VHBL’s wMenu goes open source


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  1. wartaf says:

    nice news 😀 well, i would love it if TN-V will also open source 😀

  2. shay says:

    so i got a 1.80 ps vita, can i still use the exploit? also monster hunter is 20$, can i use other game for maybe higher FW to get the exploit? thanks

    • qwikrazor87 says:

      If you’re talking about the exploit for 2.12 you won’t be able to get it on 1.80, the only way to get it on a lower firmware is through a PS3, and it doesn’t show up in the transfer list through the PS3, besides, you can use a PS3 to get one of the older game exploits that has a kernel exploit ported for it.

  3. sa-chan says:

    How can I get the old game of ps3 Hack

  4. sa-chan says:

    I need Hack ps Vita 2.12

  5. ahmed says:

    i have a question qwikrazor87 for you. is your game exploit low price?

  6. JeoWay says:

    Awesome Wololo! Glad to see more things going open-source nowadays. Hopefully a nice huge options menu is opened up with this from other developers. I personally prefer the look of wMenu over the rest of the menus.

  7. DeathOfChaos says:

    I came into the PSP Homebrew scene with a lucky blue PSP (I say lucky because this specific model had two seperate motherboard models and I had the one that was hackable at the time because of the small town wal-mart I bought it from had two of them since they had released and I bought one two years later) and installed the famous Dark Alex firmware and never messed with HBL and I heard of this site a few years later. Knowing the history behind HBL was pretty interesting and I’m glad I read this =)

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