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Is This The Leaked PS4 Release Date?


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. Minecartuser says:

    Heh, pretty awesome but I think hat none o f these release Rates is the “official” release, it’s probably just the date on which They Start selling the console. Oh, also, first 😀 hehe, jk

  2. Lyian says:

    Seems to me that the companies got different information about the releasedate. So dear sony, just release it 😀

    • Minimur12 says:

      I know right?!?! I’m not that desparate to know but I really do wanna know.

      Any information, I wanna know it! 😀

      [Insert ‘all the’ meme here]

  3. fabian says:


    No ps3 discs ***?

    that’s disappointing…

    • Minimur12 says:

      its a shame, but at least they are supplying some type of retro-compat with gaikai, unlike Xbox.

    • fate6 says:

      I don’t want the PS4 being $100 more just so a few people can play there PS3 disks on it >__>

      want to play PS3 games? then get a PS3
      I don’t understand why people like to make such a big deal about it

    • Decius says:

      PS4 won’t be able to read it natively but Gaikai will handle PS1/2/3 backwards compatability. Be thankful they’re even including that as a feature, they don’t have too.

    • StepS says:

      have they thought about: checking the PS3 disc for validity after inserting it and then allowing to play it over cloud service?
      wouldn’t be hard for Sony

  4. leonalchemist says:

    well this is stupid; for one, we already know shops make up random date so consumer have an idea of when its coming out so they get more pre-orders(even though it can be a total lie).
    2nd, we already know the ps4 comes out in december so huh???
    The Xbox comes out november, it was announced like 2 weeks ago… so why are we already trying to come up with specific dates or trying to change it? :/

  5. filodude says:

    Seems legit. (for real)

  6. Chad says:

    @leonalchemist. I just don’t know where to begin when it comes to replying to your post, so I will only question one of the absurd comments you made. “They make up random dates so they get more pre orders”, uh huh what? You’re telling me that if they say it’s coming out on the 3rd instead of the 1st they will get more pre orders. Any place I have ever pre ordered anything from only took a limited number of pre orders so it didn’t matter what the date was, they were only taking X number of orders. I could go on but I’m questioning why I’ve gone this far. Maybe try thinking a bit before you type in the future.

    Have a great day,


    • leonalchemist says:

      here they dont limit the number of pre-orders, they phone u when ur game arrives, and why are u making my point stupid? :/ why te heck would it matter if a games comes out a day or 2 later for pre-orders, im talking about when they say sometimes 2013 and shops assume its coming out October for example; it a basic business marketing plan, people dont like buying stuff when they dunno when its coming out; they are other reasons for it.

      • stOneskull says:

        they have said december.. before that they said january.. maybe they want to push in front of microsoft and head for november now…. i guess we’ll know for sure in a couple months

  7. Puerko says:

    Sony gonna have the ps4 in stores on November a sony’s worker told me that,that us why did not pre-order it,go to Sony store and ask!!!

  8. psvita-freak says:

    lol, i did see it today 2…
    i don’t know why, but i don’t have the feeling that this is the official release date, if sony gives some of these posters, they will have announced it to at least some gaming sites… but hope it’s the real release date!!! :p

  9. Ghack says:

    the PS4 will be realease in the US in 12/31/13 they have posters on frys electronics

  10. derpington5 says:

    Please Lord, let LBP 3 shine down on the PS4 somehow..

  11. gunblade says:

    maybe it be like the vita realeases

  12. Kierewiet says:

    I live in the Netherlands and I can tell you that the posters are removed. Mediamarkt told that they made a mistake by copying the date from a webshop. The confirmed that it isn’t the official release date.

    • stOneskull says:

      where did ‘the sun’ get their date, do you know?

      • Kierewiet says:

        I have no idea how “the sun” got their date (I also never heard from “the sun” since it’s an UK newspaper and I’m from the Netherlands). I do know that Mediamarkt got their release date from a webshop called http://www.bol.com which recently also changed their release date to 31 December. It seams that everybody is copying the release date from each other 😀

  13. tryrush deppy says:

    what a friggin UGLY box that PS4 is… XBox One, too. why can’t Apple design these things for them?

  14. Diana says:

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