Skype finally allows you to talk while in game on the Vita.

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  1. Chezni says:

    *Yawn* Wake me when it perform this with the vastly superior google talk.

  2. Add me on psn: CamHammerTime says:

    Finally 😉 I wish all consoles had this feature (i.e. Skype on xBox 360) so then we could talk across all platforms! Even pc ;0

  3. Add me on psn: CamHammerTime says:

    Colour? Check check ;D

  4. jon says:

    Finally, but why did they purposely remove the ability to play mp3’s while playing a game, some games really have bad music.

    • tinostar91 says:

      I think that it’s game-related, on some games you can easily listen to your own music while you’re in-game. Only game which I have that supports this is Mutant Blobs Attack but I don’t think that this is the only game with this feature.

      • rayray says:

        that only happen to me on the psp games, or at least in my other ames such as gravity rush, uncharted and battle royale i listen my own music

        • jon says:

          used to work on all vita games

          • Josh says:

            You are a damn liar. I’ve had the Vita since launch and it never worked with games that are not enabled with the feature. Blatantly lying to somehow “disgrace” Sony with yet another “They gave me a feature then took it away” gripe? Didn’t work..

  5. jake starling says:

    How many Skype “channels” can simultaneously be communicating? Anyone done multi-channel Skype with a PS Vita yet?

  6. PSPcfwDUDE says:

    Lol, I wish they had that sort of feature on the PSP version of Skype, but that is…kinda impossible. Aaaanyway..

  7. Kyu says:

    Now…if only Sony itself gave us more freedom on what you do on your Vita…(utopian thought,oh well,one can always dream).

  8. Trololo says:

    That’s actually cool. But I’ll go with Party instead.

  9. Brenza says:

    It’s hilarious sony ended up to use a microsoft software for this 😛 😛 😛

    • Deamon says:

      funny how microsoft has now a bluray drive in their new console…

      • Sorun says:

        What did you expect? Next gen games are going to be taking up to 40+GB.

        • TheSMART says:

          40+ GB

          lol, not even close.

          Every gen the amount of data about doubles. Little background info of last gen and this gen:

          Last gen, PS2/XBOX started with games at beginning of their lifecycle that were about 1 -2GB average. It ended with using about 3-4GB aka filling the SL-DVD up to the max of 4.5GB.

          Start of this gen, PS3/360, the games were on average 2-5GB, with 99% of the games that ended on 6-8.5GB the max of a DL-DVD. Really a few, few games for 360 had to come on multiple discs. For PS3, those games would have fit on a DL-DVD too, but the devs could be lazy and not compress their data, or like what happened with many PS3 exclusives like Uncharted: the devs copied the same data 3 times so the slow BluRay player could be doing specific reading tricks onto the memory/harddrive so they didn’t need 5GB installs for every game to have a reasonable loading time for the game (compared to the much faster 360 DVD drive). The real big games were just a few, like said Uncharted, God of War 3 and 4 and a few others.

          So basically, the end of this gen is 6-8.5GB, which most likely is about what we see at the start of next gen PS4/XBOX UNO, and we’ll end up probably with about double of that around 20GB.

      • Da Geez says:

        Funny how Microsoft lets sony have their SUPERIOR chat software for FREE whilst sony takes a cash helping from each sale of a blu-ray drive.

        I recon Microsoft should pull Skype support… just for the heck of it.

        Screw sony… they SUCK.

        • TheSMART says:

          I take Sony for gaming over Microsoft any day yo.

          XBOX UNO, all it does is TV and sports. Enjoy!

        • Kevin says:

          Actually MS is not letting sony use anything for free , Skype on The PS vita was a deal done between the former owners of Skype & Sony vita developers. MS is honouring the contracts, but once said contracts are up lets see who will be paying then.

  10. turkeY says:

    Still no word on skype IM?

  11. pspfanMOHH says:

    I got this update around 2 months ago

  12. Amal says:

    I know this is random

    PS Vita should have android running and on top of it the PS Vita software. So people would be able to downlaoad games from Google Play Store. This may increase sales as well. As Nvidia Shield is just playing google play store games n people will buy it. So instead of people buying Nvidia Shield people will buy PS Vita

    • TheSMART says:

      That would take sales away from Sony’s own PSN store and its games.

      Won’t ever happen dude…

      NVidia Shield, lol. Try to play Nvidia Shield games when you’re not home!
      PSVita sales will take off when PS4 is here too, remote play for basically all PS4 games (just not those that use the PSEye/Move etc).

      Don’t compare that strange and bad looking NVidia Shield that isn’t really a stand alone handheld with PSVita…

  13. frosty says:

    But we still cant chatting at the skype:((((((((

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