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Your side of the fence – A commentary on brand loyalty


My name is Justin Hartman. I enjoy video games, writing, Modding and anything to do with the scene in general. I look forward to creating quality articles for others to enjoy.

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  1. mikaelo says:

    buen recordatorio a mi me pasaba lo mismo con mis colegas

  2. mikaelo says:

    yo sega megadrive mi colega supernintendo antes los juegos eran interminables (sonic) y (mario) tenias que dejar la consola encedida

  3. Chasez671 says:

    A single man tear was shed this day

  4. SimplyBob says:

    I miss Crash Bandicoot, but they never released one on ps3. I hope they do on vita although I doubt it

    • oreo says:

      I heard that a third party owns the rights to crash….. I think it is like what happened to spyro.

      • Kristian says:

        Yeah, Naughty Dog does not own the rights to crash anymore, it would have been sc*** up any way, all they’ve released recently are movies that they’re trying to pass off as games *cough Uncharted *cough. Insomniac are still ok, Resistance was good, pity whoever owns the rights to spyro now made that skylanders abomination.

        • Matsuro says:

          The Skylanders games, although vastly different from Spyro, are actually enjoyable. I laughed them off until my buddy bought it for his daughter. Now I have a small collection of the figures myself. Just gotta keep an eye out for the occasional deals. I’m not sure who is paying full price for the things, but I don’t make that kind of money.

  5. Jkoiou says:

    I might have missed it, but did you tell us WHY you got te 3ds? What game in specific won you over? I also have a “loyalty” to Sony, but one to Nin at heart. I only got my 360 bc it came with my tv purchase, or I would have just borrowed my sisters. I got my ps3 at launch, vita day one, but my 3ds I got bc of a really good deal at the local Toys r Us. The games I have for it are all the must haves, and are TOTALLY worth it.

    • Thrawn says:

      Maybe he got a 3ds because NINTENDOES what $ONY doesn’t. XD
      Don’t flame me, it was too funny to hold in. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Well, if you look @ gamefaqs release list for the vita, it looks really really sad, especially for europe. So maybe that is a reason for swapping.
      As for the brand loyality, humans refuse to accept that sometimes they make a wrong decision and than they begin to defend their decision (purchase) with all their might. Also it is hard to accept negative criticism and fights arise out of that. Plus humans always want to proof that they are superior in comparison to someone else, this also effects our decisions. O_O

      • oreo says:

        I agree i have a vita and i still play my old PSP more than it…..

        • SsJVasto says:

          I play my PSVita a lot more than my PSP. I just use my PSP Go to store my PSP/PS1 games, because the Vita memory costs a fortune.

          If you’re too cheap to buy Vita games, and prefer the single-stick PSP 272p games, then good for you. I’m just blown away by the PSVita’s capabilities, and can’t wait until I get Killzone: Mercenary (Just bought Resistance: Burning Skies to tide me over until then)

      • Kyu says:

        The thing is that the 3DS has not been used to it’s full potential (so far,the MOST impressive games I seen graphic-wise are KH:3D and MH3U).

        • Thrawn says:

          Pls don’t forget re revelations, that was also a very impressive example of the 3ds capabilities. And to be honest it made resistance bs look like it has fallen into a mud pit and was pulled out with a caterpillar while damageing it during this. :/
          So I think the 3ds is slightly underrated while the vita gets overrated and fails me to impress. The graphically best looking games I have played on the vita so far were new little king, ragnarok odyssey and atelier totori.
          This is my experience only.

    • Matsuro says:

      I’m loyal to Sony, but I recently bought a 3DS in anticipation of Zelda, A link to the Past 2. I also play way to much Skylanders, so the 3DS version helped nudge me into buying one.

  6. Jkoiou says:

    Welcome back to the article world btw. Good comeback just before E3

  7. J says:

    I have no brand loyalty.
    (Microsoft) The Xbox 360 was the first Next Gen system so I think that’s why it was my console of choice this generation but after hearing the BS they’re pulling with the Xbox One I don’t know when I’ll be getting one of those. Also, most of the stuff I was getting on Xbox I now buy on PC.
    (Sony) I will be getting a PS4 this year, I bought the PS3 for it’s exclusives and Blu-Ray capability but after seeing the One reveal it looks like I’ll be the PS4 this generation, especially if the controller is as good as I think it will be. The PS3 controller wasn’t very good in my opinion and it’s the reason I play FPS and racing games on my 360.
    (Nintendo) I got the Wii because of exclusives but I’m not getting a Wii U for a very long time because those Nintendo exclusives are so few and far between. I haven’t played my Wii since Skyward Sword and hadn’t played it for a year before that came out, I wasted a lot of money buying the Wii near launch instead of waiting.

  8. somthing something something light side says:

    eh what ever, Gateway 3ds will be out soon, Free 3ds games, now all we need is a Vita hack for free vita games

    • J says:

      Piracy is cool when you have no life.

      • somthing something something light side says:

        yea true but, eh what ever, never siad anyhting aobut cool, infact i think cool is a word stupid people do to justify the stupid thing they have just done

      • Kyu says:

        Sorry to break your bubble but Nintendoh brought this to themselves,by making a 1-1 euro-dollar ratio on their e-shop and scaring away all trusted (and cheap) resellers in my country.

  9. JeoWay says:

    Wanna know a secret? This isn’t a console war :p because the Xbox One and PS4 aren’t comparable. The Xbox One is last generation features and almost last gen tech. The PS4 has come to save this generation.

    • Loketar says:

      Save the generation?

      Does nobody learn from the past, the PS3 had massive amounts of tech power over the 360 when they were released: “It’s an 8 core processor, how is the 360 going to keep up, it’s going to be a dead console!” (Ignoring the fact that the PS3s core was a little miss-understood when it was released) Was a fairly generic remark from PS3 fans before these two were even released, then there were the differences in RAM/GPUs, the whole of last generation seemed to be one slightly underpowered console vs another slightly overpowered console. All that happened was developers who were developing for both released identical games, same will happen this generation one might be more powerful than the other but the vast majority of titles are going to be published for both and so have to run on both. This is precisely why a lot of PC games aren’t as high def as they could be, it’s not that developers can’t make games with better graphics it’s that they want it to run on all 3 major systems (PS3/360/PC, soon to be PS4/Xb1/PC)

      • Ryan86me says:

        Exclusives, friend, exclusives. Trying to run Wipeout HD and Uncharted 3, among many other PS3 exclusives, would likely make the XBOX lag about as bad as my cruddy laptop.

  10. Acid_Snake says:

    while I do have all sony consoles, it’s because there’s always something that attracts me to them, rather than the company itself, I also enjoy many other consoles like the gamecube, dreamcast, even the original xbox (even though I don’t have it, but I’d like to have it). I simply buy what I like, and so far I’ve liked all sony has thrown to me (yes, even the vita), while I’ve only liked some of what other companies throws to me. I don’t like the PS4 for now, maybe if a certain game or games that I like gets launched I might consider it, but for now I’m sticking with what I got, there’s tons of retro games I still haven’t played, so next-gen is not a must for me atm.

  11. Pc4life says:

    Consoles are dead now…

  12. Maka says:

    Why don’t you guys buy all the consoles for their exclusives? Don’t be plebs, I was only 16 when I got the money needed from doing peoples lawns and other odd jobs.

    • fatman01923 says:

      Maka, others have different responsibilities and priorities they have to attend or spend on first. Things such as kids, family, mortgage, bills, donations, etc. Though I usually purchase all of the consoles, I probably going to be a little more careful next generation and select only the console I plan on playing the most.

  13. Tnutbutter says:

    I am loyal to Sony for its selection of fantastic games. I also have a minor loyalty towards Nintendo for the same reason. The ONLY reason I purchased an Xbox 360 is because the exclusive game…Banjo Kazooie N&B. I had thought that Microsoft would keep some attributes of the game intact, but I was naive to purchase the game, because Microsoft turned it into something every underage gamer enjoys…a shooter. Sure in the original game for N64 you used Kazooie to shoot an assortment of eggs, but N&B emphasizes the use of missiles, grenades, lasers, and other vehicle mounted weapons to accomplish tasks. They ruin a very good franchise.

    • Thrawn says:

      Take a rareware game that was successful on the n64, modifiy the graphics, mix in another rareware game like conquers bad fur day, and get a *** clone of both rareware games, which is devoid of all the jump’n run and puzzle fun rareware games used to have. :/

  14. ImPoor says:

    well, it’s not like i don’t want all consoles, but it’s more about money..

  15. svenn says:

    These major corporations do not care that you man the front lines of social media, so Why do it?

    Sorry but you are so wrong; Major corporations love it, they promote it; Cause with every flame/troll/… there brand name gets forced in to your squishy brain. Fact is, you think a fake brand is worse then brand names you recognize, therefor value it more;

    Fact is I bought a psp to play a game I had never seen; but cause I “love” (/know) the series I bought a psp. (futurama psp game) (btw. the game wasn’t all that great after all)

    Social media & the internet are the best way to sell your junk. 1 guy posting a video how cool PS3 is and how bad the XBOX360 is, and years later there still talking about it on youtube … an average promotion poster costs way more and only reaches a handful persons, who rarely notice it…

    btw, check the use of capitals in your tExT ๐Ÿ˜› ; good to have you back darkanubis74!

  16. Romu says:


  17. gunblade says:

    So in elementary there was game boy n my fren had the portable sega thing I thought it was cool cuz everybody else had game boy it was also huge n was like From a Ninjah movie but digimon was the in thing so there was like not really a console war thing going on but Pokemon came out like that summer n we’ll game boy was played around more..

    • gunblade says:

      So I seen an all black mini van limo tint like the vans from that new live free or die trying movie the one that was like in Russia

  18. x says:

    my first handheld was ndscoz i like shin megami tensei…i also playother ds games,like super robot wars,ninja gaiden,strange journey,crhono…my second was psp…simply coz i like ace combat…i want to play console version,but i prefer handheld…my third is psvita,i just curious to play unit13,mgs hd n ninja gaiden,but in the end i use it as replacement for my psp…now,i really want t play on3ds…resident evil,ace combat,shin megami tensei again…i start to saving my money again…guess i gonna use it as my old nds…i also like pc games,i bought laptop just to play deaddpace series…but i also use it to play ps2 gamesn for learning rhino…

    • Thrawn says:

      Ya know, I wish I would be as young as you’re. My first device was a sega gamegear. ๐Ÿ™‚ Backlight, 4k colour screen, stereo audio, and ofcourse sonic. Now you know I’m old.

      • Matsuro says:

        I’m right there with you. I need to get my Game Gear back out. I need my James Pond 2 fix.

        • Thrawn says:

          Yeah, those were the times man. And when you think about it the gamegear was awesome, just a bit battery hungry. I also had that tv tuner modul, beyond awesome.

          • x says:

            today i receive my 3ds package….playing shin megami tensei again,…can’t wait for shin megami 4..;’)

  19. Rhoads says:

    who am i loyal to… Sony for their ps1, ps2, ps3, ps4, psp, & ps vita. Microsoft for my windows computer. Apple for itunes and myh iPod Touch 5th generation. Nintendo for nothing because i use emulators.

  20. Jdub says:

    For me its ALL about the games. Purely games! Xbox one turned me off completely when they tried marketing it as a media device that is capable of playing games rather than a gaming device with lots of media options. With that being said, I am expecting(and hoping) that microsoft blows me away with games at E3.
    The ps4 looks cool and all, but sadly i dont think enough of my co-workers/friends will buy the console, rendering all the cool social networking features it has, useless.

  21. Hatsune miku says:

    I bought a vita just so I could play Project Diva f.

  22. TStrauss says:

    I’m not a fanboy, but damn, it’s like Microsoft is taking a dive this round. Are they trying to lose business? Who in their right mind wouldn’t go PS4 or even Wii U (the games announced look great)?

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