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  1. Hugo_Mundo says:

    Kinda sad news but the show can’t stop.
    One forum closes his doors and another opens right away (or something like that).

  2. oO Flowzilla Oo says:

    I miss the PSP scene. I used to get so freakin’ excited whenever an exploit was announced. Now, not so much.

    • sjjf22 says:

      me too. well, i use to get home from school in the early years of the PSP 1000 release and jump on the internet to see if new exploits and homebrews were found. i still rembeer GTA eLoader exploit. so good. good days. better ones yet to come.

  3. psvitalover says:

    its sad news …we all have to agree.the psp scene was so awesome! but coming back to the vita scene there are no new updates on homebrews releases also the are many scams spawning in the internet .
    for example: psvitaisogames dot com

  4. Shadowla05 says:

    Kind of brings back memories when basically closed down to 🙁

  5. NakedFaerie says:

    Not much of a loss as they never shared their work anyway. They had heaps of exploits they kept to themselves. They even had PS3 exploits they refused to share with the public and I bet they still have even more exploits that only they know about.

    You didn’t want to go there and ask a question as you would get flamed and abused all over the net not just their forum.

    Worst place ever. Glad to see it closed.

    • Zapfska says:

      I couldn’t agree more!!!

    • fancy-pants says:

      they weren’t even a good community they were selfish. thanks for the sum up naked faerie

    • wololo says:

      NF, knowing your general behavior, I wouldn’t be surprised if you get flamed everywhere you go. was full of answers for those who did their homework and searched before asking. 🙂

    • Acid_Snake says:

      I’d like to see how you feel if you have your own and only exploit on a device and people continuously ask you to release it, knowing that if you do, you’ll loose your only chance of finding another exploit in the future. You’re just another typical *** that asks everything to be given to you and give nothing in return

      • gunblade says:

        yea sony released sum pretty good update… but the vita does seem like its taking awhile to crack.. wy i had to werdest gut instance wen i bought my vita to not update its probably from the psp n ps3 scene but i had to try the thing out but now like the psp seems like need to downgrade then upgrade to a costume fw but getting to the 1.50 or the 152 like the psp seems hard with the vita.. but makes it exciting i guess..

    • gunblade says:

      yea but shity cuz like the psp got fully hacked. afta the gta with like the pandora battery nice name by the way n i guess that if the psp had a lot of exploits that one would use only a few since u jus need one exploit to hack the psp the best fun i had with psp would probably be the custom xmb i had like a xbox boot theme

    • gunblade says:

      well idk wat site i went to one time but was like asking if it was possible to add a laptop ram to a psp or computer part to a psp n it felt weird but i guess i figured out it be easier to add psp part to a laptop weird..

  6. yodo-not-yolo says:

    Yup they sucked any ways

    • some people says:

      you know, we can tell you triple posted with different names.
      fyi that’s why all three posts have the same avatar

      • EX-CaptainObvious says:

        Thank you Dear Current Captain obvious. None of us noticed in fact I think you can also be a 2nd Einstein or a Shurlock combs cause your intupritation skills are unmatched!

  7. Caio says:

    Is there still a PSP scene?

    • Hey Caio says:

      Yes we stil have a PSP scene, maybe not as active as before because all is unlocked, but homebrews are stil there and poping up from time to time. eCFW for VITA is there which is essentially PSP scene stuff.

      The PSP scenes is the most complete scene that exists, no other console or portable device has this level, we have tons of homebrew, exploits, cracks, LCFW, CFW, i mean 4 stable CFW?? thats just great. I wish i could say the same for PS3 as no stable CFW exists there because those are only mods for the 3.55 geohotz stuff.

      • gunblade says:

        bumers as i have a ps3 on 4.41 but i think in 4.41 there like network boot i guess so pretty weird all i now i turn my ps3 on n the themes like the psp vita or sum windows xp looking thing then the theme i have loaded..

    • Casavult says:

      Of course we do. It’s not as active as it once was but it’s still there.

  8. jeebs says:

    dead just as PS Vita….

  9. sjjf22 says:

    stop living in the past. psp=gameboy color. lets keep it moving. nothnig to see here folks.

  10. qwqweq says:

    seems to be up for me.

  11. gunblade says:

    shity thing i guess is the sandbox psp in the vita n well having a *** load of home brew for the psp.

  12. sjjf22 says:

    close or delete this article its back up already you fool. make a new article celebrating its comback. pshh @wololo

    • Jd8531 says:

      “Update: the forums are still closed but the content is now available in a read-only way”

      I know how incredible difficult it is to read, especially the first sentence of a article but at least ask for help next time before insulting someone. 🙂

  13. im says:

    just checkin

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