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Xbox One(80): All DRM Features Removed


Told you I'll edit this.

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80 Responses

  1. UbdU says:

    Well, I’m still not going to buy this, because MS WANTED to do all of these anti-consumer things in the first place. Plus, the tight integration of my Vita with the PS4 seems really convenient for me.

    • StanSmith says:

      I’m the same. They already did it so too little too late.

      They already said it, they can easily turn around in 6-12 months and put that all back in.

      $ony will do the same in the future so nobody is safe from that stupid game ruining DRM.

      • stOneskull says:

        sony used the people’s outcry to their advantage.. then microsoft had no choice but to match sony.. i’m sure sony would love the restrictions too but they played this game the best they could.
        sony are great at changing up though.. a lot of people were under the impression vita was going to remote play lots of ps3 games.. ps2 compatibility on ps3, OtherOS, lots of things… you can’t say for sure that ps4 promises are completely true or won’t change over time.

  2. kuagelo says:

    I was gonna say “I see what you did there” about the title, then you go and explain it at the end of the post. :(

    Despite all these, PS4 still wins in my opinion. 😀

  3. UbdU says:

    Also, from what I understood, family “sharing” was just demoing games, not fully sharing.

  4. soberman says:

    hoho.. at last they gotten sober

  5. Lord says:

    No one pre-order Xbox One because all the stupid DRM features ideas, so they removed them but still shity ideas anyway.
    Microsoft is so greedy that’s why they are always lose.
    Microsoft Xbox Live gives you 2 free games per month: games released in 2003 or older.
    Sony PSN Plus gives you 2-3 free games per week (some games still $49.99 in PSN store) and super discount per month for some new games and some 1-3 years old games.
    Sony always give thier customers good price best games make them alway happy.

    • HackCrappyPSVita says:

      Hahahahaha can’t stop laugh…Hey I don’t have PS3 or anything else but PS Vita…but that you said Sony alwasy make customers happy…lol biggest lie that can ever happen in world…lol…

    • schmief says:

      actually fable 3 was the first game xbox released free this month and its only1-3 years old

      • Erich says:

        2.75 years (10/26/2010 release date)

        • Minimur12 says:

          to be fair, Sleeping dogs and hitman are on PS3 Plus at the moment, they were released last year.

          • kenny2858 says:

            What he said, M$ Money whores!

          • StanSmith says:

            You DONT game ANY free games with PS+ where you DO get free games with XboxLiveGold.
            When your XBL Gold membership drops back to Silver you can still play the games making it free.
            When your PS+ membership ends so do the games so you are only RENTING them, they are NOT free.

            So for the free game debacle M$ actually win that one.
            I’m NOT a M$ fanboy as I have more $ony consoles than M$ consoles. I prefer PS3 to XBOX360. BUT The *** and lies $ony give makes me hate them so much.

    • Sladey says:

      Bit of a difference in terms of free games between LIVE and PSN+. PSN+ you are technically just ‘renting’ the games, they are never yours because once your PSN+ sub runs out goodbye all the games you ‘bought’. The LIVE games suck sao far, but they are yours to keep wether you got LIVE or not.

      I do prefer PSN+ thou, ill be picking it up the day i buy my PS4.

      • UE says:

        but sign up again and there they are again.

        • Kyu says:

          But don’t sign up again in LIVE and there you go ,still got them.

          Though the fact that PSN does not require you (for Vita and PS3 at least) to pay for plus to play online is a major plus to it.Hmmm,in light of these changes though,maybe Sony will allow PS4 online multiplayer for free.

      • fate6 says:

        XBL will offer free games till December
        (says so on the X360 Dashboard)

    • motto518 says:

      Just wondering, does your PS3 actually work at the current moment. Statistics show it probably doesn’t do to the awesome new system bricking firmware update they gave all their “happy” customers. Also how long did it take you to order all new credit cards and/or bank account info when the PSN was hacked and…….down for 2 months, but wait, they gave people a few free games and a couple months of free PSN Plus so all is good now right?????

  6. Chuckthetekkie says:

    From what I understand, the reason you need to connect the Xbox One to the internet during set-up is to download the Xbox One Day One System Update to remove the DRM limitations.

    • StepS says:

      how can you say so when the console isn’t even released yet? there will be a lot of internal firmware upgrades before an official v1.00…

      • Minimur12 says:

        Chuck is right, you buy the console, and then download the patch/update to remove all DRM features on it.

        • StepS says:

          so basically you want to say that the current xbox one consoles will always stay at their current, unfinished development firmware and sent exactly in this form to the customers in November?
          I can’t approve this.

      • MarSprite says:

        The Xbox is probably already in the manufacture process, it is unlikely that it would be financially sound for them to go back and redo the firmware, even if it does come with DRM evil that will hobble the whole release, I mean, if you don’t have internet you are not a target customer for the Xbox One, cause DRM won’t let you play stuff. Games nowadays do day1 updates for some of the same reasons, they keep working after the game is manufactured, then slap that patch onto the system when it hits your living-room.

  7. adx2 says:

    Seeing this policy wont effect my plan i will stick to buy ps4 and Will always stick with sony .. they dont do 2 talking like Microsoft that they will not and now they will….its not fair

  8. UE says:

    They are still locking out all indie devs and self publishers from the console including the Oddworld remake.

    Ontop of this it is weaker hardware wise by a fair bit, “cloud” games will still require an always online connection -cough simcity cough- and it is still $100 more expensive and doesn’t allow me to swap out my hard drive while being nearly twice the size of a ps4 (okay more like 2/3rds bigger but still… a fair bit bigger)

  9. Kyu says:

    Still not gonna pick XBone(r) or PMS4.
    WiiU ftw (if ever).

    • StanSmith says:

      Nintendo are killing the WiiU themselves. They are complete MORONS.
      I with they let 3rd partys release games for it but they dont want to.
      I really wish I didn’t get one now as its a huge waste of money and it’ll be a dead console in a year.

    • StanSmith says:

      WiiU us the next Dreamcast

  10. Areilly111 says:

    I don’t know what every one is complaining about. MS was trying new things so what.

  11. afterdawn says:

    I bet, after a couple of months/years M$ is gonna slowly put DRM limitation back on the Xbox One once they are fully content with the number of customers they have since the introduction of the DRM on their product which means it is just temporary.

  12. Shapeshifter says:

    Ur right but the kinect did beat the ps move during the current gen console war (though ps3 beat 360 overall) the move was horrible and wouldn’t let me use it without the many controllers and wires

  13. Shapeshifter says:


  14. FonFon says:

    Kinect will still be watching and listening…

  15. musashiro says:

    i think everyone could bet that they could re-implement this *** at a later date…


  16. Norml says:

    Typical RRoD M$ being against the consumer, don’t be fooled by this “smart” business tactic. Remember M$s real vision, the future vision they want that they retracted. It’s a simple patch to re-implement.

  17. LuKe_AA says:

    Just go back making OS.

  18. gunblade says:

    i still getting a xbox one for the room ilumination… wii u for the u remote n ps4 for the vita remote play

  19. gunblade says:

    um will my zune work on the xbox one and on the drm thing does it have anything to do with the app of xbox live for windows supposed to let u buy games on the computer n they was supposed to auto download to the xbox 360

  20. Shinny says:

    XBox, GO HOME… Really, microsoft is like an pregnant woman, firs DRM, then no DRM.. first no sharing the hey, lets share.. Playstation rocks in every aspect =)

  21. Acid_Snake says:

    this is gonna make the system sell more, specially for core consumers that didn’t want to move away from xbox but didn’t want all this DRM, but it still gonna have a bad time being the most expensive consoles, taking into consideration a way better PC can be bought at that price, plus kinect being mandatory is a downside for a lot of people that either don’t use it, or don’t care about it

  22. ricerrr says:

    theres a catch it will allow you to run the game single player, but you wont be able to play split screen for 2 players that would require internet.

  23. edjani says:

    I love how Sony always tells we are customers, and microsoft consumers

  24. Mohsin Rana says:

    haha xbox one is going to get no business now anyways, im going with PS4 and so should the rest of you.

  25. Davee says:

    Alternatively, you could just get a fairly decent PC instead of either of the new consoles. I mean, they basically are PCs anyway, so just cut out the expensive middleman.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      there are many reasons why I don’t like PC gaming, but I’d say the fact that you gotta use windows is the biggest issue I have, that and the fact that I don’t see a point in retiring a PC that still works fine only to play some new games that I can already play on consoles I own

  26. motto518 says:

    Unless I missed a comment or 2 (which is possible, I am human), I don’t think I saw one comment talking about what we lost as a result of all of these reversals. We lost Family Share, which allowed someone to share a purchased game with up to 10 friends (and no it wasn’t just demos, there are several articles online to confirm). The 2nd and to me, most important thing that we lost as a result of the the 24 online check was the “games are always with you” feature. Which allowed you to buy a game, load the disc and rip it to the cloud. you then were able to log into you XB Live account on another XB1 and play your full saved game somewhere else w/out the disc, which would have basically eliminated load screens and such. You can still save your game to the system and play elsewhere but now you have to have your discs with you. I hope MS does something soon after launch for the customers who want those features back. So thank you to everyone who bitched about checking in to validate game licenses once every 24 hours and bitched about the non existent “used game” fiasco, you just made the XB1 worse. I would like to point out that MS was at least upfront with all this stuff, they said out the gate that we are leaving the game trade in stuff up to the game publishers. Sony said it was going to be the same as PS# but then came out later and said the same thing MS said all along so think about that in addition to the possibly millions of people who can’t use their PS3 right now due to that great system bricking firmware update they so graciously gave everyone PLUS the millions of people who had their credit card/bank account info stolen when PSN was hacked. Also who the heck doesn’t have internet access anymore? unless you live in syria, but then you probably can’t afford a game system of any kind anyway.

    • the3 says:

      Ms is a bunch of greedy bastards who want to retire places like gamestop cause they cant sue or force them to give ms some of there profit and thats all the drm bs boiled down to new games have cost 50+ since the nes was new they charge what they charge cause ppl will pay it and if they wanted to sell new gammes at 5 to 30 each they would trade in places don’t set the market just my opinion though

      • mlc says:

        I have to say, I still prefer most software companies to Gamestop. I might have nearly equal disdain for Microsoft, given their ridiculous pricing structures (and the necessity to change up perfectly fine user interfaces just to release a new version of each popular software), but at least Microsoft is abusing consumers with their own intellectual property & products. Gamestop’s entire business is built around trying to convince people to pay $5 less for an inferior product that Gamestop didn’t even create; they only benefited from strange market conditions. (some disposable income on “every” level, but not so much that many people aren’t willing to sell their goods at a big loss for new, temporarily more interesting goods)

        Anti-resale restrictions are pretty terrible from any company, though, as they are basically taking away consumers’ legal rights without any notification or obvious recourse. This had already started with limited-use serial keys, phone-activated software (or phone+receipt requirements for additional activations, and no ability to resell), and “cloud” software. Cloud software is probably one of the largest threats, though, especially to videogames. You can argue that we’ve got 20 versions of Word, so the “loss” of one when the web assets are no longer supported by Microsoft is not a big loss. But there are many videogames that will ultimately never work or be playable again (until some far off, new price rerelease) once their servers are turned off, and those are then irreplaceable works of art. (though thankfully most entirely web based games are pretty terrible)

  27. nik138 says:

    Its the games the make or break any console . and M$ has got some good exclusives lined up finally . The more Sony and M$ compete the better it is for us consumers . Im sure when Sony went ” u can share ur games no biggie ” M$ was like Dooh.If it wasn’t for Sony M$ would not remove that $#*! DRM . Since both consoles have fairly decent hardware it now only up to the exclusive games that will attract consumers . and yea a few freebies wouldn’t hurt either .

  28. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    I’m still not getting one nor forgiving them. I’ve already seen their original intent.
    That’s like forgiving someone that was about to rape you but only stopped because he got caught in the act. Shame on you M$, shame.

  29. kenny2858 says:

    The only reason people get xbox’s is because Minecraft, better servers, and CoD gets DlC 1 month earlier. What other reason?

  30. Lord says:

    Xbox One controller v.s PS4 controller
    Xbox One controller had all features and buttons just like Xbox 360 controller (no sensor, no touch pad, no audio/sound), if you dropped face down 1 or 2 times then left/right stick broken, nothing new.
    PS4 controller had all features and buttons just like PS3, but it also had Share button (stream your screen to friends in real-time), touch pad, better sensor, better battery life, audio/sound.
    Microsoft says whaaaaahhhh…

  31. stOneskull says:

    if you have to have one or the other the best choice is definitely ps4 because of the exclusive titles.. also, gddr5 instead of gddr3.
    nintendo might end up surviving well because wiiU compliments either of the other two consoles with its own exclusives..
    the xbox will probably do well in the ‘ordinary’ homes.. as it might be a cool tv box thing for those people who games aren’t so important to.
    i guess everyone wins :)

  32. kenny2858 says:

    Watch they charge $ to remove dmr. DURR

  33. Erich says:

    All 1.80 inches?

  34. onnz423 says:

    Facepalm 😛

  35. Your Mamma says:

    ouch, that’s got to hurt!

  36. StanSmith says:

    Thats wide, its only 0.5 long

  37. Chasez671 says:

    The damage has been done. I’m still switching to PS4 this time around.

  38. StanSmith says:

    $ony always go back on their word. They tell the biggest lies. They say one thing then do the opposite or tell you the details of the console but thats not what you get.

    DONT believe anything $ony tell you.

  39. lolol2u says:

    Hope you get DRMed and troll faced by M$ in a couple of months/years since you got baited by their temporary rollback of DRM just to recover their customers from their failed introduction of it….

  40. squiggly says:

    I agree with you also, especially after the *** with my bricked PS3 with this latest update. Its like Sony doesnt care about their loyal customers. They should have taken more time to test their software. Because of my “PS Brick” i have now, I have decided to give Microsoft a chance with the Xbox One.

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