The Xbox One Reveal, Salesmanship, and You

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  1. wololo

    They now where the money is. You don’t need to convince kids to buy a console (they’re already convinced, but they don’t have the money), you need to convince their parents that the console is an object the entire family needs.

    What’s funny is that systems that tried that in the past such as the Philips CD-I were gigantic failures. But the streaming services available today have changed the rules I guess.

    • GuitaristMatt

      They didn’t even show a demo of lightroom. That’s something you seemed to be kind of excited about.

      • UE

        Lightroom isn’t that an impressive concept in working conditions anyway, farrrrrrrr too many issues with it.
        Won’t go into them here… Basically the “seems cooler than it is” monkier applies better.

        The Oculus Rift however is an amazing bit of tech (but I may be biased as someone who is both using one on a daily basis and developing for one)

    • Minimur12

      Don’t forget the PSX!

    • Guardian

      You are probably right, but think about this, the xbox one they are trying to sell to me looks like a very limited PC and the features they showed off mean nothing to PC users, all that was advertised on the reveal plus more stuff you can get with a regular computer, you will only need a HDMI cable to connect it to your TV and you are pretty much ready to go.

      I mean for tv and shows you have Netflix, you can even stream live shows, Skype, facebook and everything you need is there at the reach of your hands. I know you will have to move the mouse and click a few times, but that will make up for the time and energy you will be spending setting up the console plus tha additional hardware they will force you to buy, that without forgetting that with a regular pc or laptop you will have to pay no extra fee for xbox live.

      In other words, what Microsoft is offering is nothing really new because most pc or laptop owners have always have access to those features.

      Specially the US customer base, you can watch nearly any tv show on an official website as long as you are in the US, so why bother selling them something they already have?

      • BahamutBBob

        “plus tha additional hardware they will force you to buy”

        They said it has built in wifi, and comes with a controller and the new Kinect sensor. You won’t “need” anything else unless they decide not to pack in a headset. (and the new headset uses a different plug, if you already have a 360 headset)

        • gunblade

          think the kinect n one controller comes with the xbox one so got to get three extra controllers and the lightroom..(but its a console so u dont realy have the option to upgrade ram cpu n gpu so u kind of save money but then it goes to buying game n accessories)

      • UE

        The issue is to the people they want to sell it to… will those people bother… i mean smart tvs will continue to advance in ways that match all these features and much more, and set top boxes are slimmer and better looking for that price.

      • gunblade

        on the paying for basic internet i think u can watch like from a browser on the xbox one but have to pay to use the box live but i guess u can still play rpg games with out xbox live

    • TelgarDrakore

      Anyone remember the 3DO? Same concept they were toting there, and it also was a complete disaster. This whole press release reeks of the 3DO…but your right Wololo streaming services and technology as it is might actually change this into a big success for XBox One

    • Deagle275

      Silly microsoft, casual gamers and parents don’t watch console annoucements. Only hardcore gamers do 😉

  2. Chasez671

    The Xbox One looks pretty dang ugly though. It looks like someone cut in half a VCR and a Xbox Elite and merged them together.

  3. lol

    is this a troll article? it looks like you just posted the pic and specs for the ps4 in one section.

    • TStrauss

      No, just pointing out the grease gun. Also, I would love to have posted a spec sheet of the XBO, but it doesn’t exist.

      • Partner21

        Check this AnandTech article (, it shows a detailed spec list. The PS4 is clearly more powerful than the XB1 (which explains why MS didn’t discuss the specs in detail at their reveal).

        • TStrauss

          The AnandTech piece is largely based off of rumors. While they have proven to be accurate so far, I thought it best to focus on what is confirmed. The Eurogamer piece linked in the end of the article is really clever; using revealed information/ photographs, they were able to confirm much of the tech in the XBO (DDR3 RAM, the number of compute units, etc).

          Until we get official confirmation, I’d prefer to stay silent on areas like clock speeds and L2 caches.

  4. jon

    haven’t you guys heard VCR’s are in

    the thing you have to do is make a product that is easy to say but is annoying to hear.

    it helps because most children buy consoles the more the parents are annoyed the easier the sales will rise

    i personally think people can’t say Xbox one easily

    ps4 will win this console war significantly, being that it’s likely cheaper and more Japanese will buy since their prices are usually 50 dollars less than in the USA

    not to mention the kinect has always seemed very gimmicky

    xbox hides the specs nearly immediately after just showing the box off so you know it’s got to be bad lol

    • gunblade

      on the look on the xbox one jus saying but i dont think i seen the ps4 yet i mean i seen the remote control on amazon n wat look like the kinect of the xbox one jus weirder looking.. i seen a dev ps4 but that look like the xbox one or a briefcase but yea a vcr

      • gunblade

        well jus seen the ps4 video it kind of looks like a cable box( o on watching tv think can get a lot of channels think to wander i guess cuz got like digital n sum tv shows r like u need the box to watch so would think the channels jus go up to like 125 basic tv not digital)

  5. Sorun

    Sony shares went up 10% while microsofts went down 0.05% on the day of the reveal.

    I thought that interesting

  6. Typo

    The Xbox 360 was also so-named in order to prevent looking inferior, name-wise, to the PlayStation 3. As in, already in its third generation.

  7. Fenixys

    Malditos fanboys vam pro inferno kkkkk

  8. Nyrol

    I’m guessing your Greek asks the question “What geek speak?” but I’m not sure. I can read Greek just fine, it’s just I have no grammar skills so I take it word by word.

    • TStrauss

      Damn close! Ti can mean what or who, and laleo is present tense, so it’s “who speaks geek?” You still win the prize!

  9. The Unnamed

    Playststion 4 is a winner!
    Go to buy ps4 then leave xbox one alone xbox one fully ads with movie, tv show, music wth all that for?
    A video game console became a social news and movie?
    Microsoft should make another xbox 720 console for only video games + free play online with ppl and leave all that entertaiment along then I will buy one.

  10. Kyonpyon

    Those feature/benefits are useless unless you already have a cable set-top-box to get content from. Xbox1 watercooler doesn’t run those natively they just super-impose their UI on the settopbox. They are clearly only targeting US audiences which means for the majority of people those “benefits” are non-existent.

    • gunblade

      so like power out lite n tv wires different crazy maybe its like designs for that region.. or there special adapter that u have to get…

  11. Chuckthetekkie

    What’s funny is that I’ve been calling the first Xbox “Xbox 1” ever since the 360 came out. I don’t care one bit about anything other than gaming. I only watch ONE TV show and I wait for the commercial free version to come out before I watch it. The only time I used my Xbox 360 for something other than gaming was when the Netflix website was having issues and I couldn’t watch it on my computer. I buy a console for one purpose, to play games.

    Since MS lied about the next Xbox being able to play 360 games, I definitely don’t want one. I have spent a few $1000 on 360 games and dlc. MS talked about the fact that the next Xbox would display 360 games with better graphics. They used the term “Forwards Compatible”

    Then there’s the fact that each game disc will be locked to a profile and you won’t be able to play the disc unless you are signed into the profile that registered the disc. You want to play used games? That will be extra.

    • psp411

      you so rue, I don´t want an xbox “one” either, retrocompatibility is important for us the consumers, microsoft just don care about it remember the 360? microsoft says (peter jackson at that time) who cares about retrocompatibility (well we care about)
      sales? marketing? xbox “one” do not offers me anything than I have now with an smart tv

      I don´t gona buy one, I wi´ll buy a ps3 a console gaming is for gaming rigth?
      if I want tv I buy a smart tv, if I want music buy an ipod even a Vita wY A XBOX?

    • gunblade

      well idk on playing old xbox games on the xbox one i think u can its jus the new games that come out for the xbox one will jus have to install to the hard drive (like pc game)so u cant take a game to a friend house( think with network boot u can probly boot into ur account so idk if u can have like a stream of the game u have at home n go u to anty them house n login to ones account n play the game like of the internet but backwards play shouldn’t be much of an issue i guess…

  12. Death of Chaos

    There are a few really big things about the new XBox that really stands out as failure. The system has a 500GB hard drive and a bluray drive. Sounds great, right? Well, there’s the fact that downloading every disc based game to the hard drive is mandatory. Not only that, but an internet connection is required as well as a fee being charged for a used or borrowed game.

    • gunblade

      i dont think its like u install the whole game really with the blu ray there trying to save space by having 50 GB on the game n having to install five GB on to the hard drive *** basicly buffering n load time.but i guess as soon as u put the game in to the xbox one the code on the game is sent to the xbox live were then its like then lock to the xboxone system so making digital copies be hard as each game disc has one install code..

  13. Impressario

    First impressions last. Lasting impressions first.

    Microsoft did none of these.

  14. jake

    It seems like XBOX Won? (pun intended)
    So I guess were waiting for E3 to hear more about the PS4/Xbox One consoles and what they have to offer xD

  15. Ryou Takehito

    I disagree with your blog post.

    You said that it’s good salesmanship because it’s targeted at people (especially non-gamers) that uses TV alot. The market targets that you mentioned are your parents etc.

    However, think about it. Does your parents actually (and purposely) watched the live of Xbox One Reveal? In my opinion, majority of the people that watched the Xbox One conference are gamers, not parents that doesn’t play games.

    Also, it was broadcast during the night, I highly doubt your parents would stay up that night just to watch it! Okay, okay. You don’t need to watch the live broadcast. But let me ask you, would your parents try to look up the video online to see the Xbox One’s reveal? Absolutely not my parents and my girlfriend (not a gamer too). It’s like you’re trying to sell airplanes to car drivers.

    Therefore, no. It is not a good salesmanship and I don’t think any of your parents or non-gaming friends will even watch the Xbox One conference.

    Therefore I personally still think the Xbox One is stupid and shouldn’t even be created at first.

    • wololo

      Your parents will read the reports about the conference in their favorite newspaper or on their favorite financial blog. The get the information indirectly, but they still get it

      • TStrauss

        You didn’t click the link to the NBCNews piece I linked, did you? Every major media outlet reported on this (and loved it). Every gaming news outlet that I know of reported on this and hated the reveal/ XBO intensely. Which of these do you think your mother checks?

        It wasn’t what any of us wanted, but it was a win.

      • Death of Chaos

        My dad doesn’t play games whatsoever, my mom still plays Pokemon Puzzle Challenge on her GBA SP, and my oldest brother used to be an XBox fan mainly because he had friends who played online until he found out you had to pay to play games online with them. All of them thought the same thing; Money-grubbing console.

    • psp411

      you so right

    • gunblade

      well if i had to ask my mom like i wish i got an xbox one for christmas i would think she make sure its the xbox one n not the ps4 so she might have to do sum research but then if u think about my mom tends to play a lot on facebook apps so i would think weirdly trying to watch a parent try play a video game n like movie ones whole body trying to steer is classic but i would think that if i do get like a fun family game that a mom might like she be playing it a lot more like if i was at school or out as well as watch her tv shows so like she playing the game for hours then *** wait its time for her favorite tv show then its *** pause the game n watch her tv show then soon as it pau(done) back to the game or record the tv show.

  16. LuKe_AA

    XBox, One?

    Xbox (1), Xbox 360, Xbox One.

    I think that sums up the whole article.

  17. Jeoway

    Xbox One:

    Looks ugly.
    Specs are ugly.
    Microsoft is ugly.
    Exclusives are ugly.
    XBL is ugly.

    I know 3/4 of the specs. I’m also underdoing it when I say “ugly”. More like “fugly” (f*cking ugly)

    • aki

      Agreed,.. It is a piece of ***,..

      Playstation will dominate xbox,.. heck Xbox One makes WiiU look pretty great

  18. Speed4Runs