(Video) Incoming VHBL exploit for the Vita 2.12, by qwikrazor87


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113 Responses

  1. xtreme says:

    ¿Dónde está el link de descarga?

  2. zqlzql says:

    whata game

  3. >_> says:

    What’s a deam?

  4. kyris0 says:

    >kids these days are getting dumber and dumber

  5. brunoso says:

    look what grandma talking there. LOL x 2. Has nothing better to talk about then is making idiotic comments than the other post.

  6. kenny2858 says:


  7. gunblade says:


  8. gunblade says:

    think it a word problem…

  9. gunblade says:

    but if we getting dummer then the people we learned from there like plato but nah its the sound of it that like them

  10. alpmaster007 says:

    They meant damn… LOL =/

  11. wololo says:

    Yeah, you do that, and keep in touch once you have a hack. Sounds easy enough.

  12. gunblade says:

    think vhbl alright…. i got a psp so psp iso on my vita not a big thing…. n i think i heard i can still acces psn on the firmware iam on now… but atleast with vhbl i can play pokemon blue on the vita…

  13. Spectrum says:

    It was also done on Xbox Live a while back. They caught and banned people who did so with the reason of “Marketplace Theft.”
    One more thing: We don’t really know all that much about their server-side business…. Or… Do we?

  14. gunblade says:

    that or modify 1.60 guess need to modifiy 2.++ wit 1.80 then install 1.60

  15. wtfmateaustralian says:

    True Story. That’s what I’d say if this was worded in human form.

  16. wtfmateaustralian says:

    Lolz. I’d donate a cup a joe for that one.

  17. gunblade says:

    thought so was jus hinting it…

  18. gunblade says:

    well i wish here in the us we could have those new vita games that would be japan imports…

  19. Thrawn says:

    Well i wouldn’t go that far and go online with a modified account. Rather more I would be happy and never go online again.

  1. June 25, 2013

    […] sur le site de Wololo que l’on a appris le 20 juin dernier qu’une faille dans un jeu exclusivement disponible […]

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