Minimur,WTH Happened This Week? Xbox One Headset, New God Of War? And Xbox Release Date?


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. razor

    Not so exciting is it ?

  2. phil87700

    GOW on VITA… Ok then… im not selling mine…

    • Guardian

      Pray that it is not another prequel

      • Datguy

        I’d rather prefer an exclusive… Just because I’d rather get it for the PS4 than the PSV, better graphics, better experience.

        Also, It’ll probably be remoteplay if its for PS4.

        So I’d rather have a GoW to only play on my Vita like the ones for PSP, a whole new experience/story :)

        Tbh, I can’t think of what this one might be about though, I heard rumors about Kratos fighting a Titan for GoW4, wonder if that’s what it’ll be.

  3. Raizuke

    i just watched the gameplay of the last of us..and its so awesome..just wished sony to make it playable on the vita..if possible..damn its good!!..

  4. S1NFUL

    Thanks for the vague shoutout Minimur

  5. GuitaristMatt

    I think you should have included the Dragon Ball Z Vita game that was announced.

  6. Skars

    You gorgot to mention that these PSN+ games is for EU, right?

    US PSN games atm:

    PS Vita:
    PSP – God Eater Burst
    Gravity Rush
    Uncharted Golden Abyss
    Wipeout 2048

    Saints row the third
    Uncharted 3
    LBP karting
    Deus Ex
    Pinball Arcade
    Joe Danger 2
    The Cave
    Labyrinth Legends
    Knytt underground

    No BF3, no Unit 13 =/

  7. pspfanMOHH

    This kind of ruined my day, but made up for it, the new releases made up for it but, I just finished my UICOMPOSER of a psm calculator app and half of the coding. Suggestions/Day: convert the prices to 3 main regions, USA/EU/JP.

  8. Tha boss

    Question: if i buy a game in the near future like killzone mercenary, will i be forced to update my firmware? Or can i just install the game and play it like with my older games?

  9. x-eye

    if only it was in the “near” future…like tomorrow

  10. faez barca

    Umm…So vita got 2 GOW games BTW..First,GOW 1 and 2 HD version,Then this new title GOW redemption..This what im waiting for.I hope this is true…

  11. yos

    omg hd zombies is available in australia!

  12. hrasda

    The Xbox One headset was announced a long while ago, here is the original post

  13. TZuck

    “make.believe” is a trademark of Sony, but “PlayStation” should be spelled like so, to do otherwise would be against their brand guidelines. however i’m pretty sure “Playstation” is still owned by Sony.

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