The Playstation Vita is still relevant

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  1. Deamon says:

    Please forward this article directly to Sony and hope they improve an otherwise great mobile gaming system.

  2. lim says:

    the most weakness that i found is sony released few vita game cards

  3. prince dess says:

    in all relevance the vita is a great console and like anything its gonna take work to overcome obstacles ive owned mine since launch got loads of psp games on it bought a few game cards and i love it people just dont give it time . look at the ps1 for example it was a “waste” of money at first but sony is wise and knows the.consumer well just wait for holiday season this year .

  4. michael says:

    to annon,doyoueven

  5. michael says:

    to annon, do you even have a vita ? as playing cod just now and playing my music

  6. Anon says:

    PS Vita has around 100 games (US).
    I don’t really think 1 game every ~4.6 days(US) is that bad.

  7. Pirate says:

    the wrong with sony is they released ps vita then after one year, they announce PS4?? so the sale of ps vita would go down, because not anyone is a rich person that can buy the 2 consoles together, some people saving their money for PS4, they forget the ps vita and wait for the ps4…
    that’s not a good plan from them…. -_-

  8. jeebs says:

    I wont be surprised if Vita will sink so badly, that SONY will give people a hint on how to truly hack it. (No PSP emulator ***)

    The follow up will be :

    – popularity increased by 1000% followed by sales
    – new emulators and cool apps will start to show (taking advantaged of Vita powerful hardware)
    – torrents will be flooded by vita games
    – since it will be unlocked, the memory cards will surely be replaced by chinese cheap ones. But still good enough.Actually dont even be surprised if one day you will see an SSD drive hooked up to a fully hacked Vita.
    – and lastly people will still buy great games. Whoever says piracy will totally kill Vita, then answer me, why Gran Turismo sold 3.86million units on that fully hacked device called PSP?!?!?

    PC games dont sell that good ffs. We need CFW!

  9. Aaa says:

    Vita problem….

    First problem, exemple : photos…No folders, the OS is very closed…. In resume…there no one simple past and copy (PC)…as psp1

    …. Second problem

    NO GAMES in deep…
    no, resent evil, gran turismo, snk, and many others …. Get the PS1 or PS2 …there many games…

    Metal gear is great, but is only one port of PS2….

    …. Gran turismo and resident evil, as others ….. Sony need to learn that ” is the more important ” yes sony you are great but…. No games no win…

    Gran turismo 5 is great, but forza 4 is amazing too, and of corse i will buy the new Xbox720 we will have forza 5 ….in a little time….

    New playstation 4 …yes is great, but I don’t think to buy it…
    ….gran turismo 6 or 7…..yeah… In next 3 or 4 years…..

    The problem for Sony is ….games ….

    We can see the Nintendo …
    I have both, the Nintendo and the psvita ….
    Well psvita is very better, hardware, screen …and etc…

    BUT, I have 4x time more games than psvita ;( ….

    Normally I use the psvita only for movies…because the iPhone screen is small….but if I buy one galaxy S4 …. Is preety sure that I will leave the psvita in the box of my desk ……

    The psvita need GAMES and one OPEN system …( as android )

  10. VoDkAvi says:

    Sony can’t stop hacking throughout all devices nore are they monopolizing any market. Therefore I don’t have to buy a PS Vita. If you want to lock it down FINE. Is Sony not aware that people will still hack something else or buy something like an android gaming tablet or those dingoo handhelds to do things you wont allow us to do on a Vita? IThey actually would make more money selling the $250 Vita instead of worrying about the $40 *** games they’re trying to protect. I would count every Dingoo or android gaming tablet as a loss for the Vita. Those are where your losses count, not piracy.

  11. steve says:

    hey sony i spend over 250$ for a vita. lets go make some game!! where is skyrim mass effect gta turismo helloooo anybody work in sony for making games. a lack of all. game are to expensive for a really ***. come on hurry up

  12. ramen says:

    I was seriously considering buying a vita but in all honestly there are no games for a lot of core gamers.
    We have played persona 4 to its death on ps2 and a straight port of fifa 11 console version just meh. What elst teh vita has got? Well let’s see, an uncharted and a barely functional assassin’s creed. Step up the game Sony.

  13. Kyu says:

    Good thing that I plan to get Jak trilogy and disgaea 3 (I only got 3 on ps2 and I have not rushed to buy Disgaea,foolishly waiting for a sale or sth lol)

  14. tmulaku says:

    i have just bought a vita and to be honest, was a little bit worried when the retailer ler told me that he had no games with him in store. now i have to SEARCH for them myself.

  15. sander says:

    GPU power is 4times , 7.2Gflops. not only 7.2Ggflops alone. GFLOPS(@ 200 MHz,per core): 7.2

  16. Truth says:

    HAHAHA, LOL. Vita is IRRELEVANT and DEAD! Sony as a company is dying fast now as they have been goofing off since the beginning of the decade. Too little too late!

  17. wololo says:

    This is actually spot on. Somehow I never saw it this way but it explains a lot of things.

  18. svenn says:

    You might wane bet on something different; Piracy is not a primary sell point; I doubt people check out if there is a hack for there console available before buying.

  19. fate6 says:

    *Since the Vita isn’t using a spinning disc, they could have easily added rumble*

    really? really?!…. I swear the end user is just….
    NVM I will just keep quiet >__>

  20. stOneskull says:

    before i even bought a vita there was a long time where i wanted one.. but the first problem was ‘do i get the 3g version or the wi-fi version’ – this hurdle probably got others stuck as well, not knowing which one to buy so buying neither.

  21. >_> says:

    Yes, you keep quiet. :P

  22. Minimur12 says:

    *cough*wii U *cough*

  23. TStrauss says:

    Isn’t it awful? This is how Sony advertises! Does anyone remember those god-awful ads for the PS3?

  24. MarSprite says:

    Evidently fate6 recalls the snafu with the sixaxis following the Immersion v. Sony case.

  25. TStrauss says:

    You’re talking about two different things under the same label. Hacking =/ piracy.

    Hacking is enabling unsigned code to run on a device. This enables homebrew (a good thing) and usually enable piracy (a bad thing).

    Piracy does hurt sales. I’ve heard all the facile arguments before, so spare me. If you can get the game for free, most people won’t be troubled to buy it. Piracy figures and trends are troubling, and Sony would be foolish.

    Homebrew, on the other hand, opens a device up to some really cool homemade software. XBMC was originally homebrew for the Xbox. Wololo’s Wagic is homebrew. Cave Story started out as homebrew.

    The problem for Sony is, if they leave the door open for homebrew, piracy always rides its coat tails. So the smart business move for Sony is to kill all hacking. It sucks for homebrew enthusiasts like me, but pirates ruin it for everyone. The PS mobile thing was probably Sony’s attempt to placate homebrew without compromising security. I doubt it will placate anyone in the homebrew scene, but it’s a start.

  26. VoDkAvi says:

    Very true. But regarding piracy, when they take a game off the store because of licensing issues it’s BS that I missed out. I wouldn’t mind paying for it but if you dont give me the option piracy becomes justified which wouldn’t hurt any sales because its not even on the store for me to purchase.

    They say it’s about sales but the PSP did amazing….. they really just want to try to monopolize things. Its like justifying linking games to your account to stop used game sales. I can see why they’re mad that it “hurts sales” but i would love to buy certain games direct from sonys store but they dont offer it….my only option is to pirate..its ridiculous to think im going to buy a PS1 and go through a bunch of trouble and put money in peoples hand through amazon and ebay (not sony) when they couldve made $250 from me buying a vita cuz it just made my life easier

  27. clyde says:

    Relax your testicles Josh! Sony (to their fault) admittedly has not handled marketing the device well but that doesn’t mean the Vita will fail. The PS4 is due to be released soon and the cross functionality between the two devices sounds amazing and I’m staying hopeful for the coming E3 announcements pertaining to the PS4 and Vita.

    There are still many games in development and still so much more potential to be unlocked. Don’t let your own ignorance get the better of you. Good things will come eventually, and things have only just begun. A system isn’t DEAD because you say it is.

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