Sony’s E3: PS4 announce, dozens of games, Sony takes on Microsoft about Used games and DRM


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  1. Developer


    • RageCore

      What an useless comment, seriously.

      Anyway, I’m quite happy with Sony conference. As to the ps+ subscription I don’t mind. They give you free software an if one one owns more than 1 sony console – i have a ps3, psv, 3ds xl, wii, and sold my xbox 360- is a great deal. 1 subscription for 3 devices + free games on each one? YES PLEASE haha

    • Lord

      I’ll pre-order a PS4 and buy 10 years PS Plus tomorrow.

    • Jeff T

      No PS Plus is needed to play online you XBox fanboy loser

      • mlc

        actually PS Plus is required for online multiplayer; it’s the worst news about the PS4 thus far, although it won’t be required for Netflix et al. as it is with the XBox consoles.

        But, yes, you will have to pay to play online, because a enormous number of idiots accepted it as a reasonable cost for the XBox(es), so now it is becoming industry policy.

        • JeoWay


          Please stop spreading rumours. These claims are invalid and Sony themselves said that the PS4 will NOT require a PS Plus Subscription.

        • Z

          No, it’s not because people were willing to pay for XBOX Live that Sony is doing this. It’s because buying and maintaining servers are expensive. Sony has been losing a ton of money every year because they don’t have a required pay-2-play-online service. You could say that if that was true, Sony would have added the service, but a move like that would ***-off many of their consumers, not to mention that it’s one of it’s strongest point over Microsoft.

  2. Lord

    Stop trolling *** hole.
    Microsoft should take this slave back to school.
    I’ll pre-order a PS4 and 10 years PS Plus tommorrow.
    Gooddddd Jobbb Sonyy.

  3. somthing something something light side

    Mr Wololo, Please take some time to play Kingdom hearts and you will just how amazing it is, i almost had a heart Attack when i saw Kingdom Hearts 3 announced, as a long time fan and guy who brought a 3ds for nothing but Kingdom hearts games in general, its such a great game

    • Arash Andalib

      Me too i had chills during the entire trailer and was about to explode from excitement !!! finally my childhood will be complete !!!! And wololo seriously Bro play the game its the best game i have ever played !!!!

      • wololo

        Should I start with the first one, or just pick the most recent one? How difficult and long is it? (I lack free time)

        • fate6

          start with the “HD” release on PS3 that has 1 and Re:CoM then go with 2

          there are a few for DS and one for PSP but TBH those are only if you want some back story

          there not very hard BTW tho Sephiroth in 1 is one heck of a optional superboss

          • UE

            The birth by sleep game is one of the best games in the series man, infact my personal favourite… the DS game I totally agree with but birth by sleep is needed if you want plot and it has a better combat system than any of the other games (hence why it is being used in KH 3 or rather an evolution of it)

            Not sure how dream drop distance is, haven’t splurged on a 3DS

        • Alex

          +1 for wololo playing KH. Really a great game franchise. Sony’s won me over, I’ll be buying a Ps4 soon after launch. Here’s hoping that we’ll see some progress on a hack for the ps4, preferably one that doesn’t support backups. I’d be interested in the kind of Homebrew we’d be able to create for that hardware :3

        • UE

          Birth by sleep is a very solid KH game… but start whereever you feel like

        • Arash Andalib

          Yeah start with the KH Hd remake on ps3 it will come in september then switch to KH 2 on PS2 then play KH Birth By sleep on PSP then youre set for KH III 😀 and each game will take you about 3-10 days depending on how much you play per day and how fast you go through it because it has side quests too 🙂

        • somthing something something light side

          if you wanna play in release order start with KH1, but if you want to play in Story Order, start with Birth By Sleep

  4. alpmaster

    Man what’s wrong with Microshaft SONY was smart I can already tell more PS4 are going to sell. I care about being a game console. I do not watch movies or tv like that. SONY you really changed my oppinion. 😀

  5. Yojimbo

    **** I agree with you to some extent on the pouting trend in Japanese society, though Final Fantasy is a pretty well respected title. People have been waiting for this particular one for 6 years, and it looks kick-***. Besides that, this is a great year for the PS4, not very many new features have been announced yet, but comparing it to the Xbox One, (which doesn’t look THAT bad IMO, but is getting a lot of criticism) it looks like it’ll be ahead of the game this year.

    • Chasez671

      Honestly, that pouting thing *** me off too haha. I can’t wait for FFXV though.

      Being a Xbox user for the past how many years, I thought that I would stay true to Microsoft in the next gen consoles. But man, Sony really killed it and I have absolutely no doubt that I’m switching to PS this time around. Microsoft sc*** up big time.

  6. Caio

    “NO KID EVER DOES THAT WHEN THEY ARE ANNOYED!!!!111111oneoneoneeleven”

    He didn’t do it because he was annoyed, he did it because he had food in his mouth

  7. x-eye

    too bad psv isn’t getting this kind of deluxe treatment from sony…