The Playstation Vita is still relevant

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  1. Seong Aleque


    Also, mostly true. But you forgot some good games.

  2. The Kick

    I agree through and through. Worst yet, it’s feeling like the Vita has missed its window at this point.

  3. wartaf

    too bad, Sony isnt pleasable.. even they know it, their unpleasable strategy will go first.

  4. fromakidsperspective

    When the Vita will finally be hacked, the console would have a use again.

  5. oO Flowzilla Oo

    How strong is the Vita when compared to the OUYA?

    • TStrauss

      The Ouya uses a Tegra 3 SoC, so the two are comparable. The Vita uses a lower res screen, though, which means it can pull off more performance with similar tech.

  6. zix

    Its a pity sony are so greedy, the price really is the defining factor of the consoles failure and the reason i wont be purchasing one.

  7. romulo

    y love psvita

  8. fdffabe fxd gghve

    AAA Gravity Rush, Soul Sacrifice, and more you forgot

    • Sylen7Nato

      wow, some of you need to read a little closer…he clearly apologized for missing some of the other good titles…what do you want him to do?…take up half a page to list every game, just to please everyone on their favorite game being recognized?…thats not the focus of the article, nor the selling point…just because the titles are not listed, does not mean he doesnt consider them “AAA” or good for that matter.

  9. Jiacheng Weng

    Nowadays, mobile devices develop very fast. As far as I know, iPad 4’s gpu is already stronger than PSVita. Evida’s game console also shows its strength of operating android games. I am afraid that psvita’s capability will not be strong any more. As for games, there seems to be a wonderful demonstration in coming E3. I hope that GT6 will launch on PSVita, or some air battle games. I am also lokking forward to killzone. Haha!

  10. Darken

    They Real Cost issue Is not the system price tag its the memory cards and they do not make the system price tag go up or down the thing that affects the system is it does not come with a memory card from the start why would you want a system you cant use till you shell out another $20+ atop of the $250+ for the damn system whoever is in charge of sonys sales department needs to have a broom handle broken off in thier ***

    • stOneskull

      before i even bought a vita there was a long time where i wanted one.. but the first problem was ‘do i get the 3g version or the wi-fi version’ – this hurdle probably got others stuck as well, not knowing which one to buy so buying neither.

  11. Josuemental

    For me, the price of the system itself wouldn’t be such a big deal if the memory cards weren’t so criminally expensive and if the Vita weren’t missing some should-have-had features like force feedback, scratch resistant screen, & clickable sticks, for me it feels lacking and outdated because of it missing this features, so I don’t get how everyone praises it as if it had everything and is not missing anything hardware-wise. And I’m still waiting for a third-party UMD drive add-on attachment (because I know Sony’s never making one)

    • Josuemental

      Just for the record so everyone doesn’t think those features I mentioned are the only ones that I think the Vita should have had but it’s missing, those were just examples, others are: HDMI-out, local internal storage memory, among others

  12. ZeroSkys

    This was amazing and all true. I really think the need more advertising. Honestly last year i saw a few commercials and then it just stopped. With the PS4 news now would be a great time to start.

  13. Shinobi

    Finaly admitted that for now honestly the vita sucks i have it and im writing this mesage with it.Ok my opinion wrong time realese to early,they could wait a bit more and they would had a perfect and strong vita.But i think its too late,i think right now we are going to have a verry strong xbox hand heald so sony for r in trobule 2more day until the anausment

    • Death of Chaos

      Nah, Microsoft couldn’t create a portable system, their games would fudge up as soon as the consumer puts the disc in, they have no idea how to prevent disc damage when a device is in movement. Yeah, they could make a handheld that’s download only, but if they did that, either the system would be stuck with an internal memory, swapping memory would be 10x more expensive than PSVita memory cards, or some kind of combination of the two.

  14. franz

    watching the games catalog psvita is poor but has for some factors such psp games, psx, minis would be good ps2 games, good for psvita games are expensive hope they improve the catalog.

  15. qwazed

    Great post, i agree with all of your povs, i see sony concentrating most of its ps resources on its big consoles, and treating its portable like a *** “noonemustseeit” little child.

    We need God of war, Monster Hunter and why not even Diablo 3. THAT would be AWESOME and would skyrocket psvitas sales.

    Oh, and make those games, if not even all of them, cross platform play, its not that hard, even with the limited resources on the ps vita, that would create a truly amazing playstaion ecosystem.

  16. solidsnake

    Just pre-ordered the shield today, let you now how it turns out in a month. But im betting that it will turn out great.

  17. Chuckthetekkie

    I agree that CMA has to go. Do I really need to have to running just to transfer pictures from the Vita to my Mac? I don’t like the fact that I have to be signed into PSN for CMA to work on the PS3. Also there is no way to backup just the game saves without backing up the entire digital version of a game.

    I was lucky, I got a 3G Vita with a 32GB mem card, Persona 4 and some extras for $250.

    I remember when the Memory Stick Pro Duo first came out. It was ridiculously expensive. Even now, a 4GB sets you back $15-$20.

    If you are like me and buy those cross-buy games or are a PS+ member, you need the 32GB Vita card.

    My other major complaint is that there are loads of PSP and PSOne Classic games that you can’t play on the Vita because they are not in the Vita Store. Thankfully, having a 2.02 Vita with TN-V allows me to download and play my purchased PSP PSN games that for some reason Sony won’t let me play.

    Sony could have easily used MicroSD cards and encrypt the file system like the PS3 does. It seems to me that Sony has stopped caring about its customers and cares more about sc*** them anyway they can.

    They screw you if you have multiple PS3 and portable systems by only allowing 2 to be activated and then they lock you out from downloading if you deactivate and activate too many things.

    A lot of those PSOne Classics and PS2 Classics just don’t play that well on the non BC PS3s.

    I mean why is a PSOne Classic game so laggy on the PS3 when the disc version plays fine?

    Also some of those HD remakes from PS2 games are worse than the PS2 version and have many glitches in them. The Ratchet and Clank Collection is loaded with glitches and frame rate issues across all 3 games that didn’t exist on the PS2 versions. I thought the graphics were supposed to be redone in HD yet they don’t look any different than the SD PS2 versions. I never played the Sly Cooper series on PS2 so I can’t compare the PS3 collection to it.

    I am happy that the Jak Collection is coming to the Vita in a few weeks. I wonder how it will perform compared to the PS3 version since the Vita is missing a few buttons compared to the Dual Shock Controller.

    I’d love to see Borderlands on the Vita.

    I have noticed that the 3G version of the Vita has gone down in price in some stores. Wal-Mart has it for $280 now.

    The lack of rumble does hurt the experience a bit. Since the Vita isn’t using a spinning disc, they could have easily added rumble. I still wonder what that the extra port is going to be used for.

    The Vita does out perform many mobile devices out there today. It can clearly outperform the iPods of today but it is missing many things.

  18. HaunterZeroX

    They failed out on getting a release of monster hunter 3 ultimate or at least monster hunter 4 for it.

  19. Hey Sony

    Hey SONY guys lurking this board, let me give you an advise: do you want the Vita to become popular? Allows us to run some hombrew at least through the PSP emulator. That way more people will get the VITA, you have until the new team that is hacking 3DS achieves their goal. If we can get apps and additional non-sony stuff to run in our portable consoles, then the VITA will become relevant to all of us and lots of newcomers, instead of gathering dust like the 2 Vitas i own (and also my 3DS is gathering dust right now).

    • fate6

      * non-sony stuff *

      why? I mean it would be cool if we were given control of the ePSP but think about it in a business point of view

      its just not possible

      • stOneskull

        they’ve handed over PSM.. if your homebrew is worth a dollar people will download it.

      • Hey Sony

        Yeah i realize that, its not possible for they to announce that or allow that directly, but from a business point of view, they could make a “mistake” that could allow us to put a ecfw on the VITA to run psp homebrews like regular stuff, that way we will have our PSP scene instantly there, and it will be worthy to get and buy(without relying on waiting for some game to have a exploit). From a investors point of view, if i was an investor for the VITA, i would allow that indirectly, as they are suffering from the worse loses ever in that handheld. And its a good handheld, but limited because its OS and lack of good stuff.

  20. E

    Sadly, I fear Sony will not get it right until the next version of the Vita. They really need to pick it up if they want to increase sales and visibility of this product that they spent 7 years working on

  21. jon

    No good games, more like console port fever.

    The thing that is really killing it is the Minecraft Exclusive Licensing with Microsoft.

    A whole lot of people would buy Minecraft just to play on a crisp OLED handheld.

    Sad thing is that there only about 1 of each kind of game on the Vita, like 1 racing game, 1 fighting game, 1 rythm game.

    Then the rest are just indie games trying to make a living at 5$ base price.

    And yes the memory card prices are ridiculous not to mention you can’t play one of these on a tv for a 2012 device.

    • MarSprite

      “not to mention you can’t play one of these on a tv for a 2012 device.” Not to mention that its Ancestor the PSP 2000 had that capacity. Technological devoloution in action.

  22. Germain

    but quite a bit more powerful than the 3DS?i dint get that part , as i know the 3ds is like a wii and the wii is like a PSP (speaking about how games look like) , how the vita can be just a bit more powerful than a 3ds? i mean , some games like wipeout on vita look like a ps3 game

    vita is more powerfull 10 time than a 3ds for me

    • TStrauss

      This is unquantifiable I’m afraid. I don’t know which permutation of the ARM11 is in the 3DS, I don’t know what the Pica 200 in the 3DS is clocked at, I could not find floating ops/ sec for it to do an apples to apples comparison, heck, I dont even know how much RAM is in it (there are X-ray scans that suggest 128 MB system and 6 MB vRAM, but I don’t know if this is right). There are also unknowns on the Sony side; no one knows what the + at the end of the GPU means exactly.

      The Vita is exactly “quite a bit more powerful” than the 3DS. Metric, not English. 😀

  23. OGManBro

    When you have to make an article about why something is relevant, you can bet your *** it isn’t. All of those games that are good are remakes/ports or very old. The system has been out since March of last year. The list of good games is extremely finite, and it’s only about 2-3 good games per genre if that many. I hate to say it, but the Vita is sucking some serious *** nowadays. Good job Sony.

  24. tryrush deppy

    Sony has ALWAYS been anti-consumer friendly. whether it’s electronics, home audio/video, computers, peripherals, etc., etc., etc. most expensive for repairs and replacement parts… i could go on and on. their business model is this idea that they offer the consumer a ‘life-style’ for a premium. they still have that ’70s/’80s Audiophile mentality. it’s never going to change. they will allow their proprietary technology to dry up and fade away before giving in to lower prices, it’s a proven track record, unfortunately. ya’ll just have to decide if you are going to buy into the lifestyle or not, and then shut the *** up.


  25. hien

    I bought it 6 months ago and it’s collecting dust. Still don’t have games i like such as pes 2013, tekken 6, dragon ball. Ps vita sucks, namco sucks.

  26. Raizuke

    for me, i just love to have all the monster hunter series to be on the vita, thats all sony!

  27. sf

    It sold 15,000 in April. 1/4th the Nintendo DS.
    The outlook is good though.

  28. Ash

    Currently, the processor inside the Vita is not the most powerful. The Snapdragon S4 Pro 600 and 800 are both more powerful than this. Current flagship smartphones would wipe the floor with the Vita :( Sony should’ve manufactured their own chipset, CPU and GPU for the Vita… That way it could have a better GPU because with the current GPU, it lags a bit on some games and it can’t handle much… Personally, I think they should focus on making the Vita a portable PS3 rather than a different console because I think that would appeal to more people and they should make more direct ports of PS3 games on the Vita because if they made Cod or Fifa where you can play with PS3 players then I would definitely buy it.

    • TStrauss

      This is accurate, but unclear.

      The Snapdragon line are SoC (CPU and GPU are combined on one chip). We’ll talk about the Snapdragon 600, since the 800 is not in any commercial devices that I know of.

      The CPU in the Snapdragon 600 is a quad core Krait, which is comparable to an ARM A15. The Snapdragon 600 is only in a handful of devices. It is true that the Krait in the Snapdragon 600 is faster than the Vita’s ARM A9. But considering the Snapdragon 600 came out after the Vita was released (Q1 2013), I think it still performs admirably.

  29. Edward Carnby

    I just bought a PS Vita. Im having 50% regret why i did not go for the 3DS…i mean the games on it are more fun based and cheaper….Well, i guess i just have to wait till end of July and decide…

  30. LOL

    O_O Good games R coming……….. in Japan xD too bad for us

  31. Stranno

    Pros: Best portable device ever.
    Cons: Sony doesnt mind it anymore.

  32. Vitality777

    The Vita is awesome. The special memory cards are not. In the beginning there was a huge lack of great games indeed, but that’s not an issue anymore. There’s plenty of really great stuff for the Vita. There could be more but there’s nothing to complain about. A price drop could be a good push though. Last week, the 3DS XL was available for €135 in a big dutch toy store. It’s hard to beat that price.

  33. liu

    i just want to sell my vita

  34. liu

    i dont trust sony anymore,ich will buy next xbox720 instead of ps4!!!

  35. liu

    and now i think the games and apps in ipad4 or iphone5 better than ps vita!!!

  36. liu

    please give up sony!!this company is already dead!!

  37. naster

    this exploit game 2.12 is worms: battle island

  38. svenn

    I kinda disagree with you; Its a great piece of hardware, but who cares ? Nobody;

    The price is outrages; 1) there are a gazillion alternatives : tablets, phones, …
    2) you need to buy everything new again, games, storage, console …
    3) useless feats. eg. a touch screen in the back ? These are very limited used in games; like IR on the original fat psp …
    4) to limited use, you do half of the stuff you can with a tablet/phone out-of-the-box.

  39. Vegeta Ali

    Well I think your right about most of the things and what I think the major problems for Vita are;

    1. It’s too expensive.
    2. Doesn’t have many good titles that people want.
    3. CMA it self is a problem and crappy software.
    4. No internal memory.
    4. Memory cards are so expensive.
    5. Can’t switch PSN accounts.

  40. zechiro

    Release a cfw for vita, sales will definitely sky rocket! I bet my *** on this!

    • svenn

      You might wane bet on something different; Piracy is not a primary sell point; I doubt people check out if there is a hack for there console available before buying.