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Sony Release A PS4 Teaser Video For Their E3 Conference – Shows Hardware


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. try again says:


  2. Well we already know whos gonna win next gen, and its not the XBOX One….haha….Im first comment though….

  3. Knifes says:

    Dammit sony why do you do this to us

  4. L337Snowman says:

    It seems that $ony is just trying to make their console more mysterious by not actually showing it, causing gamers to be curious and get more excited about what it will look like more than they normally would have been. I think this is a unique approach and this certainly is one of the most interesting console reveals that I have seen. The PS4 seems like a great console, even to me (a HUGE Xbox fanboy). The Xbox One reveal has made me really question whether or not I will be buying it. They seemed to focus more on the general media and entertainment side of things (the word “TV” was spoken over 40 times) and sort of drew away from the games. The fact that used games will incur a fee seems to be the thing most people are worried about, but this actually doesn’t bother me because I don’t often buy used games and I only have 3 or 4 preowned titles out of my 60-70 Xbox games. I will need a real tiebreaker here as to which console I will be investing in, so please reply with some solid facts siding with either of the consoles.

    • Unknown says:

      Well, the XBox One Will require 24/7 internet connection (they say the game doesn’t but the Kinect does and the XBox One does not function without it.http://www.ign.com/articles/2013/05/21/xbox-one-will-not-function-without-kinect-attached < source). You have to pay extra to play used game, and when your friend want to let you borrow the game or give you his game, you have to pay extra (close to the retail price) to play it. Theres other too you just have to look up.

    • gunblade says:

      yea its all suspense were sony shows game microsoft shows the hardware remember they was to build suspense for e3 so u did just get like whats a sample of xbox one n ps4 months before e3 n e3 being like months before the release date i guess it be like before the holidays as in american is like wen one then to spend the most or its like christmas or something but well we got like half a year before release date but i think if i try save money i should be able to get an xbox one an a ps4 if there like five hundred dollars.

  5. Sean says:

    This ones better cos its the real thing, but i liked the lighting on the fake one, but I don’t think that would be cheap…

  6. jon says:

    I would start laughing if that leaked dev console image back in March was the real deal. With USB controllers lol

  7. Ian says:

    If those are air vents I see, the PS4 must have some massive air-cooling.

  8. kelso says:

    vita cfw? this website should be renamed to…keeping up with gaming news lol its been a long time since ive seen anything about ecfw or ninja releases…you’re losing it wololo

  9. EJ says:

    Looks like it has more shape then the Xbox. Hopefully it’s sci-fi looking, but not too sci-fi.

    • Rozzza says:

      as long as it doesn’t look like a VHS player like the Xbox one im fine with it

      • gunblade says:

        think in the video it was like vertical standing so i guess it kind of looks like the xbox one… u no whats weird is that well sony let microsoft use blu ray n microsoft let sony use kinect weirdest thing…

  10. m0rb1t says:

    I think it is gonna look like a Coffe machine

  11. gunblade says:

    weird from looking a the still frames the ps4 kind of reminds me of like the nintendo the old one before super nintendo with like the side n edges..

  12. NNNRT says:

    I’m sure the PS4 will kill something called Xbox. 😀 just 😀

  13. NNNRT says:

    You know what?
    The PS4 has USB 3.0 & Bluetooth 2.1
    The Xbox One has USB 2.0 & Bluetooth 3.0
    Oh man! 😡
    But still USB is much more important than Bluetooth, + the PS4 is better, so it wins…

  14. rabies says:

    PS4 is the Microsoft killer not Sony.
    At the ONE unveiling 90% of talk was about television, i’ll say it again TELEVISION not GAMES! isn’t that BS.

    So, hope all the Microsoft user are filled with joke cause i love what i saw. Oh, for the record Sony plans to sue Microsoft for copying the betamax design.

  15. Wil says:

    Just some noobish question is this PS4 can play also the platform of ps2 and 3 or even the 1?. its better to play lot’s of game

  16. anhell28 says:

    anybody seen this yet
    looks pretty legit.

  17. PatriciaBau33 says:

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