(Video) Incoming VHBL exploit for the Vita 2.12, by qwikrazor87


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130 Responses

  1. brunoso says:

    I cant wait for thisss. LOL

  2. mushra says:

    That is some good news! Good luck to those without an exploit

  3. ayoubwolf says:


  4. Freakler says:

    Seems there will be a new Vita firmware soon then.. :)

  5. Dario says:

    and vhbl The Z?

  6. Chesse says:

    No more vhbl, its *** put the effort in ps vita side most still have psp that has better battery life, why would we want this on a bigger screen with 3 hour play.

    • Inky says:

      No more b*tching, do it yourself, no one is going to put the effort in anything at all for someone crying like you. Why don’t you just play the games on your psp, since most of us still have it?

      • Chesse says:

        Repeatedly saying something over and over, or rather whining about it, therefore destroying the point you were trying to make and making you look like a complete *** because no one is listening to you.

        • JeoWay says:

          I was listening to him. VHBL is good. If you don’t want it, simply leave. Its that simple. All of us could just keep it to ourselves.

          Maybe we could figure out a supportive user DRM on VHBL, so if you happen to grab the exploit it wont work for you ***

    • gunblade says:

      jus to have…

  7. Blankz025 says:

    Hope that I can grab one..Thanks!!! :)

  8. Denver52 says:

    let alone Vita isos (no public method exists for this, at all, so don’t ask)

    PUBLIC is that a hint that there is a know way 😛 just not publicly known haha i hope so i dont condone piracy but if there are vita iso able to be loaded and run on the system that means that theres some major behind the scenes work going on i hope at least

    • gunblade says:

      there pkg files or sumthikng u can actuly have vita games if u download them then save them to the pc think the weird way was if u dident update on realese date…

    • D-TeK-DeV says:

      No such thing as PS Vita ISO’s, but there are PS Vita ROM’s. ISO’s are from a discs and ROM’s are from a cartridge’s.

    • D-TeK-DeV says:

      No such thing as PS Vita ISO’s, but there are PS Vita ROM’s. ISO’s are from discs and ROM’s are from cartridge’s.

      • Acid_Snake says:

        ROM stands for Read Only Memory, it applies to Disc-based and Cartridge-based media that can’t be written more than once, but does not applies to dumps as they are simply files that can be modified, so they aren’t really “Read Only”. The term, like many other technical terms, is incorrectly used.

  9. FreeMyVita says:

    Wololo or anyone plz help! I’m on 2.02 with Uno. I think I de activated my Vita when I was messing with one of my memory cards. Is there a fix! Please say yes! I’m still on 2.02 with uno but now my Vita is deactivated.

    • alpmaster says:

      Hello just to let you know the way to reactivate your psvita is through opencma with the computer. Then once you transfer uno from ps3 to psvita it will reactivate the system. I did it when i system restored my two Vitas because i was going to sell them. Then i said what am i crazy LOL =D.
      Hope this helped bye.

    • Saviour says:

      Fear not `Free my Vita`
      All you have to do is go on to the forums
      and search activate´-deactivated ps vita

      i had the same problem, all you need to have
      is PS3, Ps vita (duh), Open CMA and your usb cable ofcourse

      • FreeMyVita says:

        @Saviour and alpmaster. Thank you both so much. I brushed through the forums briefly but didn’t find anything the first time but now I have a better idea where to look. I didn’t know that it was possible to reactivate my machine. I’m glad I didn’t update. Sad I purged my data though.

  10. dsa says:

    NASA just confirmed, PS Vita kernel exploit is not possible in this dimension. In the meantime use VHBL to play Super Mario.

  11. TAHA says:

    Enfin !!!!!!!!!!!!’

  12. what’s up with all the adds wololo …. plz dont get auto playing videos man. those are the worst and even more annoying then seeing :free flip men event” ads. great column thought i cant wait till the vita gets cracked

    • ZeroSkys says:

      That will be a horrible day. If PSVita games ever become free, that means the end of it. I want Vita to survive. Pay for your games.

      • gunblade says:

        well if sony make use of the vita with the ps4 dont think it be much an issue jus hope dev still make games for it… the psp did good after it was cracked…

    • The Budds says:

      Your one of the “smart people” who believe playing online on the PC is free cause someone is offsetting the costs of the server right?

    • wololo says:

      We dont have auto playing video ads on this site, I only usee adsense and last time I checked they dont do that. Do you remember what the ad was for? I can block individual ads in my settings, and I dont like auto playing videos either.

  13. Enrique says:

    *dusts off vita*


  14. fate6 says:

    hey wololo? need I remind you Vita games would be ROMs not ISO’s ;3

    • JeoWay says:

      PSP ISO? When did he say anything about PS Vita ISO?

      • Thrawn says:

        Yeah he wrote vita isos! Right after he stated that 2.02 was the last public kernel exploit. And yes its vita ROMS. Wonder when all those scam sites begin to name them selfs like vitar0ms.com or freeromsvita.com…

      • gunblade says:

        yea iso is for like cd n dvd roms i guess is for nintendo games but yea psp wise one would be use to iso.. think sometimes on other sites psx backup was called roms…

    • Acid_Snake says:

      yet another person that incorrectly uses the terms ROM and ISO.

      – ROM: Read Only Memory, applies to the media itself, not the contents, both carts and discs are ROMs.
      – ISO: it could refer to the ISO9660 filesystem, standard in CDs and most DVDs, or it could also apply to a 1:1 copy of a media.

      So yeah, a dump of a cartridge can be called an ISO, but I would prefer simply the term “dump”.

  15. The Budds says:

    vHBL – The Gift that keeps giving.

    It’s funny, all those old topics that wanted to see work on HBL over with when we were lucky enough to get CFW for our PSPs. Yet still to this day, HBL shows it’s long standing worth.

  16. yei says:

    yes… this will be nice keep it up.

  17. decius says:

    Congratulations Qwikrazor87 on your accomplishments and work!

  18. Zerolight says:

    Waiting for another exploit is such a awful thing

    • gunblade says:

      its alright .. good if u got to get the older expoit.. i been one 2.06 for awhile n i been fine atleast can play games without needed to log in to psn….

  19. MovingXTarget says:

    Congrats on your exploit man :)

    Thing for me is that I am sticking to my apache solely because of that PSP/GAME thing.

    What do you guys think? stay on apache or move onto this one? :)

    Thanks in advance. -The Target

  20. Allen2 says:

    Finally, oh wait im back on my psp lol

    • gunblade says:

      i still trying for mod my psp with one hard drive n one psp go for music… i still got to put it together

      • Thrawn says:

        Umm why are you trying something so difficult if you could just buy a photofast cr5400 and two 64 GB sdxc cards? It works, cause I’m using that for my psp 3000. That amounts to a numerical 128 GB, well in reality it’s a little less > 115 GB.

  21. jdub says:

    Good news for many. I’m still on 2.02 waiting for some news from coolbird. Hoping to have some psx games with sound working on my vita in the near future. Cheers!

  22. VitaGenic says:

    Nice work quikrazor :)

  23. rafael707 says:

    Glad to see a release soon, good to know this has been private for a long time 😉 greetings qwik and company.

  24. romain337 says:


  25. sheon says:

    pointless if i cant even play atleast vita isos

    i have my ds for the other emulaters so we need a real exploit these recent ones suck so bad and are a waste of time

    i hope more people get the vita and start hacking it im trying hard to hold onto it and not sell it but there is nothing to do on it

  26. AliFOJ says:

    F*ck…. first I am on the UK region then the worst is this that it wont let us play PSP iso’s…. It can;t even let us play that then who would even imagine it would play PS vita isos… And I was really waiting for a new kernel release.

  27. Yo says:

    Possible to port TN-V on this exploit ?

  28. swmXIII/Kyu says:

    So wait,there is a private way of doing that little “play psvita roms” thingie?

  29. h4ckNsl4ck says:

    Could TN-V be ported to this if possible?

    • wololo says:

      No, not without a kernel exploit

      • Thrawn says:

        Hey wololo, I have got a question, cause you might have much better connections to the hacking scene as I.
        Why is it, that we always try to create custom loaders based on scurity escalations inside the system? I mean, the hacking scene is looking for a security whole that might not be there at all.
        So I was asking myself why making this effort when there could be another way around the corner.
        What if the hacking scene begins putting its efforts in trying to modify the account data stored inside the nand? I mean, they have already access to all the data inside the psp 1000 and 2000 nand, and there are also all the licenses of purchased content. So my thought was if we interupt the communication between the psp and the sony license server, spoofing with a programm that acts like it was the server, shouldn’t we be able to sign our psp’s / vitas to all kinds software? Well that all sounds smart *** now, but it has already been done with steam accounts, spoofing them with injected licenses.
        Just a thought.

        • Spectrum says:

          It was also done on Xbox Live a while back. They caught and banned people who did so with the reason of “Marketplace Theft.”
          One more thing: We don’t really know all that much about their server-side business…. Or… Do we?

          • Thrawn says:

            Well i wouldn’t go that far and go online with a modified account. Rather more I would be happy and never go online again.

        • gunblade says:

          that or modify 1.60 guess need to modifiy 2.++ wit 1.80 then install 1.60

  30. dan says:

    good now we can finally get a decent update from sony.

  31. Rodrix says:

    hey amigos tengo un gran problema tengo uno cfw 2.02 6.60tnv2 estaba jugando bien, pero cuando accedo ala memoria para cargar juegos se congela la psvita. help

    hey friends I have a big problem I have one cfw 2.02 6.60tnv2 was playing well, but when I access memory to load wing freezes psvita games. help me

    i use for taduction traslante.google.com.mx XD lol

    • Rodrix says:

      hey friends I have a big problem I have one cfw 2.02 6.60tnv2 was playing well, but when I access memory to load wing freezes psvita games. help me

  32. alpmaster007 says:

    Everybody that wants psvitas Isos do not deserve to own a psvita they are going to kill the system before they make good games out.

      • Spectrum says:

        Companies are already jumping back from it with the low install base. If that happened, they would have to worry about how their entire install base pirated the game.

        On the PSP, I would say that piracy wouldn’t kill it. The Vita isn’t doing well to start. There IS a possibility that piracy would *** it up.

  33. trololo says:

    no enough games no real hack in the scene…

  34. francis says:

    come to think of it? a lot of users here hv all the homebrew games being played and psp emulator games… getting bored… hopefully developers could come up with a NEW KERNEL EXPLOIT GAME wherein we can have the chance to play our old psp iso’s. great job do guys but reach for the Greatness guys! short of telling be the “BEST”! peace!lol

  35. piwa says:

    so there is nothing to see here…
    atleast for people with a psp

  36. schmief says:

    i guess ill finally update my psvita from 2.11 to 2.12

  37. Jmqm says:

    I know the name and everything but I didn’t want it to be released since… I can’t tell here. Hopefully you all enjoy it.

  38. FreeMyVita says:

    @Saviour,alpmaster, wololo, or anyone that can help. I went to the forums and I read everything. I tried open CMA. Its reads my vita as some weird name. When I connect to my ps3 it asks me to update. Is there a way that I can reactivate me vita offline?

  39. G36cBossMan says:

    Will this have better comparability then that appche overkill exploit?

  40. FreeMyVita says:

    Geez tough moderation I only meant save data I was very far in Monster Hunter. But it looks like it’s back to treating my PS Vita like a PS Vita and my PSP like a PSP

  41. gunblade says:

    izsent it a good chance that if the vita was fully cracked that it might get banned with a live screen refresh jus saying….

  42. XxKNightROxX says:

    can anyone clear this up!. I heard that the OpenCMA is giving problems?

    • XxKNightROxX says:

      I heard that OpenCMA doesn’t work on 2.12 or that the new Open CMA doesn’t let you transfer files without an internet connection.

  43. jbird92113 says:

    Does anyone happen to know which game is for the exploit or will it be revealed when the exploit is available?

  44. Ron says:

    I cant wait too. i bought like 15 vita games and 20 ps1 psp games. i deserve the right to hack my vita to play emulators now :)

    Any advice to not miss the game and the hack before sony remove the the game in the psn store. i will check wololo front page 2-3 times a day. but i dont know any other way to be sure to get in in time :) thanks everybody for this release its really appreciated.

  45. Ron says:

    i have another question. i suppose the game will be available in the Canada store isnt it ?

  46. Bruce says:

    I already have my PS VITA all charged up and ready to download the new game before it gets pull from the PSN store

  47. QuickSilver88 says:

    I just wonder will there ever be another kernel mode exploit? I am still on 2.02 as I still have games to play with Gravity Rush, Zero LR, and Sly cooper (got it via DL thru my ps3 and yes it runs on 2.02 if you get it off of PSN and tranfer thru a CFW PS3). I am not sure if Sony has distributed new keys to devs as I have quite a bit of newer PSN material I am running on 2.02 by using the transfer trick….anyways between that and some of older PSP stuff I am playing with TN-V and the hope of an improved PSX emualtion I still have not updated…yet someday I do hope to update again, especially after PS4 comes out as I know we will have new functionality. So is there ever a chance of another kernel exploit or has $ony slammed the door on that forever somehow?

    • wololo says:

      There are PSP kernel exploits out there. The people who found them are not willing to share them, though. At least not for now.

  48. Alexander says:

    Well… Sony seems to be waiting for a new xploit to release a firmware update… This looks like a deadlock between Sony and The Z

  49. xtreme says:

    ¿Dónde está el link de descarga?

  50. zqlzql says:

    whata game

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  61. I couldn’t resist commenting. Perfectly written!

  62. >_> says:

    What’s a deam?

  63. kyris0 says:

    >kids these days are getting dumber and dumber

  64. brunoso says:

    look what grandma talking there. LOL x 2. Has nothing better to talk about then is making idiotic comments than the other post.

  65. kenny2858 says:


  66. gunblade says:


  67. gunblade says:

    think it a word problem…

  68. gunblade says:

    but if we getting dummer then the people we learned from there like plato but nah its the sound of it that like them

  69. alpmaster007 says:

    They meant damn… LOL =/

  70. wololo says:

    Yeah, you do that, and keep in touch once you have a hack. Sounds easy enough.

  71. gunblade says:

    think vhbl alright…. i got a psp so psp iso on my vita not a big thing…. n i think i heard i can still acces psn on the firmware iam on now… but atleast with vhbl i can play pokemon blue on the vita…

  72. wtfmateaustralian says:

    True Story. That’s what I’d say if this was worded in human form.

  73. wtfmateaustralian says:

    Lolz. I’d donate a cup a joe for that one.

  74. gunblade says:

    thought so was jus hinting it…

  75. gunblade says:

    well i wish here in the us we could have those new vita games that would be japan imports…

  76. Lyian says:

    I don’t understand how people can be so *** blind?
    I mean, many of here do not respect the work of others. Most of them even don’t know how to program a simple program.

    I mean vhbl is opening another world, another opportunities for us.
    Well, playing some “backups” is good, it makes fun, but I am hoppening that we are never able to play vita “backups” because we would not be able anymore to get awesome games for it.

    If you find some good games, then buy it, and take the pain to support the developers -.-

  1. June 25, 2013

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