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E3 2013: PSVita’s Killzone Mercenary incoming… Are you as excited as I am?

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  1. Mud says:

    The only thing I’m bumming about is that I’ll have to update my PS Vita to play new games, losing my VHBL. πŸ™

    What to DOooooooo..

    And yes I am excited.

    • Anon says:

      Excited? No!

    • zakaiya says:

      I’m telling you man let the vhbl go, youre gunna mist out on EVERYTHING. I myself loved having a hacked system i still have my trio colored psp laying in my drawer. Yeah it is better to play all the homebrew/ iso’s on the beautiful 5 inch screen but it’s a small price to pay. At any rate you can just buy another vita, I have gone through 3 vitas so far. Currently using my third one.

      • DeathOfChaos says:

        How and why did you go through three Vitas? You must be made of money… or just careless… or both.

      • Mud says:

        I hate to do it but I will have to buy another PSVita…. Sony wins, this time.
        I just cant give up my VHBL I love playing Wagic and emulators on that sexy screen.. then again I do have all that on my Android 10.1 inch tablet… what to dooo!!!,lol

  2. mike says:

    Where’s the GTA at?

  3. omg says:

    omg i will buy this masterpiece finally my vita is gonna work.

    add me Brandoa94

  4. JiachengWeng says:

    I just bought another Vita for killzone and left the old one for vhbl. Haha~

  5. TelcoLou says:

    Meh. It looks ok, but it’s still just Doom with fancy graphics.

  6. datright says:

    Looks beautiful! Sony has got to release a demo soon, not 2 weeks prior or same day release as with other PSN games. Obviously with E3 having playable versions to try, it’s possible.C’mon Sony!!!

  7. Tjoeb123 says:

    Can’t wait for the Beta to start!!

  8. Tnutbutter says:

    Whatever keeps the Vita alive and well is okay with me πŸ˜€

  9. Thrawn says:

    Well I don’t know, its beginning to be the same hype like it was with resistance and cod declassified, remember those? And they were not that special, a lot of disappointed gamers.
    So maybe I’m just a bit pessimistic but we all will see what the finished product is gonna be.

  10. GlueGun says:

    lol more worlds…
    like multiplayer, like mabey 25% of data is used to make the world
    then garbage all of the Imaginations like what they did to the assasins creed for vita

  11. knarlockk says:

    Um, why must we muck up the screen we’re playing on with finger grease? *** that noise, pass.

  12. CaptainObvious says:

    I hope it is not too expensive, I cannot afford much at this current time in my life πŸ™

    • Thrawn says:

      I don’t want to destroy your hopes but honestly I think it’s gonna be like 45,99$ – 55,99$ and for europe 49,99€ – 59,99€. And I think I’m not far off.

  13. XSpalter says:

    hm dont know
    but 8 players in multiplayer :/
    man 12 players are enough but 4 v 4 :/
    ok lets see

  14. Hanna The Godess says:

    Did anybody else get Class of heroes 2 for psp yet?

  15. psYos says:

    In US its $39.99. And hopefully worth every penny, unlike COD that makes me bash my head into the wall.

  16. StanSmith says:

    FINALLY a new game for the Vita. I cant wait as its been over 6 months since I’ve brought my last Vita game. I’ve been playing Unit 13 waiting for something good to come out.

  17. jdub says:

    Hells to the yea! Now we just need an elder scrolls game, GTA, and God of war and my portable gaming life will be complete.

  18. jd20dog says:

    ouch, the migraine and vertigo to come will hurt so bad…

  19. razor says:

    Not really excited though, needed atleast 10 Killzone type games this year.

  20. NeonAera says:

    Excited, but in order to play the game, we may have to sacrifice our ecfw or vhbl’s, and update to the firmware that works with Killzone.. I would have to give up my ecfw… πŸ™‚ So no way I’m losing my psvita hacked custom psp emulator to play my psp, playstation, homebrew, and emulator games.. Too many to lose, it’s just not worth it, in my opinion.. I have a very large memory stick too. It would be great if there was another hack that works with the firmware killzone is good with. Perhaps someday! Thanks to awesome hobbyist hackers; my hat’s off to all of you! πŸ™‚

    Good read though, m.rr!!

    • stOneskull says:

      a psp will do that.

      i think you’re missing out on ps vita to play the past.

      are you waiting to play vita on an emulator of the future?

      • Tjoeb123 says:

        It’s a PS One, but without the TV!!

        Meanwhile, in the enemy’s base camp…

        Microsoft’s Xbox division: “TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV TV SPORTS TV TV TV TV TV”

    • xxPillsxx says:

      Well it might be possible for Single Player but you dream in multiplayer and multiplayer is a big part of the game so if you don’t have multiplayer you’ll feel dull

  21. Zero-cooL says:

    Killzone + Gundam Breaker + PS4 remoteplay = my Vita is worth every penny

  22. bill says:

    I can’t play FPS on gamepads or PS Vita at all. I just can’t aim. Even with aim assist I am so much quicker with a mouse and keyboard. I think i need professional help.

    • gbot says:

      It’s normal, aiming with a stick is hard, you need too much practice and even then you suck. Mouse ftw.. πŸ™‚

      • hgoel0974 says:

        I think it varies from person to person,I play better with a gamepad than with a keyboard and mouse, in the end, it always depends on the person in question.

        • UE says:

          Lol some may be better at gamepad than they are at kb+mouse but they will be trumped by all but the worst of kb+mouse gamers in fps.

          EVERY gamepad reliant fps has aim assist as their pc ports and left over gamepad configs (usually for xbox) controllers show.

          It is just too slow and far too inaccurate to be functional sadly.

          Talking about controls however, by god the vita needs games that use the back touch pad rather than the front… the front is terrible but when gamers get used to using a back pad it is more accurate, more accessible and leaves no fingerprints at all.

    • stOneskull says:

      hey i’m the same, a mouse is much better, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a game with thumbsticks. learn new tricks!

  23. DeathOfChaos says:

    Meh, just a shooter. It doesn’t deserve a whole article about it…

    • xxPillsxx says:

      Ok, I’m gonna contact other websites and remove all the articles about new shooters coming up for other platforms

  24. nope says:

    No im not excited at all. I want CFW FIRST!!

  25. epic says:

    the game looks awesome for a handheld device!~

  26. UraniumDude says:

    I’ve pre-ordered this game.

  27. NNNRT says:

    I can now see it better than before. πŸ˜›
    But, Imma get Killzone Shadowfall for PS4 & play it on my Vita with remote play. πŸ˜›

  28. mystic shadow says:

    Well im glad to see the game finally come through. After cod got released and got *** reviews it went back in development XD. And I gave up my ecfw I just play my psp for that stuff no sense buying another vita -_- to much of my moola.

  29. darkcl says:

    dat graphic!Shut up an take my money.

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