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Warning: Do NOT update your PS3 to OFW 4.45 yet

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  1. Dave Ross says:

    I bet its Microsoft getting revenge for how much tbey suck lol

  2. Randqalan says:

    Maybe Sony decided since the PS4 us coming this yead
    One way to increase sales brick everyone PS3

    Joke I hope 🙂

    • Electric Penis says:

      “Joke I hope :D”

      Are you so *** foolish you’d consider it a possibility that’s NOT a joke?

      • Skars says:

        Not so fast, some mobile phones, regardless of its price is tagged to die in some time. Even with a good build quality, after some time of use, it gets buggy until next generation of its own line comes.

        Its not a clear statement, but by many reports, it seems to be profitable as a long users can’t prove it to be true.

        I don’t believe Sony is doing it to PS3, as a long is more probable that people with PS3 keep up with sony to PS4 than people who got a brick in mass at the same time.

        • Pyne says:

          It´s called planned obsolescence, and yes it is most commonly seen in the smartphone space.

          • Skars says:

            Never see nobody that could prove it to be true, but I do believe that “they” do it, nad I think is not fare to pay a big price for something marked to die soon. In the past, good build quality electronics lasts forever, but actually smartphones comes with features that is almost useless for most of people in fact, just to say “I got a phone with a better CPU that I don’t even demand.”

            People will keep being scammed as they keep being fools.


      • gunblade says:

        well if is bricked like not booting might be the hard drive i notice sony was doing a network boot thing maybe they messed it up…or 4.45 is a werid firmware that was trying to patch the old ps3 n make it like the slimer slim cuz backups.. or its a messed up update trying to patch that cobra ***..

      • GottZ says:

        apples does it with their gpu’s in macbooks.
        they intentionally brick after they run out of service.

    • SSJ-Vita says:

      Yeah that’s actually a valid assumption, I wouldn’t put it past them at all. Sony bricked my backwards compatible 80 gig that had 4 usb ports and all that good stuff like 600 bucks. I h8 update loops ;/

  3. Acid_Snake says:

    have any of these people attempted to reinstall the firmware with recovery menu?, if it can boot enough to show the background waves, it should boot enough for recovery menu, but it seems people over sony’s forum are dumb enough to not even try that lol

    • somthing something something light side says:

      hey, from reading every comment on the Playstaion Forums, people still get accese to recovery menu and reinstaliing 4.45 or 4.41 does not work, we are wating on sony fix

    • potato says:

      potato aproves

    • J says:

      What a loser 🙂

    • rai says:

      well to be fair he called those people at the forum dumb. well, that’s a rude attitude if you ask me.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      you sir need to get a few tranquilizer shots (calm down bro 🙂 )
      I have said it a billion times, the Vita isn’t so easy to exploit and the people who have any chance of doing it are leaving because of this attitude. We are not your slaves!

    • Epicsnail13 says:

      Lol u said asshat. I totally agree with you though

    • jd20dog says:

      can this guys email be blocked

    • JeoWay says:

      Who the heck are you talking about?

    • >_> says:

      You shut up and make a Vita CFW, useless.

    • The Z says:

      Lol, u mad, bruh?

    • pspfanMOHH says:

      The reason that their parents didn’t teach them manners is why you all suffer, no need for such bizzare behavior, slave ages are over. You want CFW do it yourself, like seriously guys like don’t know when to say what, we shouldn’t even try to find you exploits. Oh and last thing piracy is not accept even if there is vita CFW there is 40% there will be isos since blacklisteds can always use it for bad, another reason, but its our hobby we are addicted. Be GREATFUL!!!! EVERY GENIUSES LEFT IT ON RECORD!!!!

    • Wraddek says:

      I agree with you branddddd. Well kinda. Just because people are in the scene doesn’t give them the right to be narcissistic ***. Have a nice day Scene Queens 🙂

    • gunblade says:

      i tought that bricked ps3 wasent a big deal if u had a modchip

    • Shinny says:

      Dont feed the trolololo… On topic.. This is wierd, how come sony could make such a mistake..

    • rubnvdub says:

      umad bro? Go back to school and get yourself a decent education before you try to nerd rage over a keyboard while attempting to sound ‘intelligent’ /endrant.

      to the OP… I am sure plenty of people have tried to recover/restore the ps3 via recovery menu. however if it attempted to flash new firmware and made some updates before crashing. Backdating to an older/previous firmware is more than likely not possible.

      It will get fixed, especially if they want to keep their PS fans happy. Every issue that’s to blame on a major companies side always does. Sony just seems to have a habit of taking their time with things. So as much as it may suck people need to wait it out for a solution.

  4. Zyphs says:

    did they even try the update them selves before releasing?

  5. somthing something something light side says:

    wasnt gonna update, not updating till September when i buy GTAV and KH 1.5 or what ever frimware is requiered to use Cobra-DOE whcih ever comes first

  6. alucard says:

    is it related to CFW somehow ?

  7. Kain says:

    Oh, snap! And I was just about to upgrade my PS3 HD to a 500GB one, in order to house the Playstation Plus contents I got with my new subscription (along with the auto update feature! O_O ). Luckily, it seems the malevolent update was stopped before being rolled out in Europe. Anyway, starting today, I’m going to check the _whole Internet_ before confirming the actual update on my beloved PS3.

    • Thrawn says:

      Oh I so like my ps3 with 4.11, and it’s 1tb hdd. No updating before checking the net first.

    • jd20dog says:

      auto update is just the system updating your savedata and trophies and game patches at about 3 or 4 in the morning for about an hour
      it donst do full system updates as those require user confirmation to install

      • Kain says:

        Yes, and if the PS3 asked for my user confirmation after downloading the infamous 4.45 update I would have accepted, no questions asked. Apparently that’s a dangerous habit I’m going to give up like ->now<-. 😀

  8. musashiro says:

    sorry i cant lost my cfw for a lousy update..XD

  9. LuxAlpha says:

    i heard it only does that if you ever changed your harddrive

  10. JeoWay says:

    I’m still on 4.41 and there is no update available in the US? For me atleast.

  11. Kiz says:

    This was news that hit yesterday. The bricking happened if you changed your harddrive.. mainly for people who put in harddrives over 500gbs. Anyone could be a victim though. Sony has already pulled the firmware since yesterday so whoever hasn’t updated shouldn’t be prompted to download until sony fixes the firmware issues.

  12. Razorbacktrack says:

    Does anyone have the download link for the EU .PUP? I need it for my program

    you can contact me to razorbacktrack@hotmail.it

  13. NeonAera says:

    Thanks for the big heads-up, wololo

  14. Kurtz says:

    Im gonna take the world
    —XBOX-ONE Hack PS3 FW 4.55
    No problem boss

  15. Danilo says:

    Querem estragar seu PS3 pra você compra um PS4!


  16. Wrozen says:

    I think they took down the update. Because my ps3 says It’s on the latest firmware when I try to update. I’m on 4.41. So at least they did that. I’m in the U.S.

  17. Lai says:

    and xboxone declared today that they are changing their policies with regards to using used games and always being online… lol anyhow… thanks for the heads up..

    • UE says:

      But sadly the more important blocking of all self publishing indies still remains…

      Why people are ignoring this baffles me… Indies aren’t just indies anymore, thanks to kickstarter and lots of bigger dev teams going “screw you I am not being forced to make games the way you tell me to anymore” that are going out on a limb and making new/different games this is a major issue.
      When a console creator refuses to allow the Oddworld remake on their system problems arise in my eyes 😉

  18. John says:

    good for me that I use CFW 4.41, and I’m not a fun of OFW.

  19. ThAt_GuY says:

    Do an update about the Xbox One, the DRM has been lifted!

  20. XDarkMario says:

    i have rebug 4.41 i ain’t moving!

  21. Del_Inferno says:

    Got lucky. Wife updated my console last night and to my relief it was fine! good luck out there with console sharers.

  22. x-eye says:

    as a vita owner I’ve always wondered why we have to go through this Constant upgrading hall hassle. most of the updates don’t do anything at all. it’s unsettling it’s annoying and now we know…it’s dangerous.

  23. NEWuser says:

    does anyone know its if just bricking jailbroken ps3’s,cuz it would make more sense why they giving the cold shoulder.

  24. aDirtyVagina says:

    just throwing it out their, apparently xbox has rescinded some of the restrictions for the xbox one. not a fanboy just want others to know…

  25. niksko12 says:

    Check this article out.
    It seems that Microsoft changed their policy.


    Resell, trade of used games is now allowed
    and no more 24-hour online policy

    They cant keep their word. 😀

    • Chuckthetekkie says:

      Neither can Sony. They said they wouldn’t remove OtherOS from the fat PS3s, then they did and lied about why to boot.

  26. Isley says:

    Well, I wasn’t planning on updating my PS3(4.41) anyway. I want to hack it so I can see all the perks from the CFW. So I guess I dodged a bullet here 😀

    But shame on Sony for releasing firmware that bricks PS3s. That’s just downright foul.

  27. gunblade says:

    talk about sony retire the ps3:

  28. Thrawn says:

    While stumbeling around the net, this isn’t sonys first problem with larger not original hard drives. Does anybody remember the 3.56 ofw, they pulled it and re-released it because it had a similar problem.


  29. Pyromaniac says:

    Thanks man, I noticed PSN was wasn’t working yesterday and just before I would gone on my ps3 and updated it today, I read this article. Hope they fix it soon.

  30. The Kick says:

    Still on 4.41 and signed into PSN. When I tried to update yesterday it said no update was availible. Lucky me.

  31. x-eye says:

    Vita owners take note: one day this could be us…damn

    • x-eye says:

      so guys i gotta ask the question- and wololo maybe you can answer too- after this latest fiasco and that prwvious time thrawn reminded us of: can we really trust updates from now on. i know ill be thinking twice come next Vita update season.

  32. TechAddict says:

    Hmm if this issue is affecting just people with upgraded hard drives, hopefully if they had the sense to keep the original hard drive that came with there PS3’s they could just swap them again. Providing they didn’t wipe there original PS3 hard drive. I don’t own a PS3 so I can’t comment if this will solve there issues but from my basic understanding it should. But then what options would you have to recover your data from the upgraded hard drive. If its all encrypted then a wipe and re-download of data to the corrupted upgraded hard drive would be the only option.

  33. TechAddict says:

    Here is a quoted post from the playstation forum, a workaround to fix the issue. You do this at your own risk.
    (quick fix for anyone whos ps3 is bricked
    Get a copy of the ps3 update 4.45 (there is a link on page 277 of this tread if you call it)
    turn on your system but hold down the the buttion if slim or keep finger over senser until you here one beep turns on system, one more ebeep don’t care, but the double beep beep is what we want do what the screen wants and do option 5 on a HDD that is BELOW 500 GB and is “COMPLETELY BLANK” like for me I put in the orginal HDD I got with my system 80GB sorry 1TB fix you later and your system should run) http://community.us.playstation.com/t5/PlayStation-3-Support/Problem-after-update-to-4-45/td-p/40712247/page/280

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