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Sony PSM Publisher license free. Why should you get it?

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  1. Je-Al says:

    wololo can you help me…i cant generate keys..can you plss make a video or something…tnx in advance..

    • SsJVasto says:

      To generate a key, you need to fill all the required forms, such as the W9 IRS form (for US citizens) or the W8-BEN IRS Form (for non-US citizens). You’ll also need to provide Bank Account Information for a couple reasons:
      1. if you distribute a FREE game, Sony will withdraw 1$ from this account every time a PSN user “Purchases” (for 0$) the game;
      2. if you sell the game, Sony will deposit money into that account on a monthly basis;
      3. to validate your address;
      4. a Place for the IRS to deposit your tax credit, if applicable.

      Only once you’ve completed all the required steps that you can generate the key.

      • seriousguy says:

        seriously ? mine not like that

        • SsJVasto says:

          Well, maybe it’s just me ’cause I’m in Canada…

        • SsJVasto says:

          But the part about paying SONY to distribute a FREE game is true… It’s on point 10.6.A:

          10.6. In consideration for the rights granted under this agreement, Company shall pay SCEA or a designated Affiliate:

          A. One U.S. dollar each time a User downloads any Application that (i) the parties have agreed to make available to Users without charge; and (ii) has no other revenue model supported by PlayStation®Network’s commerce engine such as an in-Application store or “freemium” model. SCEA may change this amount by giving reasonable notice to Company of the change. Company’s payment for these Application downloads is in lieu of any payment obligation arising under section 10.2. Company shall make payments under this section 10.6.A at the time and in the manner that the Guidelines specify or as SCEA instructs Company after giving Company reasonable notice.

          I put a copy of the liscence in my Dropbox, because you need to be a PSM developper to be able to read it:

      • Je-Al says:

        wow..i think im gonna give up now..its to many required..i already purchased the psm (free)…but i already create a seed to my vita then the problem is when i try to generate keys…when i click it it shows where should i choose the key or something..it does not make any sense…..sory “SsJVasto” kinda noob…. XD

  2. mad8vad says:

    Not working for russian accounts 🙁

  3. Dyzy7 says:

    I have registered several times and still do not get mail for activation

    • Tonakai says:

      It’s possible that it could be your email provider. It worked fine with Hotmail for me, but when I tried to register on a second account that was linked to Yahoo it failed to receive it. Make sure to check your junk folder also.

      Otherwise, I’m not sure.

  4. kuagelo says:

    The waiting game begins. 🙂

  5. hene193 says:

    Not working in Finland…

    “We are not currently accepting publisher license applications from your country of residence. ”

    Is this only in US?

    • Tonakai says:

      It’s not only US though PSM is limited to few countries. I really should have included a list, so sorry about that.

      PSM is available in Japan, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Australia.

    • seriousguy says:

      faking your name and address apparently worked, for hobbyist only though.

  6. sai says:

    Hey, I downloaded the sdk and I plan to take a look when I have some time. Anyway… I’d be very interested on what you said about controlling the pc from the Vita. Are there any tutorials at least to help me through the basics (specifically about controlling the pc).
    Thx in advance!

    • Tonakai says:

      Hi there,

      During the article I wrote that I no longer have the required files, but will look into it and write an article with a tutorial if I manage to get it working again.

      With regards to the PC itself, you don’t really need to do much. Just run specific files through the SDK and the rest is done through the Vita. Please remember however; it was a while back that I did this, so I can’t remember specifics. If I manage to get things up and running again, you’ll see then.

      • Rhodderz says:

        Im pretty used to using C# and java for uni and if i can work out a few ways to control your pc from the Vita (and phone and i have a z) i could put some tutorials on the Forums. just waiting for my activation 😛

        • SsJVasto says:

          You can test your app in the Mono Environment Emulator that comes with the PSM IDE. The Key is only to test it out on physical devices (so you COULD debug your app while remotely connecting to another PC)

        • hgoel0974 says:

          you will have to code a pc side and a psm side app, word on communication, if you want to do automation from C# you will have to use PInvoke and lots of other things – this is just for normal desktop control, thing is windows has some very unnecessary complications, like to send input to a certain application, the method you use must be at a lower level, most games are OpenGL or DirectX, both are low level, almost like just a layer above the OS itself.

      • sai says:

        Thx for the reply! I’ll check out the sdk whenever my job gives me a chance. I have some basic knowledge of C#, shouldn’t be too hard. I’ll be checking for those tutorials though 🙂

    • hgoel0974 says:

      There are currently two publicly available applications for doing this, PSVPAD and Remote Desktop, when I last checked, remote desktop no longer worked with the latest PSM SDK, PSVPAD has some issues with missing files, and it relies on XPadder for keyboard support (it mainly acts as a joypad)

  7. Paul says:

    I have registered a few weeks ago, but in my country, PS mobile is not there yet (the netherlands). So I can’t go further than step 4 🙁

  8. dyzy7 says:

    I download the PSM Dev from “Download List” , can you download the PlayStation® Mobile SDK and put a link here?

  9. somthing something something light side says:

    i had access to the original beta, but sony would not accept my game, they told me the graphics had to be better and not badly drawn in Microsoft Paint

  10. stOneskull says:

    you know, maybe others are like me and know some BASIC programming (from my commodore 64 days)
    anyway, there is something called Monkey which is similar to BASIC but which features the ability to then generate source code in c# (as well as other code)
    so, even if you don’t know c# directly, you could use Monkey (or maybe something else) to turn it into c#.
    the only barrier is if you want to program or not.
    i was never good with graphics but used to like writing text-based games.. and maybe sony wouldn’t mind one?

    • SsJVasto says:

      Go and find the “Reflector.Net” program (I think it was recently bought by Telerik), it will allow you to decompile your code and display it in a CLR-Language of your choice. So someone very familiar with BASIC could write some sample functions in a basic Win.Net app in Visual Basic, and decompile the source into C#. Works like a charm. If you have nothing to write basic VB.Net apps with, don’T turn to piracy (Visual Studio) go grap “SharpDevelop” (http://www.icsharpcode.net/), which is a free, open-source equivalent IDE to Visual Studio.

      CLR: Common Language Runtime – It’s the type of “fake assembly” that Windows uses to support multiple processors without needing specific compilations for each;
      IDE: Integrated Development Environment – A tool that allows you to manipulate source code in a friendly environment (like “Netbeans”, “eclipse” or “DevCpp”)
      VB.Net: Visual Basic .Net – Object-Oriented language based off Visual Basic, which is based off BASIC. It compiles to CLR and has tons of built-in functions to help you develop.

      • stOneskull says:

        thanks for the tips there, mate. it’d be great to be able to just use GLBASIC and export it like you can to IOS.. but you can’t so i’ll look into the options you’ve given.

  11. TStrauss says:

    Ok, hypothetical question time: let’s say we all got PSM accounts. Then we could run our unsigned code on our Vitas, right? Taking it a step further, what if homebrew coders started releasing source code for their brew? Then we would be able to locally compile it and run homebrew on our Vitas. Right?

    How much of the hardware is opened up to PSM developers? I’m guessing you can’t code to the metal since PSM covers tablets, mobile, and Vita. Would we have more processing and graphic power than a platform like the PSP?

    If I’m understanding this right, there is serious potential to the free PSM thing. But I MIT not be understanding this right. 🙂

    • hgoel0974 says:

      96 MB RAM, GPU Shader support, front touch screen, motion sensors, GPS, Wifi, approx 500 MHz CPU, front and rear camera, web browser = yes, more powerful than a PSP

      The license is only free till September 17th, we aren’t running unsigned code, it is more like temporarily signed code.

  12. qwazed says:

    Great article. Looking forward to the remote desktop app.

  13. Davee says:

    I’m pretty sure public-ally releasing source for others to compile targeted to PSM is against their terms and they could just terminate your license abilities. Just keep that in mind if anybody wishes to “release” without going through the official validation route. Anonymity ftw?

    • hgoel0974 says:

      They day that you have to talk to them about it and they will say what can be released, for instance, they wouldn’t want you releasing something serious like the savedata code which has the potential to be bugged and possibly exploitable.

  14. romain337 says:

    The tools are plenty of bug 🙁 I have lost my hack in the hope to play with their devkit but damn i am now programming in d again.

    The same for android. But because the OS is boring.

  15. romain337 says:

    I have posted on the PSM forum about the bug and how it’s difficult to use.

    The answer was complaining about use case to reproduce the bugs.

    What is make me laugh is that you have just to open the PSM ide and connect your vita while programming. I can count the bugs verrrry easy. It’s like the ants home.

    I know i’m a bit of a troll, and all of this just to say that they make the PSM free because of that. I’m pretty sure it’s a dead end for the PSM.

  16. psm says:

    is psn access needed

  17. Kyu says:

    I registered.Being a complete noob to software development,what can I do with it?

    (I know for sure I will play around with it,to get some experience)

    • Kyu says:

      Sry for double post but…
      “You can then sell your games in PlayStation®Store by purchasing a publisher license. ”

      This means that you MUST buy that license to release stuff on PSN store yes?

    • stOneskull says:

      there are tutorials on youtube and the web that with enough discipline you can learn to program, even c# itself.. i’m going to try Python and i think IronPython can make the software into c#.. i might even try and work with someone else who can program well, as i have good ideas but not the skills to make them happen

  18. i cant says:

    i cant fvcking log in it says server maintenance help

  19. stOneskull says:

    a programmer friend of mine has suggested using Python language.. he says it’s even less of a headache than BASIC.. then it may be easy to convert to C#.. this could be the way to go for some.. especially for non-complex games

  20. Joshua says:

    so wait are u the guy that made that bad *** ps vita remote app? i loved that i was playing wow with it


    u made this app?

    PLEASE bring this back i want to play d3 on my vita now lol

  21. jake says:

    Not available in my country, New Zealand….
    Anything I can do (I only have one Memory Stick, and I have bought many games with my PSN account)

  22. jayturns says:

    i applied, took a nap, and was approved by the time i woke up

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