Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Golden PS1, DRM on Vita, Microsoft will ‘kill’ Sony and Hayters Gonna Hate?

Man, some interesting stuff happened this week, there’s even a few game announcements you might like!

Right, its back to normal with the weekly now with being as there were no DVR’s announced this week (to my knowledge). So to quickly sum it up, we’ve got Mirrors Edge 2, Rayman Legends… again, and has David Hayter really got his voice back?

Now, being as last weeks was focused on next-gen, there were a few bits I missed, and they’ll be put in.

 Due to a suggestion by Xian Nox, one of our beloved moderators on the /talk forums, links will now be close to where I mention it. I didn’t originally do this because I thought it’d look like the page is littered with links, but lets see how you like it, okay?

What’s this? Vita news first? No surprise there….


Finally! It was confirmed that Rayman: Legends will be on the PS Vita, if you’re wondering about the special edition, you get a Prince of Persia costume for Rayman, and a Splinter Cell Blacklist costume for Globox (the fat one)

Released for the PS3 in 2009, no text or dialogue, just peacefulness :)


Believe it or not, a boxing game for the Vita, powered by the Unreal Engine 3, it has a release date for August, Here’s the disappointing bit, my guess it will cost about £20 on the PS Vita, but on Google Play it is $4 and on iOS it is $0.99

It has a release date of June 4th, which isn’t that soon now, will you be picking it?


Something interesting popped up the other day, if you remember the Final Fantasy game that was made for Japan, but was never localiZed, it has recently been re-registered in Japan, and as we are just over a week away until Square Enix’s and also Sony’s E3 conference, will we see  a translated version there for the Vita? Let’s hope so! The game was originally named Agito, I tried to find what it meant, but upon a search I came up with the following:

Dragons Jaw

Take your pick.

The game was set in the Fabula Nova Crystallis, which is where the Final Fantasy 13 series is set. I’ve never played the game before, but it must be good being as it got a 39/40 review on Kotaku. The game has been translated, but only with subtitles by some fans. The game has not had any full blown voice acting apart from the original one over in Japan.  Read more


This weeks humble bundle sale is pretty awesome, it is from the games company known as ‘Telltale Games’. Heard of them? They are the team behind games such as the ever so popular The Walking Dead (which totally didn’t make me cry) and also games such as Sam and Max, Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures and a few others, I am really enjoying Sam & Max at the moment, the humour is on my level (cheesy) and I’m loving it. If you want to purchase this humble bundle, click here.


There’s another  humble bundle going on, which is a set of indie games which we’ve heard quite a bit about. The games are:

Hotline Miami
Thomas Was Alone
Dear Esther
Little Inferno
Awesomenauts (You get a chicken suit if you purchase this)



As I mentioned in my previous post on how every PS4 game will be remote play compatible, there has been a new ‘conversations with creators’ video, this time, it is with the game Killzone: Shadowfall. It’s quite interesting, here it is:



On the topic of Dev diaries, another one for Assassins Creed 4 has surfaced, this video talks about the many studios working on it, and their vision among other things, give it a play.

They mention how 7 different studios are working on the game, from the Montreal studio and also the Singapore studio. How amazing.

“One of the things we always kind of laugh about is every minute of the whole week, somebody somewhere in this world is working on Assassin’s Creed 4.”

“It’s incredible when you have so many employees, and we’re talking hundreds. When they all believe in the vision and all push behind it, the results are spectacular.”



If you haven’t read every single article of mine, which I don’t know why you haven’t. You’d know I’m a bit of a Naughty Dog fan, owning all their games and soon to be getting The Last Of Us.

However, they recently spoke on how their transition onto the next generation and have said how they will be using their current in-house (which means their own) game engine, which they used for all of the current generation as well. With updates happening to it when needed, for example they built a whole new AI system just for TLoU, if that’s the case it better be good!


I said in my title ‘Hayters gonna hate’, now, I know my spelling is bad but that was deliberate. For those who don’t know, the name of the voice actor for snake is David Hayter. There was much controversy going around as to whether he has been chopped from the casting call or not, and David himself has said he hasn’t got the job. But recently, he sent out a tweet mentioning E3, here it is:




Now I meant to mention this last week in the next gen special, but I forgot. So please forgive me?


Xbox One has officially shown their box art for the games, they have released the art for Forza 5 and Quantum break. In my opinion, they look quite nice, but it does remind me of the Wii U box art:











Along with this, no one knows if this has been done purposely or not, but on the official Battlefield 4 website, they have shown the box art of… the PS4?

What do you think of the PS4′s box art, even if it is not the official design?


On the topic on box art, it may not be as big news but hell, it’s news! Saints Row 4, excited? I sure as hell am, superpowers, monster trucks, and best of all, a dubstep gun!

The art box doesn’t give away much, what we already know anyway. But for those who don’t know the story of SR4 so far, you are the president, and aliens have invaded your earth and you have been captured, you are in an a simulation of your own town (Stillwater) which allows you to have super powers, the usually are still there like full customisation and gun upgrades/edits.

The only thing I’m a bit confused about, would be the angry energy drinks can in the background!


Now you’re probably still wandering about the golden PSone picture above, and it has a pretty interesting story as well.

For some strange reason, Minecraft developer Notch, was given this by Sony as a VIP invitation to E3. There’s no point in giving a developer who has no games on your console a present for no reason now, is there? So lets see what happens at E3! Is it Minecraft on the Vita? Or perhaps PS4?

DRM is coming to the Vita.

In response to the PS4 anti DRM twitter campaign  I spoke about last week, Shuhei Yoshida himself has spoken back about it, not like you might think however, he simply said the following:



The game they announced is Death Ray Manta, and it looks pretty fun. Personally, I think it’s great they have replied in such a way. This will make ‘DRM’ get a lot more sales and into the public eye, sure, PS blog announcements are all fine and dandy but when you have Sony WWS President join in on a bit of fun, it sure makes people laugh :) Read more.


You know, there’s sometimes advantages to me being late and writing this up on Monday morning, because Phase 2 of the ‘#ps4NoDRM’ campaign has been set up, and this time it’s also homing in onto the Xbox’s DRM. So will you join in with this one?



So, Microsoft will kill Sony will they? (with laughter)


Microsoft’s global director of marketing Craig Davidson has cockily said how the Xbox One will ‘kill Sony at E3,’ and that its Xbox One console will surprise the world at the LA event soon.

This comes from an interview to IGN Spain, the article I read was Google translated, so there may be a few translation issues ;)

Nevertheless, both companies will come out and surprise the world, be it for good or not. I, for one can’t wait to see what the console looks like! (But the conference takes place at 2AM for me…)


Right, I need help, hideo kojima has just tweeted a mysterious tweet (as per usual) about the upcoming game, does it refer to the theme of the game?

MGS fans, help me out!
His tweets are getting more and more mysterious, i’m beginning to wonder if he’s just google translated them from Japanese.

Weekly Blog round-up closed for an ‘indefinite period’ - Unfortunately, the forums are now closed, you can still do a bit of snooping if you want to, but you can’t post! :(

Sega back in the console business? - Tonaki tells us about an image that was unearthed on the beautiful land of Reddit (I wanted to do a blog post on that…)

Sony PSM Publisher license free. Why should you get it? - Tonaki gives his opinion on why you should get the PSM Publisher license, even if you don’t know a spot of programming

How would you like to learn about the game industry? A course by Sony.  - The Spanish PlayStation blog have announced that they are hosting a very interesting course…

All PS4 Games Required To Support Remote Play  - I report on how Sony has mandated all games to support remote play, and how Yoshida confirms this

Skype finally allows you to talk while in game on the Vita.  - Finally! You can use Skype on your Vita while in a game!

Anatomy of a cool (undisclosed) kernel exploit  - Freddy’s back! Hello! After 6+Months of being goodness knows where (hopefully working on UVL ;) ) he’s back and impressed us all with his knowledge on finding kernel exploits….. What’s a buffer overflow?

Best PSP/Vita/PS3 Downloads for May 2013  - Wololo shows us the most popular downloads in the downloads section of this website, is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! it’s PS3 Proxy!



Awesome thing of the week:

Lace Anchors 2.0

The are essentially grips that stop your lace from coming un-done, no more tying up laces! :)

I have a few, and they are awesome.

  1. whaleiam’s avatar

    I wonder how the “DRM” in Vita would work.
    does that mean I can’t sell the Game I bought ?
    if so I’d rather buy the digital version of it.


    1. TechWolf’s avatar

      DRM is just the name of a game created for Vita. They’ve already implemented whatever actual DRM they could have on Vita through digital downloads and online pass keys. It was simply a joke by Sony with the huge outcry against DRM on the PS4.


      1. SuzieJoeBob’s avatar

        I knew a comment like this was going to appear soon enough…


      2. whaleiam’s avatar

        I feel like I’m trolled…
        guess i didn’t read the dead ray manta part properly…
        thanks for kind reply!


    2. J’s avatar

      Learn to read before commenting moron.


  2. un3gr0’s avatar

    Good Work, you took 3 days to write it, right? Thanks for keeping the heads up… Greetings Brazil!


    1. Deagle275’s avatar

      What do you mean with greetings Brazil? Greetings from Brazil? Because Brazil was not mentioned in this post. Was it?


      1. cr7’s avatar



        1. Minimur12’s avatar

          hello mr brazil!

          how are you?


          1. arnald’s avatar

            CHUPA BRAZIL!!!

            I wrote right?

  3. Snake’s avatar

    Kojima’s tweet is about the main theme of MGS games. The theme for MGS1 was “Gene”, 2 was “meme” and so on. The theme for V will be announced at E3.


    1. reaver’s avatar

      How was the theme of MGS2 meme? I don’t remember seeing pictures of cats or anything strange like that in the game…

      *This isn’t sarcasm by the way although it can probably be read as such, it’s a genuine query.


      1. Yuuno Misaki’s avatar

        I think Kojima meant “Memory”.
        Since Raiden’s past played a big part in the story, since he was a child soldier and the fact that his memory is screwed up due to his nano-machines.


        1. low’s avatar

          No he definetly meant meme you need to go backs and play the end of the game & lookup what meme actually means because it means a heck of a lot more than stupid pics on the web


  4. xoombie503’s avatar

    finally an interesting read.


  5. duggg’s avatar

    sony pays attention to detail. ofcourse the gold psone works


    1. adriandevera’s avatar

      love the sarcasm, but that is a still a valid statement :p But honestly….. minecraft on the ps4 really isnt a surprise, of course itd be on there its not some sort of mind changing epiphany… you get minecraft or some variation or sequel of it. Hell lets call it Minecraft 2, its still minecraft and that alone not some sort of deal breaker between the two consoles as it will be on both consoles no doubt.

      Sigh, little details these days arent worth the news anymore.


  6. GuitaristMatt’s avatar

    Ok, the capitalized Z really bugs me.


    1. Minimur12’s avatar

      oh my…. I’m sorry about that, I didn’t realise it when proofreading. how strange.


      1. GuitaristMatt’s avatar

        I saw it, laughed and moved on, but as my day continued I kept thinking about it. The Z secretly revealed a new dragon ball Z game created by Zipper entertainment for the Vita.


  7. Yuuno Misaki’s avatar

    The “DRM” thing for VITA wasn’t for real.
    I’m not sure if they’re really releasing a game called Death Ray Manta, or not. But, they’re kinda poking fun at Microsoft’s DRM XB1.

    I’m sure they’re just trolling everyone with the DRM deal on VITA.


    1. Minimur12’s avatar

      they were responding to the anti DRM campaign, and what better way to announce a game that ties right into it?

      Death ray manta is coming to vita, why would he say otherwise?


  8. Yuuno Misaki’s avatar

    Kojima’s post:
    Genes (MGS1, because of Solid Snake and the whole Fox Die deal.) -> Memory (MGS2, because of Raiden’s screwed memory as a child soldier and ’cause of his nano-machines/being lied to most of his life.) -> Scene (MGS3, from the whole thing with Boss making a “scene”.) -> Sense (MGS4, this one should be obvious with the whole deal about the Beauty and Beasts Sqaudron.) -> Peace (MGS:PW, IT’S IN THE TITLE. Oh, and it’s about making peace through war.) -> f,sdklafmdklsf (MGSV, idefk. Kojima was just giving slight clues to what it might be about by giving themes of other games.)


  9. IE Not Responding’s avatar

    Vita news first? No surprise there.
    I wonder how many of us of vita owners,have spent nearly a $thousand$ or more on this handheld.
    How about some Uber Tremendous Game, for Lords sake. Uh Oh out of memory again. another $C-bill on 32 GB mem. card.


    1. Josh’s avatar

      Oh I definately have. I have Uncharted:GA/Unit 13/Resistance:BS/LBP/Gravity Rush/Mortal Kombat/Marvel vs Capcom3/Ninja Gaiden plus/Shinobido 2/Metal Gear Solid collection/Wipeout 2048/NFS:MW/Soul Sacrifice/Sly Cooper/Rayman Origins/Sound Shapes/Mutant blobs attack/Ratchet&clank:FFA/Guacamelee/Escape plan/Limbo/Knytt Underground/Dokuro/Big Sky Infinity/Sine Mora/Puddle/Star Drone Extreme/Then 3 pages of ps1/ps2 games and a 32gig card.


  10. Kyu’s avatar

    Hmmm…Tranquility?No,it does not contain an E…


  11. jon’s avatar

    DRM ewwwww


  12. wartaf’s avatar

    May I Ask A Question, the ARTICLE Says FF Type 0 has been translated by some Fans, may i know where i can download the PATCH?? thanks :D


  13. Shapeshifter’s avatar

    Squirtle squirtle squirtle Squirtle squirtle squirtle!!!


  14. TelcoLou’s avatar

    Note: I would 100% give up my eCFW for the Vita if Minecraft came out for it.


  15. Huehue’s avatar

    So were going to have a new cast of characters for SR4? I just can’t see it working with the old characters, *spoiler* with pierce being the only supporting character that would be there. (depending on circumstances of course)


    1. Minimur12’s avatar

      dammit! shouldntve read it. haha, anyway, now I havve ill chip in my two pence (being english) ;)

      I think you still play the same character in the games prior to the series, but im not sure about supporting characters :)


  16. gunblade’s avatar

    the black ps one i got like two game ps one games nice tough looks sweet i think is the ones with the media player thing for cds i like that ui for the ps one (slim)… oooh drm yea is kinduf stupid well paying for online play i guess but for like custumes n special items side mission quest.. maybe sony dosent have to have a online fee but it would help buissness.. so would if sony save if they say own atnt or a cable internet company…


  17. natsu’s avatar

    news about ff type-0 being localized made my day!!

    i was about to bring my ps3 to a person who can downgrade it tomorrow, you know, homebrew stuff.. and also so that i can focus on buying games for the vita.. i really hope they release it on a cartridge media!!!


  18. minkx’s avatar

    and im still a virgin


  19. shawn’s avatar

    what a generic ass website trash trash trash layout what a jumbled’s 2013 if this is the best u have got then leave it be


  20. Gideon’s avatar

    I figured out what he means with that tweet!
    With msg he means of course Metal Gear Solid!
    An he does mean with MGSV Metal Gear Solid VITA!!!!!!!!
    I actually think so :P


  21. ark’s avatar

    im with Gideon, MGSV = Metal Gear Solid VITA for sure… i want minecraft for vita too… and a gold ps1 LOL… i only want the fucking wwe 14 on vita please…



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