Scam of the day: Full Free Vita ISO games are not so free…


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62 Responses

  1. hgoel0974 says:

    I am pretty sure that this is a conspiracy from you wololo 😆

    just kidding, Sometimes it is just so sad how easily people get tricked.

    • SuzieJoeBob says:

      People are cheap on a whole. Many people wouldn’t think twice about doing all of this, as long as they “know” they are going to get a free game in the end.

  2. GlueGun says:

    Speaking Of Scam,
    hey wololo, if you make in site your revenue whould sky rocket!
    type: second page complete.
    xD xD xD, man why don’t you MAKE money of people would support
    your Link’s, like for example:, then your site’s like makesmarttv and this site?
    well this is a quistioniareiy…but is those survey sites in Japan relly like that?
    all injected virus or is it just uploader…:)

    • hgoel0974 says:

      most survey sites are like that. Also, wololo doesn’t use because the adv. interferes with the website, it distracts people and eventually people would just stop coming because they don’t like the adv. they get every time they visit the site.

  3. GlueGun says:

    well the moral of that post was about stupid sentence people miss and Continue to that downloads…lol

  4. wartaf says:

    great news!! i wanna spread that kind of news also but too lazy to do that 😀

  5. man_of_power05 says:

    i explored some scam sites like this in the past (not a computer running windows obviously) because i find it so funny that no matter how much they might say that there are no surveys involved, somewhere down the line a survey is involved.

  6. MorbidDesire says:

    I gave up adblock cause I didn’t want to block legit people’s income, but now that I see how bad the internet ads are, I want to turn adblock back on.

  7. JeoWay says:

    Finally, you/someone posted about this. I posted about how the scene works and how Transamgrafx is a scam (as my decoy).

  8. Fuckencio says:

    lo único que desearía seria un exploid nativo para emuladores e isos de PSP/ The only thing I want would be a native exploid emulators and PSP isos/私が望む唯一のことは、ネイティブexploidエミュレータおよび/ PSPのISOイメージになります

  9. poec says:

    I got scammed once by wololo, he turned me to blue team ;____;

  10. NeonFlux says:

    Excellent big heads-up read about scamming websites and from their evil money-making tricks.. There was a time when I was really tempted to try and see if I could download free vita games, but I knew in the back of my mind that it is probably a scam and it just seemed way too soon for the vita to be hacked….

  11. yosh says:

    Interesting analysis wololo 😀

  12. GodGamer says:

    I’ve seen this site, which has isos, it seems to be legit, what do you guys think?

  13. makak1984 says:

    Nice Wololo, now their website is blank 😀 maybe only for me 😀 – even source of site is clean as testpage 😉

  14. Paul says:

    Lol, they pretend to have a GTA SA iso for vita xD

  15. Thankful says:

    thanks for information

  16. Kristian says:

    Just out of curiosity, would ps vita games be .iso files?

  17. John says:

    I hate sites like this one, they should be banned (F Y M F).

  18. jlo138 says:

    Your advertising the site which sucks but you have to to get your point across. I’m glad you did this though because when someone searches those key words, this site will eventually show up for somebody. Saving them that trouble if they are gullible or too young to know any better. But yeah, I don’t see how people fall for that but they want something so had they don’t think.

  19. Gryser says:

    I think this kind of sites is a kind of natural selection.

    • thewizard says:

      Haha, totally! To me it just seems like common sense not to trust websites or advertising like this, but thats probably because i spend too much time on the internet lol.

  20. Chuckthetekkie says:

    Too bad that these fake sites are located in countries where we can’t shut them down easily. Some countries actually allow and support piracy.

    I also don’t like sites that use shady file sharing sites that give you an EXE to run which doesn’t work for me since I use Mac OS X.

    Just to be clear, the current Windows Platform cannot be infected by a virus and there hasn’t been a real virus in many years. Basically it’s Malware now.

    Also when downloading a file, check the file size. REAL ISOs and game images typically are hundreds of megabytes or gigabytes. Sometimes the file size is a dead give away.

    Also these “Survey Download” file sharing sites typically never let you download the file you are trying to download. Probably because there is no file to download and they are trying to trick you into downloading and installing Malware and Crapware.

    I like these fake sites that use advertising that pretends to show you an anti-malware program scanning your “C:\” drive. Since Mac OS X doesn’t use a “C:\” drive. I know it’s a scam.

    You need to post more fake sites so people are aware.

    Also almost ANY Youtube video showing you something that this site says cannot be done right now is a fake. So many people have fallen victim of Youtube video scams which give you links to download Malware.

  21. DA_Psp says:

    Hey wololo, I was wondering if devs will soon release a kernel exploit for the vita 2.10-2.12? It has been a really long time since they have released one. You talk about how they have a lot of exploits, but we don’t seem to get any of them, I respect all the work you guys do for the community and hopefully in the near future a kernel exploit or even better a native vita cfw.

  22. arch says:

    i visited that site a couple times, actually considered getting a few games from there.

    thanks tho, really appreciate this post.

  23. omg yes says:

    Thanks for the website. It works 100%. I have a lot of games for the Vita now. All free, too!

  24. Shapeshifter says:

    Most people don’t google these things and then cry when they get a virus…most of my friends will download a lot of movies and stuff and it’s named like moviename.exe and stuff(virus!!)

  25. psvitalover says:

    so you decided to check out the link that i posted ? if you are interested i can give u more names of other scam websites for the ps vita. believe me the is more where that came from !

  26. Kial says:

    Ad blocker plus for the win :) but I’m very glad someone brought thing up thank you wololo there are so many people that get tricked in these scams.

  27. John says:

    omg yes, you troll, you shouldn’t be hear you thief.

  28. John says:

    I want to have players to run movies on PS Vita.

  29. Robert says:

    Hello Can you please see this scam website? It’s gamepsvita(dot)com. Supposedly they have android for vita and ios for vita( this is b.s. by the way). It also might be this site you were talking about but they changed it.

  30. Cercata says:

    Very good analysis. I wonder why people still falls on these scams.

    By the way, there is a web site where you can have FREE VITA ISOs !!!! !!!!! For 50$ a year with PSN Plus, it’s really worth it, and you don’t expend time searching the net for pirated games !!!

  31. Sheon says:

    ya any site with a survey i just avoid and being that thee vita cant even play pirated games yet i know its a scam heck u can even *** dump the roms yet……

    It will probably never happen anyway Sony has learned from there mistakes on the psp…

  32. noname120 says:

    Noticed the “testimonials”?
    It’s only an image taken from youtube or reworked!

    Here is the “testimonials” image XD:

  33. noname120 says:

    Have you seen the author of all download posts?
    Yes it is “Sony”. I highly doubt Sony would post PSVita free ISOs on a third-party website 😀

  34. Thrawn says:

    Why not, I thought they had so much mony that they would give away all that stuff for free? Sh*t, and again no free games. :[

  35. nCadeRegal says:

    As always wo**** very interesting and informative read. It cracks me up that people actually think these kinda sites are legit. Hey can i get some adware and malware over here?

  36. Je-Al says:

    WOLOLO those sites..have apps of ios in freaking unbelievable

  37. _wololo says:

    the game exploit 2.12 ps vita is aper wars

  38. _wololo says:

    is paper wars sorry

  39. the_z says:

    dowloader paper wars or sony elimitated this psn

  40. Vaericke says:

    I think people fall into these scams because they have no money. I mean a lot of people in the internet are not “all rich” due to the fact that 90% of the world is considered poor. So basically people who do not have money also want to enjoy the same services that those who have money are availing so they resort to these free scams.

  41. Romeo says:

    I knew it that website u mention is just a fake there is no way tht cma can read iso files only idiot gonna trust tht

  42. LonGDicK says:

    Damn greedy people making *** bogus websites.. It’s all about sharing open source..

  43. Jefphar says:

    That SCAM Website of Free PS Vita Game should be taken down for good.

  44. IDIOT says:

    Thnk you for this article. I spent the past week tearing through websites and surveys with no luck. Thank you so much for writing this. NEVER AGAIN:)

  45. see here for the greatest read more info here available

  1. June 12, 2013

    […] scam network behind appears to be more advanced to me than which I debunked previously. Although their tactics to make money are similar (clickbank shady affiliates links, paid surveys), […]

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