Scam of the day: … more surveys for you, more money for them

I’ve recently started a new series of articles where I’ll debunk fake PS Vita websites, which all promise to you free PS Vita games, Full Vita ISO downloads, the ultimate Vita hack or whatnot. As I’ve stated in my previous article, if something looks too good to be true, then it’s probably the case. Independently of each person’s opinion regarding piracy, you should be aware of these scam websites and avoid them at all cost. When some “people” (usually those are actually the owner of the site trying to advertise their crap) recommend them, I strongly recommend to reply and point people to this article. If you don’t stop pirating for the game developers, at least do it for the health of your computer…

My target today is and its dozens of associated websites. I intentionally am not linking to this site and recommend you don’t go there, for various reasons, including the fact that you could end up installing malware, but also because that would indirectly boost their traffic, which is what these people expect.

Why they do this

No surprise here, we’re in the same concept as most of these scam websites: they are trying to boost traffic to their website, and make money out of it through some shady advertising companies, typically involving surveys., just like other similar scam websites, pretends to offer you to download vita games for free, which, we will show, is a blatant lie, but that doesn’t really matter to them as they are just after your clicks.


As usual, when it’s too good to be true…

How they make money

The scam network behind appears to be more advanced to me than which I debunked previously. Although their tactics to make money are similar (clickbank shady affiliates links, paid surveys), they also appears to have a web of satellite websites which is more advanced than other scammers, which seems to contribute to boosting their traffic. More on that later, I’ll first describe how they make money.

scam website is making money through two main channels: paid surveys and clickbank affiliate links.

  • Paid surveys: pretends you will get a download link for a Vita iso or a Vita free game – that never happens -  after filling a survey, for which they get paid once you complete the survey.
  • clickbank affiliates: also pretends you can skip the surveys entirely and get dozens of free Vita games if you purchase their partner’s tool called GameBackupSystem. You’ll notice this is the same tool that was being promoted by other scamming website, and, again, not only is that tool completely unrelated to the Vita, there’s a high chance it is either a Virus or some stolen free tools repackaged into something else. Either way, that tool is not worth the money they’re asking for it.

You’re never going to see the next screen. And if you do, I hope for your computer you don’t actually download whatever they have for you appears to me as one of the most advanced scamming networks around the PS Vita. The website itself seems to be better organized than its competitor, and tries to target more gullible people. They for example pretend to have downloads, not only for pirated games, but also for Android on the PS Vita, or iOS on the PS Vita. Their iOS “download” also goes as far as pretending that this is an official app created by Apple themselves. Scam website also pretend to have downloads for “homebrews”, “PS3 games that run on the Vita”, and other crap like that. Don’t bother checking, none of that works, the site is as empty as the brains of people who believe such fakes.


A new official software from Apple, Inc. Not yet available on iTunes or the PSN, but apparently these guys have it! That has to be the real deal!

How you get scammed

It goes without saying that none of the download links on that site actually work. By the time you realize this, you’ll have filled a survey (that takes up to 20 minutes even if you answer randomly and as fast as you can!) and they’ll have made money from your time. From what I could see, some of the surveys are handled by legit companies, but it doesn’t matter because answering the survey does not actually let you get anything from Their “waiting bar” pretends that it’s waiting for you to complete the survey, but unsurprisingly, completing any of the surveys doesn’t unlock anything.

You might end up being frustrated, after all, so many people in their comments section say that it works (obviously, those are all fake accounts), you end up believing maybe you made something wrong, try another survey (they get more money in the process), and, if you’re really stupid, end up trying their “Download Free PS Vita games without survey” link, which will give you nothing but a set of “tools” that have nothing to do with the PS Vita and that you’ll never use (“Game Backup System”)


Why, yes, you’ve taken my free time, please do take my money too!

At the end of the process, you’ll have wasted somewhere between 30 minutes and 1 hour, potentially some money, and, if you’re part of the unlucky ones, you’ll have installed some malware as well. Additionally, I believe they have a similar clickjacking system that makes you “like” their facebook page without ever clicking on a “like” icon (which is breaking the T&C of Facebook, but these people probably don’t care)

How they pretend to be legit

What’s probably more dangerous than their scamming techniques is the amount of external sites pointing to The creators of this site have gone through extensive efforts to create a “network” of other sites that either redirect to or contain the same content, sometimes in a different language. This contributes to artificially boost their legitimacy, in both the eyes of regular users and Search engines (“many sites point to this site, it must be legit”). So far I have detected the following urls associated to scam website

  • (scam)
  • (scam)
  • (scam)
  • (scam)
  • (scam)

All the urls above are associated to the website, and should be considered as harmful and dangerous.

In addition to this web of scam urls, does the same as other scam Vita iso websites: fake comments, facebook page with thousands of “likes” from either fake accounts or unsuspecting people, youtube/dailymotion videos which keep claiming this works, and random comments on (legit) scene websites where moderators are not paying attention.


Fake comments, either from fake accounts, or people who got paid on fiverr to do the job.


You will not find any free PS Vita game on, only endless surveys that will make you lose some time while the scammers laugh to the bank. Keep in mind that if a technique to pirate Vita games existed in such a “visible” way, scene websites like us (independently of our opinion about piracy) would mention it regularly, actually we would probably be all over the place about it.

It’s funny, in a way, that the only reason these sites are actually popular is the same reason we know they are fake: pirating Games on the vita is currently not possible. This means that legit “rom” download sites don’t exist for the Vita now, which also leaves only these scam websites on the playground…

Verdict: is 100% fake (will not provide the service they claim to provide) and dangerous (has malware and viruses). Avoid at all costs. The same can be said for its network of sites:,,, Their facebook page in itself is not dangerous, but should be avoided.

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    True :D. Wololo is the best :D


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    the list of scam site looks getting longer? nice article!! :D


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    This should be called “Noob-scene article”


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    They are meant was issued (one piece pirate warriors 2 psvita) Although the company did not release issued hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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    “the site is as empty as the brains of people who believe such fakes”

    Yeah I’m making this my new quote :D


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    THIS website and the forum have so many advertisements it makes me want to vomit if I come here with adblock off by accident.


    1. Thrawn’s avatar

      Uhmm, just a hint, if you use firefox than noscript is your best friend (in case you don’t know) and if you use opera than disable java script and all is well, only activate it on trusted pages.


    2. wololo’s avatar

      Everything has a cost, and donations never worked as expected. Nobody wants to pay me for the thousands of hours I poured into wagic, vhbl, or this site, yet thousands of people use them. I think ads are an ok answer to that. There are lots of ads on the site, but we are still on the low end of the spectrum compared to your average scene website.
      I also removed some ads from the forums and the site no later than last week.

      There is also a huge difference between ads and malware, we use respectable services such as adsense and amazon.

      Feel free to use adblock though, I perfectly understand that these ads are annoying.


      1. ReyxDD’s avatar

        wololo and guest bloggers you are pretty awesome guys and are always working hard for the scene. that’s why it pisses me off to see ungrateful comments like that one in every single blog post’s comment section. We really appreciate everything that you guys do, just ignore these trolls.


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      Ohh god another internet noob
      Not everyone can afford to pay a lot of money and host a site with downloads,forums etc
      So unless u have something nice to contribute pls don’t comment such lame comments


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    Does anyone remeber the BIG! psp 1000 scam website from back in the day? i think it was called. PSPblender. it was like this. a big scam. sooo many people fell for it because of the hacks the psps had. lolzsec


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    The fact wololo feels this is needed makes me feel scorn at really, really dumb people. The fact he’s going to spend the time telling utter morons the same thing, over and over just shows that he’s too nice. Let the idiots drown.


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    We got to acknowledge them for something at least though : they monetize piracy without allowing it xD Irony~


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    Come on, you just have to be a moron if you’re gonna fall for these kinds of things. I wonder if any of those morons actually come to websites like this? :p


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    at the very least the articles will eventually make their way up the google searches for people looking for this sort of thing. this will save some people a lot of time and hassles.


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    I wish there was a way I could track people down who attempt this and rape their face with a switchblade.


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    Very well spelled out. Easily understood. Pass it on…


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    Oh for those people who is actully committed on doing surveys,
    here’s one made by a girl, still confident about getting the
    password, and tryed a password cracker I posted a link to a “cracker”
    with out completing the survey just to show what I think he’s trying to do,
    To stop searching for theses scams, because you can’t crack a password
    because there is over 40 billion ways to grab the password.


  15. GlueGun’s avatar

    Sorry, moderation deleted my first post,
    the scam, witch points to surveys, end up doing more surveys, and waste of time.
    Heres one example, www10.zippyshare .com/v/76813149/file.html,
    Just delete the spaces,
    the password is: enjoy_cracking_passwords
    i advise you not to do surveys because there Dangerous for your PC,


  16. Je-Al’s avatar

    im one of the stupid people who downloaded one of the fake games…when i finish the survey they give me .txt file….inside the txt file there is link..of course the link has a survey then i finish it then they give me again another .txt file…then the link of the RAR files…after i finish the download…the rar file has a password..and i saw .txt file again inside the .rar file then opn it…a survey link again..but the last survey link doesnt work im stuck…FUCKING FUCKTARDS…TY WOLOLO this article is very helpfull for those noob like me….wololo you think you can shutdown all the scam sites?


    1. wololo’s avatar

      Thanks for sharing your experience. I don’t think we can get them to close (I am not even sure what they are doing is illegal), but we can raise awareness. Maybe it is good to report them to Sony’s customer service (they might be able to take legal action), flag their videos as “scam” on youtube, report their facebook pages (I am pretty sure that “likejacking” is against Facebook’s T&C’s). If we reduce their traffic by closing their entry points, it won’t be worth it for them to maintain their business, and they will simply shut down the site by themselves.


      1. mr simple’s avatar

        wow,damn this is just fucking illegal give me fucking money


      2. Abdou005’s avatar

        Please Wololo Could you write an article about this BIGGEST SCAM :D ?
        People believe them because they say it was a Leak.

        Website : hxxp://
        Video : ” hxxp:// ”

        Thank you Man :D


        1. wololo’s avatar

          Yup, I have them in my todo list.


    2. Thrawn’s avatar

      Wow, I mean WOW, a great applause to your persistence.
      Didn’t you think it was fishy after the first txt file, consisting another link, you gained?


      1. Je-Al’s avatar

        ahahah i didnt notice that anymore because im so freaking amaze by the comments..and evrything…its like real you know…ahah xD…but im glad that making a move to be aware of this stupid scam sites…wololo is the best….


        1. Thrawn’s avatar

          But, you know, being a little suspicious about the things you encounter during lagging through the webs DOES NOT HURT. I mean you seriously believed that. What if any of those sites ask you to deposit money somewhere? Would you do it? Now pls don’t take that personal, just be a little bit more wary of that stuff.


          1. Je-Al’s avatar

            ahahah its ok bro…deposit or something NAHH…i cant afford to pay those shit…im in philippines and i use some hotspot to change my that the survey works on me thats how i download the fake scam of the website xD ahahah..

            yeah i was amazed by the comment or something and the like is almost 20k on facebook can you imagine that so thats why…. xD because im so desperate to download games for free..BAM..look what happen to me.. i wasted my fucking hours or days downloading those shit and making them rich fucking FAUCKTARDS xD

          2. Thrawn’s avatar

            And this is what I wanted to save you from, from wasting hours for something that does not exist YET.
            If you want to play so desperately, get yourself a ndsi a flashcart, or a psp and pro b or what ever cfw you like. There are enough real pages out there that host REAL isos and roms so I’m not going to list them.
            Or you even buy the game you like, I mean you fill out surveys and shove them up their as*es but you don’t have time nor money for buying an original? Not even a used one?

          3. Je-Al’s avatar

            for now bro im just going tobe patient waitng for another exploit of wololo…yeah i dont have much money to buy original games…i am still students…so thats why..but im saving my money to buy the exploit game of wololo…ahahah :D just being practical…tnx bro..

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    parabens obrigado pela dica não entendo nada de ingles mas deu pra traduzir algumas coisa.vlw


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    by the way wololo…sorry about this question cause i really need your help and i cant find the right article on the /talk on wololo…im having a black screen on my ps vita whenever i try to input the ip config of the pc…?im working on remote desktop…im on latest psm and my vita too..can you plss help me….tnx in advance wololo…hope youll reply..


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    Ok Guys Which Consoles Is The “One 4 U”?


    1. Thrawn’s avatar

      Wii suggest U you to buy an all in ONE console 4 your entertainment needs. XD


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    Great read once again!


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    An old mail from the owner of that site.


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    I wonder if they really expect us to type real information on those surveys xD. I mean, the few I’ve done I just clicked anywhere to go through the proccess as fast as possible, just like in any registration proccess on Internet hahah. Is that worth for any ads enterprise? XD


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    i just got burned for 30 dollars from this page i bought their gameback up system wich claimed to avoid surveys and go straight to downloads, and guess what?? it didn’t work!! no free games just a bunch of crap!!!


  24. dooped’s avatar

    Fell for it once like the person above…txt file with link to another survey. I stopped there thinking there’s a problem, then went to another site similar but I think it led me back to the same site (never read the URL). Luckily, did this all in sandbox so anything installed is wiped when I restart a new sandboxie. email used is meant for spam sites, so no worries there…just lost time that I’ll never get back that bothers me. Hope karma is in effect and these people get theirs royally. Thanks Wololo for debunking it, wish I read your post before I actually attempted it.



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