Cobra ODE coming soon to all PS3 Models – ‘backups’ and homebrews for all?

Team Cobra, the people behind the Cobra USB dongle (one of the many piracy dongles available on the PS3) announced two days ago that they are ready to start the production of their upcoming hardware mod for the PS3. If the device actually does what it announces, then it’s pretty much a revolution in the world of the PS3, as Team Cobra claim their upcoming modchip is compatible with all existing models of PS3.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term ODE, it stands for Optical Drive Emulator. Long story short, it’s a system that will allow PS3 owners to plug in a usb drive to their console, and pretend it’s the blu ray drive, with the obvious goal of playing “backups”, the word we use for pirated games when we are ashamed to talk about them.

Yup, Cobra announcde they have a solution that will let you play backups on all models of PS3, including the recent “super slim” ones. Although I’m myself not into that kind of stuff, there are a few reasons I’m blogging about this. First, it’s pretty big news, given how hard to hack the PS3 has proven to be so far, and the cobra team also announced that the modchip will also support Homebrews. As a matter of fact, their “backup manager” itself is a homebrew.

That being said, the device appears to me as a far from perfect solution. Setting aside the fact that once again, we end up in a situation where people will pay the wrong people to play commercial games, the dongle itself and its usage don’t seem optimal to me. First, it is pretty clear that it will be a modchip. No matter how easy, it means you’ll have to open your PS3 and do some weird stuff to it. It also seems the installation difficulty depends on the PS3 model, in particular instalation on 25xx, 3xxx, and 4xxx PS3s will require some soldering.

Secondly, looking at the videos below, it seems loading any game through this system requires rebooting the console. I’m sure that many people won’t mind going through that kind of pain just to play pirated games, but you’ll have to admit it’s far from being the perfect product.

As for the possibility that a PS3 firmware update prevents that device from working in the future… only time will tell, but sony have been pretty good at counter attacking these days. My point is, you should be aware that when you buy these things, there’s a risk they’ll just stop working with the next firmware update.

Nevertheless, this is impressive, and I can’t wait to see what “homebrew compatibility” will actually look like with this device. Below are a couple videos showcasing the device running on a PS3 slim and a super slim

Source cobra-ode via ps3crunch (thanks to musashiro for the tip)

  1. BATMAN’s avatar



  2. GregoryRasputin’s avatar

    Another diseased device for the PS3 scene, garyOPA trying to strangle the last ounce of life out of the scene


    1. KotomineKirei’s avatar

      Roses are red,
      And violets are blue.
      The PS3 scene is dead,
      And this is news to you?


    2. gunblade’s avatar

      wish the ps3 board had more to play with wana use a ps3 as windows home server with media center or ps3 media center but jus a backup ps3 for my psp n ps vita games psp think can stream the games from the ps3…


  3. joey’s avatar

    I like it if it’s cheap, because than I can hack my PS3 games to enable Remote Playing them on my Vita (like fifa with full career mode, GTA IV / V, GranTurismo 5, etc)


    1. Tonakai’s avatar

      In the UK it’s £79 to preorder. Elsewhere it’s between $120-180.


    2. akian_aray’s avatar

      And remoteplay with this won’t happen. You need CFW for that and this Optical Drive Emulator it just feeding your PS3 pirated games through the optical drive bus. I doubt it will run homebrew without cfw. Also it’s about 80 GBP for preorder, and you can get already hackeв PS3 Slim for about 300$ here, so id don’t think that it is wise investment.


      1. DQEight’s avatar

        Sure it can, remote play is enabled from a file called param.sfo
        Which can be found and edited in the backup’s files


        1. akian_aray’s avatar

          Yeah, you are right, I thought it was done via MultiMan or software like that. Though, will the OFW on PS3 accept modified backup?


  4. musashiro’s avatar

    i just posted the same news on ps3hax… it even got frontpaged… :D

    i am more actively watching the ps3 scene now that i got a homebrew-enabled ps3.. see what i did there? haha… another reason is that ps vita scene is even slower this time around..:)

    btw, i don’t support these crap…


  5. Zen’s avatar

    Yeah probably too complicated procedure for most of us. Interesting news though, thank you for blogging. This is almost the only PS3 related homebrew site I follow.

    I’ll be waiting for the day we’re able to sign homebrews like in PSP (want to have a nes/snes emulator, maybe even ds).


  6. Brenza’s avatar

    I’d love to see some homebrew running on a 4k model but I think they just signed a self with the 3.55 ecdsa private key and they made it pass the system controls by matching it’s SHA1 with one in the sony’s whitelist. to find it out we just need to put our hands on the EBOOT.BIN and look for it’s hash into the whitelist, we’ll be able to grab it using multiman on a cfw.

    If i’m right other homebrew than the cobra manager can NOT be loaded. There’s more: sony will block and ban anyone who tries this while on the next ofw. I really hope i’m wrong but anyway i think you should wait some review before preordering

    More things..
    1- as you use an homebrew (cobra manager) to manage your backups i think you’ll get banned as soon as you install this chip to any fw > 3.55
    2- sony could just keep memory the title_id inside the bluray drive when you shot the ps3 off. when you power back it on just confront the old id whith the current one, if there’s no match you’re using an ODE. BAN BAN BAN
    3- The only way to unban a console is to change your idps and to do that you need a cfw that allows syscalls. YOU CANNOT USE any idps spoofer on ofw or any homebrew that requires syscalls.
    4- If someone finds a way to run linux on console with revised bootloader using the “homebrew mode” (if it really works) we could use this to get the new lv0 private key and just install cfw on ALL PS3 MODELS (obviously only with hw flasher), the ODE would be useless


    1. gunblade’s avatar

      so then wy not do like the ps vita n use uno.. but a lot ps3 hacks the android one was usb i think to say wy not use the psx or the psxtwo add on for the new ps3if anything i wouldent worry about getting ban with the ps3 if sony does retire the ps3 i jus use xlink more i guess n if i had to go around getting band i would use the home app playing backup i would use the ps2 download patch.. but hey were commen


  7. Jimbo’s avatar

    I don’t know why you automatically assume that everyone will only use ISOs for piracy. The majority, sure, everyone in the U.S. will either be pirating or breaking copy protection laws with how the laws currently are… But not all countries have crap like the DMCA preventing them from doing the action that it’s supposed to protect, and hopefully it’ll be restored to its’ former glory in the U.S. someday.

    You can’t assume without being an ass to some extent. I hate disc based games because I forget I even have them, I currently have 60+ PS3 / PSX / Minis installed on my PS3 (legit from PS Store), and they’re all I play despite the discs that I have (most of which are what came with the system).

    Side note: “Yup, Cobra announcde they have a solution that [...]” – announcde -> announced


  8. Tnutbutter’s avatar

    Why cripple such a good console? Why isn’t it so easy to find mods and hacks for the Xbox 360…


    1. gunblade’s avatar

      cuz before jasper 360 had the ring…


  9. Tonakai’s avatar

    I’m very intrigued. I’m not too familiar with Team Cobra except if memory serves me well, an older version of their dongle allowed for PSP games to be played on the PS3.

    So it’s got me wondering, if it can run Homebrew and backups what about pkg files? I mean, is there any way this could lead to being able to install CFW on any model?


    1. gunblade’s avatar

      would think need usb tweeking with like psp n bluethooth sony six axes contoleers.. maybe the wifi keyboard thing to since it hase that chat function


  10. gunblade’s avatar

    prety cool works for the new slim n i need a new ps3 …


  11. somthing something something light side’s avatar

    ahh i hope they have this released before september, i really want GTAV for the PC but its going to be months afters ps3 for PC and i dont wanna pay for the game twice


  12. k3nn’s avatar

    been w8ing for this to future proof my ps3 (in case the bluray drive goes kaput!) I don’t mind if I pay for this so long as it works.


  13. DeathOfChaos’s avatar

    After my slims disc drive died and replacing the lens and drive deck still didn’t work, we bought the super slim and I still have my regular slim. If this helps me play my actual games from an external drive (NOT a backup), then this be extremely worth it for me :) If not, then I’ll still get to play my actual games as a backup at least! Great news!!


  14. Yupxl7’s avatar

    Worth every penny if it works on my 4K…


  15. offendude’s avatar

    “backups”, the word we use for pirated games when we are ashamed to talk about them

    …I’m probably one of the only people in the world that gets offended reading shit like this. I am a collector and prefer to backup my belongings if at all possible. I had once lost a huge collection of games in a house flood so I’ve seen the value of this methodology firsthand. Not everyone who uses backups are a pirate. Some of us just like to protect and preserve. Using the phrase like that in your article just lumps people like me into a group of people I don’t want to be associated with.


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Well, I understand you being offended, it’s just that you probably represent less than 5% of the users out there and I am tired of these tactics from modchip resellers to pretend they’re the “good guys”, when technically in their world it’s “piracy first, homebrews later”. Unless you didn’t know, I’m in this for homebrews, not for commercial games. So when I see that homebrew support is a “bonus” to that modchip, of course I can’t help but being sarcastic.

      However I understand your use case and it wasn’t my goal to offend you, I’ve been myself on your side of the fence explaining so many times my views on hacking or emulators to dumb gamers who think every DRM the gaming industry feeds them is made of gold, so I see where you’re coming from.

      Let me just rephrase then: When the Cobra team say “backups”, they really mean “piracy”. Now, down to the individual user, it’s a matter of personal use cases and ideology, and I do understand that some people actually have a use for backups. On that note though, unless you have a 2 years old monster in your house (like I do), blu rays are a pretty resilient format, and I’m thinking they might even survive a flood (but not being chewed by my kid… lost so many DVDs this way…)


  16. Thrawn’s avatar

    It’s the device of my dreams. Time to get me a second ps3 for playing those bd dumps. :)


  17. scoousetomo’s avatar

    i have stuck with my slim from 3.55 days now running rogero this guy is milking the shit out of the arse end of the scene just like when the latest exploit was going to be sole once again it got made open sourse


  18. Zix’s avatar

    damn! ps3 is pretty tricky to hack, modchips! soldering!, just a pity it wasnt as simple as the PSP, where you download a HEN or CFW and just install it through a glitch in a game!

    aw well i better just stick to PSP and Wii then!


  19. Gerogedd’s avatar

    If i have enough money i’m gonna to get one…


  20. Crazykool’s avatar

    Now, cobra ode are sold on the market around $ 120 and after some texts and videos, like the Cobra team announced, cobra ode really can support all PS3′s including previously “unbreakable” 2k5, 3k and 4k systems, even homebrew now possible on previously “unbreakable”
    2k5,3k and 4k systems!it’s a great breakthrough in the PS3 jailbreak, although it still is not a perfect product,
    need complex installation process and we need to reboot our PS3 every time to change games, really annoying when play games. for some guys like me, think it still worth to get one cuz i want to play on my 4k system. and so far i only know some online stores like 3DStown have pictures to prove they have got mass stocks, i’m wondering!



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