    What about those of us that are in Canada? Do we have access to all of the U.S.-only games on PSN?

    • Ice says:

      No you dont

    • kuagelo says:

      I’m not sure about their contents, but I think they’re just the same…

      I would like to point out though: US PSN Cards (such as those described by wololo above) can’t be used on a Canadian account – I’ve personally tried this before.

    • GigaGaia says:

      US and Canadian PSN have the same content. Games on canadian PSN are us region games, so you’d be okay just to buy the game normally. There isn’t any canadian region based games anyway, Canada get the exact same version as US.

  3. Thrawn says:

    This is old, I’m doing that like a half a year or so.

    • kuagelo says:

      Same here, although it’s nice to know others can take advantage of this too. :)

      BTW: with a little Math, you’ll notice how it’s cheaper to buy 20′s instead of 50′s, thanks to that 1-cent deduction. So if you’re planning on getting $100 worth of credits I suggest you buy 5×20 instead of 2×50. :D

      • wololo says:

        Good point. Well, it’s a 0.5% discount, but still :)

        • Thrawn says:

          Well, that is correct you save 1 cent per card, but if you are like me paying with a european credit card, than you have exchange cost and also order fee because I’m under a certain value… so buying one big is “cheaper” than buying two small ones.

  4. Near says:

    Waiting name the of game

  5. Brian says:

    dear near don’t expect today for a game release maybe friday or saturday i quess we have to be patient

  6. drawerfloat says:

    I can’t add funds to my PSN wallet using paypal. Somebody pls help me..

    • Ice says:

      It checks paypal adress so if you have USA psn account and paypal adress is europe for example, it will get rejected.

  7. Deagle275 says:

    What about nintendo eshop cards , would work right?

  8. AMD says:

    What you are doing is fraud … Using a fake address to sign up on Amazon …

    • wololo says:

      Yeah, I am sure Amazon is really annoyed that I am giving them money. The fraud here is obviously that Sony are artificially maintaining price differences based on where you live, for no valid reason. Globalization should not only benefit corporations but their customers too.
      The ‘fraud’ here is a problem between me and my bank. If my bank are fine with me providing a fake address, then everybody is fine.

      Does your local videogame shop check your address every time you buy stuff? I dont think so, but for all they know you could be a foreigner on holiday… Is that fraud?

      So just relax. Sony, Amazon, and your bank are all happy to see you use their services :)

    • scap says:

      Shut fuck up moron!!

      Everybody is doing this, nobody care about your opinion!

  9. Phil87700 says:

    Hi i am from India, should I do the same process to buy games…?

  10. bob4real says:

    Hurry up and buy your cards guys I won’t wait too long this post just screams “ninja release incoming!” I’ll be clicking refresh all weekend…

  11. Stink123 says:

    I’m from Brazil and done everything right but amazon just blocked my account and asked me to send them a fax to prove if the address is correct. Does that happened with anyone here?

  12. Yoyo says:

    Just a question, if I buy PSN credit from a EU card, (that is, in €uros), and then I go to the US store, does that credit turn into dollars? I mean, my EU account is shared both in the EU site and US site, so is there any currency conversion?

    • wololo says:

      If you buy US psn credit from the US Amazon site with your EU Credit card, your bank will do the conversion for you and you have nothing to worry about.
      If that is not exactly the use case you are talking about, then please clarify

  13. Matlink says:

    What’s next when we purchased the US PSN card from Amazon & when we got an EU PSN account in order to buy a game from US PSN ?

    • wololo says:

      You need to create a US PSN account, and switch your Vita to that account. The process is (unfortunately) relatively painful, and involves resetting the vita and formatting your memory card (unless you have a spare memory card).

  14. rondev5 says:

    If you wish to purchase a us psn card with out having to sign up to Amazon I suggest using they sell uk,us,aus,Austrian,german and spanish psn cards, once purchased they will just email the code to you easy as that.

  15. Nathan Ang says:

    I’m from the Philippines and there’s only 1 place to buy PSN cards here but they’re usually out of stock. That’s why I buy from play-asia. It’s digital, so I get my order in less than a day :D Here’s the link.
    [mod edit: affiliate link removed]

    • wololo says:

      No offense, but keep your affiliate links to your own website. The method described in this blog post works fine for the Philippines, and is cheaper than play-asia.

  16. ijwdk says:

    Does amazon e-mail you the psn codes after the purchase?

  17. lienno says:

    does this still work? either im doing something wrong or they have stopped it! i have tried both the psn card and gift card route and get denied! Said my gift card was accepted then received a email saying they had stopped the gift card 5 mins later

  18. Gora says:

    Hello guys, first of all, nice guide.

    I think Amazon change something and now you cant do this.
    Im not in the us:
    i tried to bought a psn gift card and they sent me a email saying that they placed a hold on my account because some problem with the billing details, “legal and privacy reasons”.

  19. Adrian says:

    Thanks for the tipp, good to know that Amazon also ships “online”.

    I useally buy mine on Ebay from this seller:
    He must have some automation too, it just takes about 5 minutes from buying to wallet ;)

  20. reem says:

    Does it still work?
    That’s a really taugh process, why won’t sony just make 1 united store and everything (including DLCs) region free? That’s just awful and costy.

  21. Asianadobo says:

    Hi! Was thinking this process but im afraid that if i ask my cousin living in california to buy me a code in amazon that 60$ and only 45€ ill save 20€ in buying the game i want. But what if sony saw my ip add that im from europe and wont let me buy the game? My acct is psnUS by the way. Does this process still works today? Pls help me. I want to buy a code asap ;) thanks so much

  22. Meru says:

    Thanks for this guide which will allow me to save money on games. One question: Once I purchase and download/install the game from US PSN account, will I be able to use purchased content on my EU PSN account normally?

  23. Leandro says:

    It doesn’t work for me. I’ve tried to buy gift card too, but my order was canceled by Amazon. :T

    • wololo says:

      Aw :( I can guarantee it works because I’ve been using this system for a while, but it is possible Amazon’s Fraud checks recognized something in your buying pattern that they didn’t like. I am not entirely sure what checks they perform, but I can guarantee they don’t contact your bank to verify the billing address, and in my experience it’s the only thing that matters…
      Did you put a legit US address as your billing address?

  24. Stalker says:

    worked perfectly. Using a US adress presented no problem to using my foreign credit card. Thanks!!

  25. Teenager says:

    Hi, ¿can buy the psn card with a prepaid credit card?.

  26. Hawkes says:

    If I create a US PSN account, does that mean, I have to play Multiplayer sessions on US servers? Or does the PS3/4 automatically choose servers by ping and not region of your account?

  27. taurus-555 says:

    amazing, thank you so much.

    what a trick. it was so easy to buy the codes at amazon.

  28. rondev5 says:

    If any one doesn’t want to do the Amazon method of purchasing US PSN cards, you can always go to as the 20 dollar cards for as low as 18.25 euro and 50 dollar cards for 43.49 euro and pay for them via paypal i’ve used the site plenty of times when it has cheaper offers then steam.

    • wololo says:

      43.49 euro is $60
      18.25 euro is $25

      conclusion: ==> stick to the Amazon technique and don’t go to any of these other sites that all take a gigantic margin on the sale

  29. verdo says:

    Hey wololo. Do these US psn cards work if you are canadian? I bought one recently using your method, and it says that it is invald whenever i try to punch in the code on my canadian psn account

  30. Mikhail de leon says:

    How bout this i live in france ,,, but my psn account UK adress is it possible to buy a psn card in france coz psn price not euro ,, any answer pls thank u

  31. fakejameh says:

    Yea it still works. Just created my new US PSN account (from Australia) and got onto amazon to buy a new PSN store code. great!.. trust amazon to allow something like this. I dunno if its ethical, but I guess they had no time to correct it following the release of the exploit.

    also, amazon has known to price skim in the past, so I wouldn’t put it past htme to ignore this >_<

  32. Dzung says:

    And now 26.89$ is 20$ psn store,
    Can I use gift card instead?

  33. Henssou says:

    Hi there !

    works just fine, i just took twice 2O$ for my us psn,
    thanks a lot !

  34. Kuroi Akuma says:

    :< It doesn't work for me, and my amazon account was locked right after I clicked on the "place order" button. I contacted amazon and they asked me to fax them the billing statement.. So much trouble.

    • sonysucks says:

      Not working for me either… I tried to use the “gift certificate” workaround but my purchase is going through a screening process. They’ll certainly find out I don’t live in the US and lock my account as they did to yours…

  35. David says:

    Thanks a lot!!

  36. qwer says:

    Can one go to jail if they tty this and get detected?

    • wololo says:

      What? Of course not! At worst your bank will decline the payment and you won’t be able to purchase the gift card, that’s it.

  37. Dane says:

    Not working for me. I got message that the processing of the payment is taking longer than expected and the order is subject to additional security checks.

  38. Snake says:

    Just tried OP’s method and it has worked flawlessly
    Used a credit card to buy a $50 giftcard directly from Amazon
    I think the trick is to go on google maps and find a random US address yourself, instead of using ones that’ve been posted online and potentially used by many others already

  39. Guy says:

    I was sad because Amazon started blocking these purchases, but with your easy trick it works great! How didn’t I think of it myself??

    You’re awesome, thanks!

  40. R.L. Hipos says:

    If my PS3 was made in Europe, and I buy a PSN card fromm the US, can I still get the points as long as I put in an address in America?

  41. terenet talgaru says:

    i buy playstation network card in safe and instant from :

    He must have some automation too, it just takes about 30 sec from buying

  42. Gagi says:

    Is this still available? Is it safe to just change your address like that? Or is it better to use gift cards instead? In the end, both need an email address change.

    • wololo says:

      Both techniques still work, this is how I buy PSN cards to this day. None of these techniques require an email change, but they do require you to make a tiny lie on your billing address. The gift card technique is safe, here’s why:
      - you don’t need to change your billing address when buying the gift card. This is when Amazon might contact your bank to confirm your credit card is valid
      - You need to change the billing address when buying the PSN code. But at this point, since you are using an Amazon gift card, Amazon have no reason to actually check your credit card through your bank, they only check their internal records to confirm your billing address is in the US.

      As a result, your bank is contacted for a valid transaction (buying a gift card) and the only white lie you make is when using the gift card through Amazon.

      None of the techniques I describe require you to change your email address.

  43. Butcher says:


    If I try to buy an amazon email gift card, I have to use a fake billing adress? I’m from Hungary.


    • wololo says:

      No, you shouldn’t need to use a fake billing address to buy the gift card. however, when you buy the psn card, even if you use a gift card, amazon will ask for your Credit card, in order to verify your billing address. At that point, you’ll need a fake billing address

  44. Ganjel says:

    How if i live outside US and i don’t have a debit or credit card?
    When i try buy code Amazon prompt me to enter debit/credit card details..

  45. Liam says:

    Hi! What happens if I send US gift cards to my EU account? Will I be able to pay in dollars or do I have to use the web store? Thanks in advance!

  1. May 16, 2014

    […] from Amazon (for those of you living outside of the US, I had no problem purchasing it using the technique I describe here. It’s actually possible OUYA code are not region-locked at all but my Amazon account is now […]

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