[PS4]Playstation Camera Will Be Sold Separately- Yoshida Explains Why


Yoshida spoke recently about the PlayStation Camera, and why it isn’t bundled in the box, and trolls while doing so.


Shuhei Yoshida, basically the boss of PlayStation, explained why the Camera isn’t in the box with the PS4, in an interview with GameWatch.


To start off, he explained how there are many possibilities ‘opened up’ by the PS4:

Since there are multiple possibilities opened by the PS4, there’s no need for all games to use the functions of the peripherals

Rather than forcing every user to buy the camera, I think it’s better to allow a separate purchase just for those that will enjoy it. Selling the camera separately means that the main console can be more affordable.


But remember, the Camera can be used in conjunction with the DS4 for location detection, which has some pretty cool things like switching screen sides depending on where your buddy is if you’re playing a split screen game. However, the light bar can still change the colour, so it isn’t completely functionless without the Camera.

Certainly you can use the light bar on the DualShock 4 in combination with the PlayStation Camera to provide location detection, but the DualShock 4 alone can still change the color of the light for each player and it can be used in various ways. For instance it can shine when the player is taking damage. We prefer to let it spread gradually rather than making it mandatory.


I think that selling the Camera separately is a great idea, being as it is about $60, imagine paying that extra amount just for something you may not use. Although, we don’t know that much about the accessory, so how many possibilities can it open? Without sounding like a fanboy, the Kinect is whats pushing the price up. The cost of the console would probably be very similar if it is not a necessity, but alas, it is.

Source dualshockers.com

  1. mike’s avatar

    Smart move!!!


  2. squiggs’s avatar

    The are the words that I was trying to gather so say to my brothers why the ps4 does not come with the camera.


  3. gunblade’s avatar

    well cool i guess since i guess not all ps4 games will need the camera ill probably get it anyways jus to check it out…


  4. UE’s avatar

    Really? that is all that is pushing the xbox’s cost up?
    Because I still consider it over priced.

    Hardware wise ddr3 is cheaper by a LONG shot than ddr5 to make, and the xbox’s actual hardware is a rather large chunk weaker than the ps4′s… Yet the ps4 is still $40 cheaper even if you include the eye camera… This said maybe the xbox one’s kinnect was going to cost microsoft $150-$200 to sell as a separate product -shrugs-
    I doubt it though, also we know that the ps4 isn’t being sold at a loss (unlike the ps3 was) so… yeah.

    But back to topic I wish people would start caring about the other policies on the xbox one, it is great that they have gone back on their online connectivity restrictions and game disc system but I really think people should start focusing on how at E3 games were being shown on pc, specifically Battlefield 4 and metal gear solid 5 have been confirmed to be pc footage in the videos and that INDIE DEVELOPERS AND SELF PUBLISHERS ARE BEING LOCKED OUT.
    I see this as a very clear indication of pandering to publishers who are scared of how the industry is starting to turn away from them with kickstarting and successful indie games popping up left right and center.

    It isn’t just the small names, microsoft aren’t allowing the oddworld remake either despite the creator personally contacting them their response was unyeiling and quite rude.


  5. StanSmith’s avatar

    So the PS4 is cheaper but you need the camera so that makes it equal?.
    So its not really cheaper, you just need to buy the camera separate.
    Good scam $ony. Micro$oft can do the same, they can drop the price and make the Kinect a separate buy too.


    1. FataMorgana’s avatar

      microsoft can’t make the kinect a seperate buy, because kinect must be connected to the xbox to make the xbox work.

      no kinect = not wirking xbox


    2. UE’s avatar

      Well to be fair not many games use stuff like the cam, the cam is $60 not $100 so the ps4 is still cheaper while being stronger hardware wise (more shader cores, same apu, better ram and ability to swap out hard drives)

      ontop of this, yup microsoft are going to sell an xbox one without a kinnect… so people can stare at their box that DOESNT TURN ON WITHOUT A KINNECT…

      I mean really, know SOMETHING about what you are talking about before commenting or everyone will have to tell your mother that you were raised to be an idiot.


    3. niggatitties’s avatar

      You don’t need the camera for PS4. Where the fuck did you get that info from? You can use it if you want, but I doubt most games are gonna need it let alone use it at all. It’s probably only gonna be for certain games and maybe an option to change how you want to use the controls in others.
      At least, I really hope that’s how it’ll be..


  6. littlebigsps’s avatar

    Here is the video which makes use of this camera in a great way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVNfZtZ7Dbk




  7. gunblade’s avatar

    iam only getting the xbox one for the room illumination idk i have a 360 jus dont use it so dident realy get into the 360 Scene… but the camera looks 3d would be cool if could do what was done with the 360 ki.n.ec.t n make a ro.bot vacum..


    1. max’s avatar

      Yes you are,.. both are a totally crap,.. Get a fucking projector and a PS4


  8. john10101’s avatar

    Microsoft is making the right move here bundling the kinect with the xbox one. If the Kinect comes with every system, you will see more devs incorporating it into their games. right now all we seem to get from kinect games are “stand up and jump” type games. perhaps now that every one has this, you will see interesting ways to it is incorporated into games. devs will be willing to take the risk since everyone has one.

    Sony, by not including the camera, is limiting devoloper support for it. a small subset of devs will make games that use it, but not all. I dont know if i would ever even buy the camera. but on the flip side, sony is requiring all games to support remote play, and i do have a vita, so they are focused on vita more then camera, and thats ok in my book.


  9. Archaga’s avatar

    A camera on a console is near useless for me as a gamer. I admit, I do have some good fun playing Dance Central with friends from time to time at one of their homes. But it’s not a game I would buy myself even if I have a camera.

    There is only one thing that will get me to buy the PS camera (or heck even the Xbox One for the Kinect) and that is when Oculus Rift becomes console supported with actual playable AAA games. I give it 2-3 years before that happens (if it happens). I just hope PS camera works well with it because even though I’m getting the PS4, I know the Kinect is leaps above its camera.


  10. scoousetomo’s avatar

    well good news is today xbox have now removed the need to connect online daily and the pre owned crap they tried to pull has now gone so you can borrow hire lend ect just like the xbox 360 so im looking more towards the 360 again thats my choice i know they have got loads more new releases than ps4 even though ive got a vita to remote play on the ps


    1. Archaga’s avatar

      Just a shame they removed the “family sharing” feature though. It could had still worked great with digital purchases since those do get DRM protected. That was the only good thing they offered for games and they took it away. We could had gotten our cake and eaten it too but they chose not to. *Sigh*


      1. UE’s avatar

        There is no reason it couldn’t be set to work with digital purchases other than microsoft’s choice… it is a “look at what we are giving up for you” ditch effort.


  11. Tnutbutter’s avatar

    If you own a PS Vita the camera is pretty useless anyway


  12. NNNRT’s avatar

    Isn’t this the same as the current PlayStation Eye? I mean it’s sold separately & it’s only used in a few games.



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