Trololo Talks: Pet Peeves

Here I am again,  month number 3  of Trololo talks, miss me? Well, you haven’t had any time to miss me. :) This I hate, well maybe not hate… but just things that annoy you. I’m sure there’s plenty, but you just don’t realise!

My number 1 pet peve would probably have to be swinging on ropes and the likes of that. When  you get it wrong ONCE you have to start again…. Just like in Heavy Rain where you’re pushing you son on  the swing, then he gets annnoyed if you get it wrong so many times.
Some thing else I hate, is when you’re following a character to a certain spot…..but you walk faster than them. Slow down on your Analogue stick and they go racing ahead of you. *Angry face*


Final Fantasy 10 / 13
Army Of 2 40th Day
Heavy Rain

Okay, so maybe I don’t mind this one as much, but it does annoy me when I get it wrong.

Jumping/Rolling/Climbing – When you screw up, you either go flying off of the cliff-side  or hit an enemy and you’ll glitch out. As for the climbing, I hate it when the whole map deforms and you start climbing nothing like the picture above.


Uncharted: Golden Abyss

Built In Cover, another pain in the rear end in the world of gaming, some games do it well (The Last Of Us) other games make it can be a right shambles.

I can’t remember what game I experienced this in, but it sure was annoying.


AI. The make or break in games, thats the way I see it anyway. There are some games like The Last Of Us have great AI, apart from a few flinches, but then there are some games like Army Of Two – The Devils Cartel, where you walk behind an enemy, which your torch on, his shadow right infront of him.. Oblivious!

Now unless this was in the ‘enemy goon training manual’

3.2.1 – Remember, there are no lights behind you, if it looks like there’s one, then there’s not. The only time where there would be a light behind you is when on those street lamp things. Yeah.

But usually, a light is ahead of you….. Dammit, is that right?

Actual quote from the enemy training manual.

So guys, there’s my few pet peeves in gaming, how ’bout you? What do you hate? Or just little things that just tinker at you.

You know, a bit of bad news! :( This is the last Trololo talks, as I have no more ideas. So please, suggest some!

Oh, it’s time for you lot to be cernyfied!

You know, he’s 50?


  1. stOneskull’s avatar

    there is still so much life in ps3, i’m not going to bother with ps4 until this time next year.. should be done with gta5 by then


  2. Kyu’s avatar

    “I used to be an adventurer like you,but then I took an arrow in the knee.”
    -Every Guard in Skyrim


    1. The Kick’s avatar

      Let me guess someone stole your sweet roll.


      1. sean’s avatar

        I found the Sweet Roll thing funny this first time, but the whole arrow in the knee thing was so annoying. Not only did everyone at my school copy it, they got it wrong. They’d say things like “I used to read books like you, but the I took an arrow to the knee”

        If your gonna make a crap joke get it right.


        1. DS_Marine’s avatar

          ‘I used to follow the PSV scene, but then I took an arrow to the knee’ :D


  3. romain337’s avatar

    Generally i hate when your character have to carry another character somewhere..

    It’s like the life in general. Walk alone, you’ll be winner in case of zombie attack.


  4. sean’s avatar

    I hate the jumping thing so much. In Jak II until you get the hover board roll jumping is the quickest way to get around the environment without a vehicle. Which means when i’m trying to get to get across a platform, and for some reason I’m not facing the exact direction, I die. And because it’s Jak II saves are scarce, it saves what you do but not where you go. So you end up near the start again.

    Don’t get me wrong it’s still a good game, but this is so annoying.


  5. jd20dog’s avatar

    barely tilting the device and the gyro makes the screen fly off in an odd direction, often causing a migraine or eye pains or in worst situations, sets off vertigo problems(if you’ve never experienced this, i assure you it really ruins your day and night

    culprit:: gravity rush


  6. whaleiam’s avatar

    off topic though.. but minimur.. where’re the usuall vids


  7. Volt’s avatar

    What about “escort missions” minimur. Escort missions can become a huge drag, bringing along characters that hinder your progress through your game; silent hill 4 and resident evil 4 for example. check on those two games and see for yourself, as I don’t want to explain too much and fill in a whole page of mishap information.

    Side-Note: I’ll be saving money to buy a PS4, although I still love my PS3. XBOX ONE, I’m still curious about that console and what it has to offer. Don’t worry, this message isn’t to produce fanboyism or console hate, as I am merely just talking about what console I, as an individual consumer, want at this current moment.


    1. Minimur12’s avatar

      ermahgerd, X1 lover. kill itwith fire!



      1. Thrawn’s avatar

        “If it bleeds, we can kill it” XD


  8. Lyian’s avatar

    Something what I hate in games is for example miniquests. I hate it when a game wants me to search every little stuff developers had placed in the world. For example assasins creed 3 in which i had to find 200 feathers per map. Or in the new Tom Raider in which i had to find gps-things, treasures or maps. I know that these things are generally optional but I want to play a game up to 100% so that I can not really play the main story. The story should offer more story and less searching in my opionen. It is a very common way to shows the player how good the artists did they job eg. the atmosphere or envirement. But please I hate it so much :)


  9. the3’s avatar

    I usually dont mind the weird anomalies in game what gets me is spending several hundread on a system and it dies in less than 5 years I took back 5 wiis in less than a week b4 I got one that worked ps3 br drive quit after 1 year and I wouldnt event touch a 360 till last Christmas they need to spend more time on system design and less time on security bs imo


  10. Derp’s avatar

    My biggest pet peeves:
    1. Crossing logs in Vita games, leading to having to ‘balance’. I often play laying on my side in bed, and have to re-position myself just for this dumb little gimmick.

    2. The stupid hidden messages in AC3:Lib… If I’m playing in the dark, it sucks to have to get up out of bed, go into the hall, and turn on the light to get past this.

    3. All other dumb gimmicks that the touch / balance / camera lead to, unless they’re constant and expected, for example, playing Little Deviants, I expect to use dumb gimmicky controls, I wouldn’t bother loading up the game while laying in bed because it’s expected that I’ll need to use a bunch of features of the system that suck to use in bed.



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