First crash on the PS4 reveals interesting details about the device

Our friends are Exophase were lucky enough to be at E3 this year and test the PS4. Several tech blogs mentioned that the PS4 seemed to have some lags here and there, but frozenIpaq was apparently the only person there interested enough to take a screenshot of an actual crash of the device.

That screenshot of a PS4 crash reveals a few interesting things. First of all, exophase have an interesting theory that the hard drive’s usable size will be closer to 400GB than the advertised 500GB. I’ll let you look at the source link below for details on how they reach this conclusion, but basically that’s because of a mix of typical Hard Drive manufacturer white lie + the space reserved by the system.

The crash screen also shows the Firmware version (0.930.068), and indicates that the PS4 running at E3 is a debug device (that’s not a surprise if you’re used to how Sony works with devs, but still an interesting bit of trivia).


Finally, there seems to be a possibility that that Demo (Knack) was running from a Developer’s box rather than the PS4 itself. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m just saying that the content is hosted on a dev’s hard drive, and run from there by the PS4 system. Something similar was already doable on the PS3 with debug units, and that’s also what we do for homebrew development on the PSP with PSPLink. This is just a typical way for devs to be able to run their stuff directly from the machine that compiled the code, rather than having to copy contents constantly to the device.

Truly, the screenshot does not show much, all these details however tend to confirm that the machine that was running the demo is not the final retail product, from both a software and hardware point of view.

Source Exophase

  1. TelcoLou’s avatar

    Awww come on now … WAY too soon to think about hacking it, dontcha think? ;)


    1. ZacUAX’s avatar

      Never too early!


      1. natsu’s avatar

        I’ll bet that the xbox one will be hacked first…. once it happens, i will point you back to this comment.. hahaha


        1. PS FANBOYS LOVE XBOX BASHING’s avatar

          I’ll bet this quarter lands on heads.


          1. Devin Smith’s avatar

            Ok I know this sounds like a dumb question,But has anyone even attempted to hack the vita through the recovery menu,instead of an exploited game?

  2. psvitalover’s avatar

    woops sorry im second i guess!


  3. aerinas’s avatar

    It’s not a lie from HDD manufacturers. It’s just that they keep 1000b = 1kb as a standard, while operating systems usually use 1024b = 1kb. It’s not at all weird that it is like this either, kilo means 1000 so the HDD manufacturers are right, but for a computer it’s so much easier to perform calculations based on powers of two that they use 1024 instead.


    1. wololo’s avatar

      That’s why I called it a white lie, trust me, if it was the other way around, the manufacturers would make the effort. :)


    2. wartaf’s avatar

      i dunno what does it mean why its called white lie but i can tell that every storage device has different in sizes of what is indicate on it.


    3. sean’s avatar

      you’re not wrong – but it is a lie. If they want to express it as 1000b they should be using KibiBytes, MegiBytes and GigiBytes (Notice the difference?) Which are a similar system which use 1000bytes per kibibyte as standard, to make it easier to read.


  4. yifanlu’s avatar

    lets hacks this piece of hardware


    1. Thrawn’s avatar

      Come on, let it get out first and establish itself on the market XD
      Than think about hacking it to hell and back (if even possible)


  5. sakujyou’s avatar

    are there no more psvita exploits? What’s next for the psvita hacking scene?


    1. robin994’s avatar

      ps vita’s “hacking scene” isn’t ever started, the “hacks” that people release are only based on psp emulator


  6. .....’s avatar

    PS Vita hasnt even been hacked yet. And the release of PS4 would pretty much mean Vita will stay forever locked. Since most hackers on concentrate on a big platform, not a small device with not a bright future ahead.


    1. Acid_Snake’s avatar

      consoles such as the vita or ps4 have become way too hard to hack for the casual hacker with some free time, it’s simply not a good investment to hack a really hard system in your free time for nothing at all, if the PS4 is hacked (I doubt it) then it’ll be up to the hands of chinese companies that will later release a dongle of some sorts and profit off of piracy


    2. GTAWWEKID’s avatar

      We already have homebrew from not an exploit with the PSM dev. Also the PS4 fw is more complicated than just making a game.


  7. anonymous’s avatar

    Just to clear some confusion so it’s not repeated endlessly in the comments:
    Kilobyte = 1000 bytes, kibibyte = 1024 bytes (Kilo-binary byte)
    Megabyte = 1000 kilobytes, mebibyte = 1024 kibibytes
    Gigabyte = 1000 megabytes, gibibyte = 1024 mebibytes

    So 1000GB is 1000000000000 bytes, which is only 931GiB. Really, manufacturers should give sizes in GiB, but as most people are used to 1GB meaning 1024MB, it’s obvious which they would rather use.


  8. Skars’s avatar

    Talking about hard drive, there is a safe way to swap PS3 hard drive with OFW, without risk of ban? My console is at latest OFW and 120 GB HDD, I would like to add 500 GB or 1TB maybe.

    And I heard that the PS4 is free HDD swappable, allowing user to use their own HDD with bigger sizes.


    1. Bob’s avatar

      Yea just do it. Sony actually doesn’t care about something like that for once. I personally had a backwards compatible 1TB system. Only Microsoft bans for a ged swap.


    2. Bob’s avatar

      Just has to be a 2.5″ hdd


  9. lucifer’s avatar

    Skars you can change the ps3 hdd all you want without being ban ps3 uses a normal 2.5 sata hdd its not like the 360 that use the same but you have to buy the official hdd from microsoft.


  10. Minimur12’s avatar

    I wouldve laughed if he tookthe screenshot through the ‘share’ button!


  11. robert bratton’s avatar

    is it me or im I the only one that digs the new look to the XMB


  12. Devilpool’s avatar

    Maybe it’s because of the OS -.-


  13. internally-blazed’s avatar

    Hackers shouldn’t go for the PS4. They will just took the system. Sony is all for development so if they want apps they should put in the effort of making then the right way.

    What should be on the hack priority is the Xbox one. Needs hacks to remove always on kinect, remove 24hr DRM.


  14. Datguy’s avatar

    There’s still quite alot of time for them to fix these issues.

    That’s why it’s being released later on and not right now…

    I really hope they make the hard drive bigger, some games for PS3 on PSN right now, take up to 10-20 GB. Imagine how big PS4 games, maybe up to about 50GB :/


  15. 4rc4d3’s avatar

    Good that sony is using a dev unit. I saw in internet xbox one demo crashing too, and it got on windows 7, hp CPU, the user took a picture too. In foruns i saw people sayng M$ is underclocking the XB1, it seems overheating… So ps4 will have a better hardware for sure. I’m waiting the price in Brazil, to see if i will buy in amazon (it costs another $399,00 in taxes and shipping – so it is $800,00 for brazilians until now) or if it will cost less here. M$ is fuc$%¨ng their users with this shit of used games and always on.


  16. Acid_Snake’s avatar

    first crash on the xbox one at e3 revealed that uses were not actually playing the xbox one, but a high-end HP PC. lol microsoft can’t stop failing


  17. SsJVasto’s avatar

    I didn’t see this at the E3 (and REALLY wanted to), but does anyone know what the PS4′s OS UI looks like? Did they keep the XMB? Or did they attempt to re-invent the UI (PSP vs PSVita)? This was one of the points I didn’t get any info about…

    I care more about the UI than the look of the console, I don’t even look at my PS3 to turn it on, but I’m always staring at the XMB UI…


  18. JM’s avatar

    You know, if that MAC address weren’t blurred out, you *might* get some insight into whether its a developer’s computer or not. Why blur out the MAC address anyway? Its not really personally identifying information. Even the IP only sort of is.


  19. DeathOfChaos’s avatar

    The hard drive space being more around 400GB should be a common sense bit of info since every hard drive has slightly less space than advertised. i’d be more surprised if it was right at 500GB, lol.


  20. GeoNetwork’s avatar

    It will eventually be hacked, one way or another. It’s only a matter of tools.


  21. rumors’s avatar

    About the PSVita “hacking scene” there are some rumors that hackers have in fact reached a kernel exploit other than just the PSP, but they refuse to release it because of oe simple reason.

    Releasing a “hack” now that let’s you pirate games for the PSV will only lower the sales even more and most likely result in the console dying completely. So instead of doing that, they wait with releasing the hacks.

    Keep in mind these are only rumors, and in no way facts.



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