PSIO. Playing .iso files on the PlayStation One without a mod chip or disc.

Ever heard of PSIO? No, I hadn’t until recently but it’s something that has certainly fascinated me. The PSIO project is a way of playing PlayStation One games on the original console without any form of chip or back up disc, but through an SD Card that will have its own built in multifunctional operating system with the ability to play PlayStation One games, and possibly even Homebrew.

Here’s a brief summary from the project’s page:

As a gamer, you know how frustrating it is to have a game freeze on you. This used to happen a lot on the PlayStation One, especially once your disc’s became scratched, and the laser unit started to die…

This is where PSIO comes in. Using custom designed hardware and software from the ground up that has taken many hours to complete, PSIO is an extremely high quality feat of engineering that will let you backup your original PlayStation One games, and play them on your PlayStation One console from an SD card, thus not requiring to use the disc and laser unit. 
Some highly important benefits of adding PSIO to your PlayStation, is that it will lengthen the life of your PlayStation One  hardware, reduce disc read errors, choppy or skipped video, music and audio tracks, freezing, delayed frame rates and loud drive mechanical noises.

As soon as you get PSIO in the mail, you can copy your backed up games to the SD card, plug it into your PlayStation 1, and start playing instantly!

If you want to select another game to play, save your game to the SD card, and return back to the GUI (menu interface) that will allow you to select another game in the list.

So what are you waiting for? Start backing up your PlayStation One games now, and get ready to pre-order PSIO!

I really like the sound of this. I always wanted some form of HDD reader for the PlayStation One but didn’t see how it’d really be possible, but this should be exactly what I need. Let’s hope compatibility is high, and that it’s thoroughly tested prior to release.

Here are the few images they’ve released:



















They claim to have quite a few very nice features built in:

  • World wide shipping

  • A customized XMB sort of UI

  • A Virtual Memory Card which will mean that you won’t immediately clog up your 24 slot PlayStation One Memory card.

  • Region Free.

  • The ability to listen to music (though it will have to be a custom format as the PlayStation One CPU apparently cannot decode MP3 files.

  • Multi disc games will work fine. PSIO should emulate changing discs through the use of a menu that can be accessed via a button combination – this will probably have multiple uses. Currently there is a lack of information on this.

  • Plug and play for the Fat PlayStation One. There will be a modified version without a PIO header that will have to be manually soldered.

  • There will be multiple debugging options and a USB port for direct connection to a PC that should allow for Homebrew to be enabled. Click here if you’re interested in seeing some PlayStation One Homebrew.

  • Built in GameShark

Sounds absolutely amazing. I wish I had of heard of this sooner, but I look forward to its release (supposedly 2013) and will most likely purchase and do a review right here on

Finally, here’s a video that was recently released of a working prototype:

Disclaimer: Please note this is currently unconfirmed, and there is little evidence giving solidarity, so for the moment it’s best taken as a rumour. There is also someone claiming that the PSIO team have taken their source code, and that PSIO is in fact vapourware, so please be cautious. I will do my best to get a hold of this, and give a full write up prior to any form of recommendation. If you wish to read that, you may click here to be taken to their blog. 

What do you guys think? Recently I’ve been thinking about the relevancy of retro gaming systems in today’s gaming industry, and the consumer market and have been writing a little something on this, so to see people still working on the PlayStation One is such a heartwarming thing for me. Anyway, feel free to comment and let me know how you feel about this. Will it breathe some new light into the amazing console that is known as the PlayStation One? :mrgreen:


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  1. thanosserres’s avatar

    wow !!!


  2. nothanks’s avatar

    no thanks, we alrdy have emulators :D


    1. TStrauss’s avatar

      Second post! I expected this around post 5 or 6.

      Cool looking device, and I’m excited for it.


    2. J’s avatar

      Emulators are cool and all but it’s still cool to play classic games on their original hardware.


  3. svenn’s avatar

    Its cool, if it had been out there 10 years ago … now we emulate PS1 games on any pc … but I guess for he old-style guys who like to play infront of a tv+console it could be fun.


  4. smitty88oh’s avatar

    I am not trying to put this down..I think it’s a cool an good idea.But all I kept seeing was the loading..I think the loading times are really long!! Good idea but bad loading time.


  5. wartaf’s avatar

    ps1 was already out of the league this day so i think this is not gonna be a good idea. also theres alot of emu this day so why need it? btw, great news to those whole love a who miss their ps1


  6. Lord’s avatar

    PS 1 & 2 are dead.
    Don’t know why people still working on them.
    Do something useful like hack the stupid PS Vita to play all PS 1 & 2 games….


    1. TStrauss’s avatar

      1) the Vita plays PSOne games. You just have to pay for them, you greedy sack.
      2) Emulation requires a magnitude of power over the emulated system. The Vita simply isn’t powerful enough for PS2 emulation. If it were, Android devices, which are similar hardware-wise, would already have PS2 emulation. It doesn’t.


    2. Acid_Snake’s avatar

      get out of your mom’s basement for every once in a while will ya? lack of oxygen is starting to affect your neurons


    3. RedHawk02’s avatar

      Go get a fucking life. If the Vita is so damn easy to hack, why don’t you go do it?? Not everyone in the gaming department wants to hack the Vita. Wait patiently motherfucker.


      1. peteWITHwings’s avatar

        nyahaha.. It’s too bad that thish technology came out by the time we have ps3 and nearly to have ps4. look how big the gap is?
        certainly every1 missed their games, and sometimes switching disks are not easy (me having problems with chrono cross @pc) but we could use psp , ps vita or ps3 to play this. my point is.. why only now?
        and who would like to have a ps1 with only a few uses?


    4. Casavult’s avatar

      PS1 and PS2 are dead? In what terms are they dead? There are very much not dead in my humble opinion and I STILL enjoy playing my PS1 and PS2 to this very day. Sounds like you can’t wait for a native PS Vita hack. Why don’t you do yourself a favour and hack it yourself if you’re that desperate (which it sounds like from your post).


    5. Shapeshifter’s avatar

      Now you just kidding urself ps2 and dead are never gonna happen I have a ps2 fat (release model with the hard drive expansion bay) never have I faced issues or felt bored with it
      Infact ps3 will die before ps2 and ps1 my ps3 lasted barely 2 years and kept breaking down after repairs too

      I love my ps2,psp and pc and laptop nothing will force me to go back to consoles again

      IMO ps2 was the last console worth buying(title and fun wise)


  7. brunoso’s avatar

    This is awesome. Good work guys. This only works in first models of psx. The newest one doesn’t have a gameshark port, likes the psx baby ( psone ).
    Is it very dificult to copy the orginal game into a cd-r with the same protection and make them run?


  8. John’s avatar

    PS Vita hack, I don’t need a PS1 Mod-Chip, I run PS1 ISO games on my PC with high specs.


  9. musashiro’s avatar

    Still a lot better than Xbox one…trololol


    1. peteWITHwings’s avatar

      Like ( since it does not have a Like icon :D)


      1. Mr. MaGoo’s avatar

        Like the lack of like button comment!!


        1. dockotis’s avatar

          Like the like the lack of like button comment!!!


  10. Raziel’s avatar

    lets see i still own a chip and a spring for my PSX and i have my PSOne modded with a chip. i have my PSP Go hacked so i can play eboots, and i have my 60gb PS3 modded so it can play PSX games OG or not. so i dont see myself buying this


  11. suckssake’s avatar

    Told you even PS1 scene is more alive than sinking PS Vita….


    1. decius’s avatar

      Hahaha (:


  12. john10101’s avatar

    This is an interesting idea, but i dont see how it could possibly work using only the external port on the back. i doubt sony gave that level of system control to that port. if they did, why has it taken so long to make something like this, should have been easy to build a custom os to boot backups instead of needing modchips. im very skeptical that this works, and if it does that its works well.


  13. Wowwtf’s avatar

    15 years ago this would have been the shit, I wonder why anyone would waste there time developing this? Should have at least made a PS2 ISO device ..PS how many people still have a PSX laying around? How many people don’t know about ePSXe?


    1. Asmith906’s avatar

      I have 2 Ps1′s and emulators are not perfect and often have glitches. Which is why thee original hardware will always be superior


    2. decius’s avatar

      15 years ago SD cards were smaller in size, not to mention that microcontrollers are getting faster and smaller/cheaper so this would cost considerably more.

      Not all PSX Models have this port, none of the PS Ones support this. Lol Homebrew on a 33MHz MIPS cpu.


  14. Scarecrow’s avatar

    It’s very nice, I still have my PSX working here.
    BUT I prefer an emulator too (PCSX – Reloaded have widescreen hack), since is look way better in HDTVs. My PS2 can play PSX backups too, but is broken, lol (the silver flat from reset button is dead) and playing in PSP is a totally crap (can’t stand his 16:9 crap support and lack of buttons).


  15. Dr_Dangable’s avatar

    i’ve noticed we nvr had a ps2 hack on here….ill give minor details then if wanted you can post a hack on it later

    to mod your ps2 you have to have a network adaptor…this is what is used to hook up an ide hard drive to ( sometimes a bit difficult to get it to connect properly so you have to loosen the connections so they move on their own )

    the rest i will give a link to so you can see what all is needed (sorry if not supposed to link)
    also they say you need isos….please get these legally and make sure you own the disks

    shouldn’t be missing any information but if i have please add what i am missing :)


  16. Asmith906’s avatar

    I’ve been looking to buy a japanese ps1 or ps2 to play my imported games. This will most likely be cheaper so I look forward to its release.


  17. psvitalover’s avatar

    wonder if this can be modified to be compatible with the ps vita ? if so it will be the r4 chip for playstation !


  18. where2buy?’s avatar

    where can i buy one. google gives me this crap.


    1. nero’s avatar

      you cant buy it yet. did you even read the article? and the title of the video even says it a prototype.


  19. yogamer’s avatar

    ahahahaha lololo XDXDXDXDXD very mdr where2buy?


  20. silva’s avatar

    isnt this 10 years late?


  21. D4RKD3V1L’s avatar

    where2buy if you had clicked in one of the photos you would had find the web page of this device.


  22. GAMER4LIFEPSone’s avatar



    1. fatman01923’s avatar

      Though that is borderline spam, that is really freaking impressive looking ASCII art. Anyway great article Tonakai, I been following this project for about two years when it was first announced and decided to donate to it while donations were still open. I am heavily anticipating this device to keep my long box PS1 games from getting scratched permanently.



    PS1? NOOOOOOOOOOO we can play with a modded ps2 and ps3, also on psp and pc, WE NEED PSVITA ISOS


  24. Adamn Shit’s avatar

    PSOne is an irrelevant product.
    1.) Like some said, emulators do the job (perhaps even better job) – given the state of PC hardware
    2.) It doesn’t really appeal to retro gamers and this isn’t the way retro gamers want to enjoy their games.
    3.) It simply is just too late for release.


  25. totally noob’s avatar

    is this compatible with the ps1 mini?


  26. RT’s avatar

    it should appear 10 years ago, now please work on vista



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