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Sega back in the console business?

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  1. Fuuuckkkiiinnnnnn yes please?
    I hope it’s a cute little low powered console for developing nations and Brazil.

  2. deadlysync says:

    I can’t imagine SEGA going back to home consoles.
    Now… arcade machines is a whole other business! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Shenmue3 says:

    Shenmue 3 would sell like crazy if they had it on the Sega Spectrum. Shenmue now has a cult following! It’s time for Sega to come back!

  4. it cant be real cuz wether it says 12/6/2013 or 6/12/2013 we surely wouldve heard more about it by now.

    • wololo says:

      Does not bring any new info though, same source, Neogaf. I’ve searched, couldn’t find a single Japanese site talking about this. I’d like to know the source of the picture, for a starter. Looks like it could be a TV screen (arcade?) or a poster.

  5. wikid says:

    sega needs to come back to show sony and microsoft how its supposed to be done. im sure some people are reading this thinking sega flopped but sega was just ahead of its time most the *** we got on our next gen systems sega did first back in the day and sega needs to come back. i think they would dominate and give sony and microsoft a real run for there money. or sega could relight the old feud and make systems like nintendo does….i hope they dont but hay it would be interesting never the less.

  6. pSnDeaofly says:

    I would love to play a new Sega Handheld game system. Kinda getting tired of the same games year over year from Nintendo and Sony.

  7. TStrauss says:

    Sega recently announced a strategic partnership with Nintendo, so I’d be surprised if home/ handheld consoles are their angle. I have no evidence, but my guess would be that this is some new arcade hardware (as I understand, arcades are still big in Japan).

  8. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    No, they’re not going to make a console. They would have to go against “The Big Three” and all the smaller devices like mini consoles and smartphones. They don’t have a big enough fanbase to support that type of thing. I would say that it’s fake.

  9. gunblade says:

    spectrum sound more like one sound type of device dj station or karaoke type thing… maybe like nvidia…

  10. Jd8531 says:

    Most likely a digital distribution platform like Steam, Origin, UPLAY. But I would not mind at all a DreamCast2 (With Sonic Adventures 3?).

  11. Adamn Shit says:

    No. Not until one of the three console developers gives up their place.

    • SsJVasto says:

      I feel like SONY stole SEGA’s place as a Top Console Developer, maybe they want to claim it back?

      • Adamn Shit says:

        I don’t think Sony stole Sega’s place. Imo, it was more of Sony emerging out of nowhere and taking whatever was left of the Nintendo-Sega ‘war’ back then and making the most out of the spoils.


        Both Nintendo & Sega were replaced by $ony and Micro$oft then Nintendo simply hung on.

        Nevertheless, if Sega wants to make consoles again, it should enter via the mobile gaming console market; since there is room for another dedicated mobile gaming device.

  12. GuitaristMatt says:

    The rise of the Sega Phoenix has begun.

  13. Minimur12 says:

    I think it might just be some cloud service, but it would be awesome if they made a new console ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. svenn says:

    hoax or the next big failure, mobile phones have quad cores in them now, how are you ever gone make a profit out of slow sales ? Also only 1 picture isn’t a real proof for anything sadly …

  15. jeebs says:

    we are not in the 90’s now. If you got the money someone else will build the hardware for you. As AMD for example.

    What you need today is features and games. Something which Vita lacks for example, even though it has great hardware capabilities. Softwares>hardware….

  16. DJ Kento says:

    Seeing as how they’re now publishing Sonic games and making them WITH Nintendo, I doubt we’ll be seeing them making their own console.

    if it’s anything it’s like what NeoGeo did and it’s a new device that will be able to play all previous games in some capacity which actually would sell inside of Japan.

  17. LuKe_AA says:

    SEGA has more than once confirmed that they have no intentions going back developing consoles anymore and that they’ll remain a software developing company only, mainly because they claimed that the software development has gone so well that they wouldn’t want to go and risk ruining their business again.

    Surely I can’t speak on their behalf.

    If that picture is indeed real, I’d really expect a portable device.

  18. Deagle275 says:

    Definately not a new console, since like, two days ago was release sonic lost world debut trailer, and it’s an WiiU Exclusive.

  19. Pirate Cat says:

    Toilet game.

  20. raxx says:

    Plz SEGA, Dreamcast 2 !!

  21. stOneskull says:

    in Sydney years ago they opened Sega World.. nothing like Disney Land but kind of fun.. an big expo with games and rides and characters in costumes for the kids…
    anyway, could Spectrum be a meeting or expo or something like that?
    a Sega mini-E3?

  22. zercath says:

    Someone at Retro noticed an issue on the Sega logo other than the different shade of blue. If you pay attention, the “a” on Sega is not connected to the “g” like it is in the actual logo and instead looks like the font that imitates the logo:



    And it’s minor details like this that can be pretty condemning at times. Sounds like it’s a hoax, as often happens.

  23. LuKe_AA says:

    Whatever it’ll be, it better have Blast Processing.

  24. Bob Henson says:

    guys, ive been thinking. SEGA now only makes 3rd party games and that is where they get most of their money. Making a new console(especially if it’s your first one) can be extremely expensive. How could they continue to make money needed for a console if their clients found out they were trying to compete with them again? well you could save up extra funds and design prototypes while doing so but that would take too long and would only further sink SEGA into the console-less hole they are already in. or, you could produce crappy games(i dont need to provide examples)to push your clients away while focusing on other markets like F2P games, Android, and iOS. sooooooo maybe they are developing a new console

  25. Theilor says:

    They had just make Sonic a exclusive for the Nintendo. Don’t make sense release a new console right now.

  26. TheAtheistLucario says:

    If Sega really is getting back into the console market, they picked the absolutely perfect time to do so. the market could not be riper for sega’s picking, since Sony is unable to pull the fruit off the branch and Microsoft is accidentally squashing it it its fat fingers.

    On the other hand, it does look like the RTOS to a printer which I wouldn’t put past SEGA, considering they have done work on weirder things before. (like a MP4 Player)

  27. hatori says:

    sega just need to continue developing games at this point because there have been a massive competition of gaming consoles..They should coordinate with some third party developers and come up with a nice list of games that support high fps and limit some childish games…

  28. Dann says:

    Maybe like this fake trailer hahaha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqyEhVwl2MI , itยดs a nice fake ๐Ÿ˜€

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