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Xbox One’s E3 Demos Weren’t Run On The Xbox One… Or Were They?


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. Mr. MaGoo

    I saw the assassins creed emblem in the background.

  2. Stan SMith

    Anyone can put a watermark so that watermark saying Durango still doesn’t prove its not a PC.

    And isn’t the specs of the Xboxed just like a PC? And the current top of the line PC is better than the xboned so it can easily play those games.

    And everyone knows Windows 8 is *** that why even Micro$oft run Windows 7.

    • gunblade

      so windows 7 with xbox ui n windows home server instead of xp mode n yea windows 8 would a lil shity its kinduf like microsoft weird windows phone ui. like apple i guess..

    • yep

      yep, you can always tamper background with your own text.. and walla~ you have “XBOX Infinity” LoL

    • hgoel0974

      WIndows 8 isn’t ***, its new and different.

      • gunblade

        yea jus werd being on laptop n havng to go tough start menu to get to desktop view i like there apps n marketstore thing from the start menu n the new thing like having the desktop n like media player on the screen at the same time doing a split screen thing cool so yea windows 8 not that shity n a bit alright jus differnt. what is cool is windows 8 n google thing i tried a demowindows eight or sumthing n i wen installing the windows 8 it let me log on to my google account like a remote guest account or login to a local host

  3. gunblade

    so there like five months to the holiday season hope there atleast a good choice of games for the xbox one n ps4 i still need me a wii u..

  4. gunblade

    looks like that devkit could upgrade sumwat looks like single core slot i put an icebox keep it cool n a bigger antena for the wifi n bluetooth and like a netserver(for lannetplay) with like four ps3 for media n storage n cross play

  5. gunblade

    game sounds good. i would have had fun with a devkit i guessing cant real tweek with the devkits since the cpu n gpu should be able to work with the retail games but tweeek with its ports like the video n sound out but then heard they were rentals(devkit)so guess couldent do much hardware. but i guess the retail units should je good ebough… herd ebay 360..

  6. taha

    nerveux !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Noel_abercrombie

    Not to defend the console/company, but isn’t this really common practice? It would be a damn sight easier to debug than running on an actual Xbone.
    Also, In previous years, 360 games have been demoed on Mac Pro boxes. Look it up, it’s pretty funny.

    • Acid_Snake

      it is a common practice, but companies say it, they tell you it’s not running on actual console hardware but on PC, unlike in this case where they were told it was running on actual xbox one console, when it clearly wasn’t

  8. yep

    looks like exophase is down now.. DDoS-ed by M$ Fanboys ? or M$ itself ?

  9. Acid_Snake

    “they are running on Windows 7, not their latest FW which is Windows 8.”

    windows is an Operating System not a Firmware, PSP scene has messed you up badly bro

  10. wartaf

    nice shot here… 😀 i wanna know what’s the exact system specs of the PC used on that demo?

    • gunblade

      hard to tell in the photo look like a single graphic card can acutaly see the cpu a bit it looks huge in the picture…

  11. Alexander Camacho

    I think maybe it was a PC using Xbox one emulated development kit thus the picture of the press a/b button. It may not have been run on Xbox one…unless Xbox one runs on windows 7 Lol!!!

  12. jd20dog

    wont it be cool if the xbox one runs otherOS of windows systems
    lol all 3 of the next gen consoles are more powerful then necessary for and normal pc os

    plus its a gui that most users will already be capable of using right off the bat

    this might turn into something capable of being a sony killer after all, as my pc is about dead as it is….

    sorry to bust the sony fan boy dream bubble but “go Microsoft!!”

    • hgoel0974

      I doubt they’d go for OtherOS, for one they’d force you to run a windows OS and two, they would make you pay for the license, and most likely would run the tablet version of windows 8 so they don’t have to worry about losing sales. If Sony still goes for otherOS, they’ll probably have linux only (although I doubt they will do OtherOS)

      • Acid_Snake

        sony should reintroduce otherOS to the ps3, what harm will it do? the system is already cracked wide open and they will now focus mainly on the ps4. Man I missed the days of otherOS, having to battle against the ps3 lack of ram, tweaking every little aspect of the system, mixing different desktop managers and window managers, different apps, etc to get a really nice OS running, and in the end, I DID IT! I got an OS that ran just as well as my PC and had very good graphics. Man those were the days

        • gunblade

          live cd n google os got going with outher os i would have thought.. n yeah sony should have outher os for the ps3 like android media player but then its androd n dont think sony like pirating though most of there games r digital.. but heard sony was going to retire the ps3 so would be nice if could have a ps3 with linux.. i remeber watching windows load on a psp. that was prety cool but outher os was one of the main reason wy i like the ps3.

      • gunblade

        yea n running on windows with xbox ui in the background might be slugish.. but bummers as i would have like outher os but i guess there consoles would be easy to hack if it had windows 7.

      • jd20dog

        sony has said they’re farewells to other os over the compromises of the game os involved

        Microsoft on the other hand has an in house os at they’re full control

        plus Microsoft never cared about using a good user interface anyway, look at all the different 360 dashboard changes and complete rebuilds(and all those paid custom themes that don’t work on the newer gui’s)

        and win 8 is designed to be cheap
        its only $14 to update from 7 to 8
        and $49.98 for win 8 premium full install
        $98.98 for win 8 pro and ult

        win 8 is *** though…its still more bi-polar then my ex-girlfriend…..why anyone want an android os on a pc anyway????

        i dont mind buying the feature of other os, its not like its that different from a game you buy on xbl, it requires updates and patches for the servers and equipment,and buying it would help fund such software and hardware to continue to improve, unlike other os on the ps3 were sony never fixed any of the bugs of the software,just removed it

        and having a dedicated os for the system works alot better then a bunch of really old power-PC linix builds that have no support other then the users of the feature

        and windows is the most used and user friendly os’s on the market with support from just about anyone with a pc(a collective of over 80 billion users)with updates for legacy forms of windows(95,98,me and so on) still getting patches to this day.

        other os on the xb1 is a very interesting idea with many benefits that can easily blow sony’s (power-PC)Linux support to the dark ages

        if they do add it ill definitely look into a xb1 as a decent power house media device

        oh and if you pay for a feature on a system, legally they cant take it away from you without refunding your money and all money invested into the feature(anti-virus’s and other paid/one system use programs)this is how sony was able to git away with removing other os, as it was a free service that they can remove at any point

        exe: games removed from psn are still permanently available to users that paid for them, like phantasy star portable 2 and the ninja turtles arcade game

        • gunblade

          i think windows is popular cuz back n the days they was made more to be cheap so more people bought windows n it is easier to install frstwire on windows then linux but it is more hacked then macs n well linux is mainly for like computer programing… microsoft did ood with the 49 dallers for windows eight made upgradeing easy since useto have to pay like a hundred fifty for windows 7 ultimate..

          • gunblade

            microsoft did good with 49$ for windows 8

          • jd20dog

            actually macs are just as infested with viruses now as windows

            over a decade ago there was a difference, but now its about the same

          • gunblade

            well heard after flash player was inter-grated in to the operating system i so heard that windows was more virus prown cuz more people used windows but yea mac nowadays been getting more virus.. mainly they jus writing the windows one now for macs.

        • gunblade

          yea but then u think n its like ur on windows 7 n ur like running steam n it was devkit for an xboxone with windows 7 with like a xbox one ui like steam but a xbox one that links to xbox live.. so the devkits dont virtuly emulate the xboxone tought cuz if it did u would have to have two ui windows n xbox xmb n trying to emulate a gameboy colar on a pentium with ht is still slow if u dont have the right buffering n dedicacate hard ware n the xbox first one mech assult softmod devkit was jus pc with bois which work for game teasting.. so then its a pc with a big oh type gaming rig to it making a nice devkit of an xbox one think lag though new mother boards a three core slot board with four android arm cpu for each core slot with andoird ram n pc ram intergrated graphic pu i would have like a pc for that..

          • gunblade

            so then the xbox one devkits then did run the xbox one game on xbox one hardware i think…. its that weird thing with the green light in the photo that the xbox one mpdqan… looks like a fat cpu but the board is like a intel mini itx …

          • jd20dog

            sorry but “what?”
            thats a confusing mess

          • gunblade

            was saying that the xbox one devkits have big o gaming rig type setup which is like a pc with a xbox

        • gunblade

          but outher os was removed software wise from the ps3 think it was removed altogetther in the new slimer slims but i would think that one could jus write it into a custume ps3 firmwarebut then u need like a cfw with like 3.40 3.55 .4.29. 3.++ 1.++

  13. gunblade

    the xbox one devkit looks more hard core then the ps4 devkit….

  14. gunblade

    the gpu in tue xbox one is the same as in the devkits jus the devkits loooks like theres two.. so graphics would be prety much the same probly duel hdmi out for the devkit and a direct hdmi for the xbox one hard ware

  15. k3nn

    no surprise here 😛 the core specs of BOTH PS4 and XB1 boils down to x86/x64 AMD cpu/gpu

  16. gunblade

    ?the devkits camewith network storage guessing for game storage. weird how e3 went. reminds me of that one xfiles episode…

  17. trecenters

    YES to all PS fanboys .. Xbox One is a Myth… It will not be better then the PS4 because it is all fake. Plus all of the great games they have announced are all Myths also.

    You will not have to wish you had gotten a XBOX ONE because of MYTH.

    Keep telling yourself that information…

    Haters will hate…

    • gunblade

      shity if they hate with no reason to hate

    • gunblade

      its fine dude probably jus a sony fan i had Nintendo wen i was growing up wen there was only Nintendo(psxone wasent out yet) i still will like Nintendo even though sony be boss..

  18. Mreich

    It’s been known for a fact that Durango OS can be installed on a Macbook Air.


    go google SuperDaE guys.

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