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Xbox One, PS4 launch date and prices announced at E3, already available for preorder


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  1. afehst says:

    Well. I m gonna buy them both anyway

  2. Alnitak says:

    Just the PS4 for me. It feels too much like Microsoft is trying to screw me over with the Xbox One, so I won’t get one.

  3. svenn says:

    I was disappointed on both consoles actually.

  4. Thrawn says:

    Well after hearing the official price announcement from microsofts e3 conference, I’m quite puzzled, 499$ in the american market ok. 499€ in the european market NOT ok. If you calculate that back from euro to dollar by using the current exchange course 1€ = 1,3214$ you get 659,39$. ARE THEY SERIOUS? I’m not going to finance americas poor dollar course. Microsoft, keep your xbone, until you make a good price statement like 377,63€. The same goes for the $ony and the ps4.

    • Derpy says:

      Welcome to consoles. Companies have always set almost the same price in Yen, USD and EUR. GBP is a little lower, but the Pound is overall stronger than USD and EUR. You’re not financing anyone either. It’s just the way corporations do business.

      • Thrawn says:

        I know that all, that is the reason why I have an uk steam account, an american psn account… an american club ninty… *blush*
        But I still think it is complete bs to differ the prices of the products so hard. Think about it, you pay ~160$ more just because you’re not in america. This also effects sales, as for me I’m a scared away customer. Once gone, it’s hard to get me back.

  5. Kyu says:

    Lol at the game sharing video

  6. Romu says:

    If we can’t add some *** cat or annoying musax on the “shared” content, i’ll not buy them.

    oh wait, i’ll not buy them anyway. i just hate how the next gen become close (internet needed, almost no game share between friend, even and even more connected..).

    *** those thousand of frienship ask each time i power on my ps vita.

  7. MinkaKelly says:

    do you think its possible to mod a PS4 controller parts into a Xbox one remote controller? i love the playstation but i have to say that the xbox takes home the win when it comes to the hand held controller

    • loketar says:

      In theory, most likely. Wether you want to attempt it is a different question it’s unlikely the controller would be left with any aesthetic value and I wouldn’t imagine it would be the sturdiest due to the touchpad and the hole you would have to cut in the Xbox controller

  8. Howie says:

    The prices are actually a little more comparable than advertised, $40 difference as opposed to $100. I actually pre-ordered 2 PS4’s as I’m a PS3 over XBox 360 guy, but my kids like XBox more, so I ordered one of those too for their XMas gift. I could be wrong, but the PS4 does not come with the camera, which is an additional $60, where the XBox One comes with the new Kinect. At least it doesn’t say the camera is included and the pictures on Amazon don’t show the camera with the PS4. You can buy it for $60 as a pre-order as well, so I’m assuming at this point it wouldn’t be selling separately if it came with it as nobody would need it if it came with every console.

    • Thrawn says:

      I wonder, what would happen if the kinect thing gets damaged, wouldn’t that mean that the xbox one turns into an oversized doorstop? Until you replace it with a genuine NEW one.

    • wololo says:

      I believe you are correct. It will then depend how essential the camera becomes on the ps4.

  9. done says:

    xboxdone.com go there its real

  10. loketar says:

    I’m in the dedicated section of probably getting both, all I need to decide is which to get at launch and which in the January sales. I also really don’t see all the fuss about the DRM, when I first heard it I was shocked, horrified same as most but 20 minutes later I went to play my non-transferable Steam game listen to non-transferable music downloads. Every form of media sold these days almost, has DRM and nobody bats an eye-resist joker quote temptation- one console does it and every throws their dolls out of the pram. I will happily concede that the internet connection requirement is going to do my head in though as I have terrible internet in the north of Scotland that cuts out weekly.

    • Thrawn says:

      Uhmm steam games are resell able, you make a new steam account for every game and after you are finished you sell that account with the game. This is how I do it.
      Sure I have my main accounts I never sell, but for titles I don’t care very much, I make a new one and sell it afterwards.
      No excuse.

  11. Maxilus says:

    Well since it cost $399 in US, then it must be around $500-$600 in Singapore. That quite cheaper than PS3 when it was first launched. It was SGD$799 Fat PS3 in 2006.

  12. Hellbelial says:

    Why amazon doesnt have the price in ps4 list? Sony said 400 dolars but in amazon doesnt see anything.Where can i pre order ps4 that ships in Argentina because here if the real price 400usd here will be like 600usd XD,i hate my country for that.

  13. xbox says:

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