VHBL’s wMenu goes open source


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15 Responses

  1. wartaf

    nice news 😀 well, i would love it if TN-V will also open source 😀

  2. shay

    so i got a 1.80 ps vita, can i still use the exploit? also monster hunter is 20$, can i use other game for maybe higher FW to get the exploit? thanks

    • qwikrazor87

      If you’re talking about the exploit for 2.12 you won’t be able to get it on 1.80, the only way to get it on a lower firmware is through a PS3, and it doesn’t show up in the transfer list through the PS3, besides, you can use a PS3 to get one of the older game exploits that has a kernel exploit ported for it.

      • qwikrazor87

        To clear things up, you need to be at a certain firmware for it to show up in the transfer list.

  3. sa-chan

    How can I get the old game of ps3 Hack

  4. sa-chan

    I need Hack ps Vita 2.12

  5. ahmed

    i have a question qwikrazor87 for you. is your game exploit low price?

    • The Kick

      Your in the wrong place, my friend. No exploits or hacks distributed through this blog cost money.

    • Acid_Snake

      giving out the price of the game, or any other tips, could potentially give clue to sony as to which game is being exploited and they can take action against this game. Just have in your PSN wallet the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend for this exploit and you should be fine

  6. JeoWay

    Awesome Wololo! Glad to see more things going open-source nowadays. Hopefully a nice huge options menu is opened up with this from other developers. I personally prefer the look of wMenu over the rest of the menus.

  7. yosh

    nice :p

  8. DeathOfChaos

    I came into the PSP Homebrew scene with a lucky blue PSP (I say lucky because this specific model had two seperate motherboard models and I had the one that was hackable at the time because of the small town wal-mart I bought it from had two of them since they had released and I bought one two years later) and installed the famous Dark Alex firmware and never messed with HBL and I heard of this site a few years later. Knowing the history behind HBL was pretty interesting and I’m glad I read this =)