Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Golden PS1, DRM on Vita, Microsoft will ‘kill’ Sony and Hayters Gonna Hate?


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. whaleiam says:

    I wonder how the “DRM” in Vita would work.
    does that mean I can’t sell the Game I bought ?
    if so I’d rather buy the digital version of it.

    • TechWolf says:

      DRM is just the name of a game created for Vita. They’ve already implemented whatever actual DRM they could have on Vita through digital downloads and online pass keys. It was simply a joke by Sony with the huge outcry against DRM on the PS4.

    • J says:

      Learn to read before commenting ***.

  2. un3gr0 says:

    Good Work, you took 3 days to write it, right? Thanks for keeping the heads up… Greetings Brazil!

  3. Snake says:

    Kojima’s tweet is about the main theme of MGS games. The theme for MGS1 was “Gene”, 2 was “meme” and so on. The theme for V will be announced at E3.

    • reaver says:

      How was the theme of MGS2 meme? I don’t remember seeing pictures of cats or anything strange like that in the game…

      *This isn’t sarcasm by the way although it can probably be read as such, it’s a genuine query.

      • Yuuno Misaki says:

        I think Kojima meant “Memory”.
        Since Raiden’s past played a big part in the story, since he was a child soldier and the fact that his memory is sc*** up due to his nano-machines.

        • low says:

          No he definetly meant meme you need to go backs and play the end of the game & lookup what meme actually means because it means a heck of a lot more than stupid pics on the web

  4. xoombie503 says:

    finally an interesting read.

  5. duggg says:

    sony pays attention to detail. ofcourse the gold psone works

    • love the sarcasm, but that is a still a valid statement :p But honestly….. minecraft on the ps4 really isnt a surprise, of course itd be on there its not some sort of mind changing epiphany… you get minecraft or some variation or sequel of it. heck lets call it Minecraft 2, its still minecraft and that alone not some sort of deal breaker between the two consoles as it will be on both consoles no doubt.

      Sigh, little details these days arent worth the news anymore.

  6. GuitaristMatt says:

    Ok, the capitalized Z really bugs me.

    • Minimur12 says:

      oh my…. I’m sorry about that, I didn’t realise it when proofreading. how strange.

      • GuitaristMatt says:

        I saw it, laughed and moved on, but as my day continued I kept thinking about it. The Z secretly revealed a new dragon ball Z game created by Zipper entertainment for the Vita.

  7. Yuuno Misaki says:

    The “DRM” thing for VITA wasn’t for real.
    I’m not sure if they’re really releasing a game called Death Ray Manta, or not. But, they’re kinda poking fun at Microsoft’s DRM XB1.

    I’m sure they’re just trolling everyone with the DRM deal on VITA.

    • Minimur12 says:

      they were responding to the anti DRM campaign, and what better way to announce a game that ties right into it?

      Death ray manta is coming to vita, why would he say otherwise?

  8. Yuuno Misaki says:

    Kojima’s post:
    Genes (MGS1, because of Solid Snake and the whole Fox Die deal.) -> Memory (MGS2, because of Raiden’s sc*** memory as a child soldier and ’cause of his nano-machines/being lied to most of his life.) -> Scene (MGS3, from the whole thing with Boss making a “scene”.) -> Sense (MGS4, this one should be obvious with the whole deal about the Beauty and Beasts Sqaudron.) -> Peace (MGS:PW, IT’S IN THE TITLE. Oh, and it’s about making peace through war.) -> f,sdklafmdklsf (MGSV, idefk. Kojima was just giving slight clues to what it might be about by giving themes of other games.)

  9. IE Not Responding says:

    Vita news first? No surprise there.
    I wonder how many of us of vita owners,have spent nearly a $thousand$ or more on this handheld.
    How about some Uber Tremendous Game, for Lords sake. Uh Oh out of memory again. another $C-bill on 32 GB mem. card.

    • Josh says:

      Oh I definately have. I have Uncharted:GA/Unit 13/Resistance:BS/LBP/Gravity Rush/Mortal Kombat/Marvel vs Capcom3/Ninja Gaiden plus/Shinobido 2/Metal Gear Solid collection/Wipeout 2048/NFS:MW/Soul Sacrifice/Sly Cooper/Rayman Origins/Sound Shapes/Mutant blobs attack/Ratchet&clank:FFA/Guacamelee/Escape plan/Limbo/Knytt Underground/Dokuro/Big Sky Infinity/Sine Mora/Puddle/Star Drone Extreme/Then 3 pages of ps1/ps2 games and a 32gig card.

  10. Kyu says:

    Hmmm…Tranquility?No,it does not contain an E…

  11. jon says:

    DRM ewwwww

  12. wartaf says:

    May I Ask A Question, the ARTICLE Says FF Type 0 has been translated by some Fans, may i know where i can download the PATCH?? thanks 😀

  13. Shapeshifter says:

    Squirtle squirtle squirtle Squirtle squirtle squirtle!!!

  14. TelcoLou says:

    Note: I would 100% give up my eCFW for the Vita if Minecraft came out for it.

  15. Huehue says:

    So were going to have a new cast of characters for SR4? I just can’t see it working with the old characters, *spoiler* with pierce being the only supporting character that would be there. (depending on circumstances of course)

    • Minimur12 says:

      dammit! shouldntve read it. haha, anyway, now I havve ill chip in my two pence (being english) 😉

      I think you still play the same character in the games prior to the series, but im not sure about supporting characters 🙂

  16. gunblade says:

    the black ps one i got like two game ps one games nice tough looks sweet i think is the ones with the media player thing for cds i like that ui for the ps one (slim)… oooh drm yea is kinduf stupid well paying for online play i guess but for like custumes n special items side mission quest.. maybe sony dosent have to have a online fee but it would help buissness.. so would if sony save if they say own atnt or a cable internet company…

  17. natsu says:

    news about ff type-0 being localized made my day!!

    i was about to bring my ps3 to a person who can downgrade it tomorrow, you know, homebrew stuff.. and also so that i can focus on buying games for the vita.. i really hope they release it on a cartridge media!!!

  18. minkx says:

    and im still a virgin

  19. Gideon says:

    I figured out what he means with that tweet!
    With msg he means of course Metal Gear Solid!
    An he does mean with MGSV Metal Gear Solid VITA!!!!!!!!
    I actually think so 😛

  20. ark says:

    im with Gideon, MGSV = Metal Gear Solid VITA for sure… i want minecraft for vita too… and a gold ps1 LOL… i only want the *** wwe 14 on vita please…

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