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The future is now!: Google Glass

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  1. austin says:

    Let’s see when this will become “mainstream” !

  2. celcodioc says:

    Cool. Still, I wonder if Glass could harm your eyes since it only covers one eye…

  3. Minecartuser says:

    Well, I must say, Google Glass IS in fact quite a revolution. But I am strictly against it. Google already knows enough about our private lives, I don’t want to send them even more information. e.g. You couldn’t tell if someone was recording a video right in front of you (I know, he could also do that with a hidden camera.) But still. And secondly: As soon as you go out shopping, Google instantly knows your preferences. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Google could also get much information about the people someone wearing Google Glass only SEES. Google already developed a face recognition soctware, fed it with 10.000 pictures from Facebook (don’t know if there were exactly 10.000) but the software got banned. Who tells us that they didn’t, deep down in the system of Google Glass, implement that feature to gain information about everyone around? I’ll just leave my thoughts here with this.

    Greetings from Germany

    Written with my PS Vita (Love that thing :D)

    • stOneskull says:

      The founders of Google came out of the NSA. I don’t think there is any such thing as ex-intelligence. That kind of career is lifelong. They publicly portray a nice, agenda-helpful “Don’t Be Evil” face but that just makes me think of the way you spell illuminati backwards and put a dot com after it.. ie. check out itanimulli.com <-

      • x-eye says:

        lol how do you guys find this stuff? can anyone say “lone gunmen” ?

      • gunblade says:

        jus watch tomb raider ….nsacss seen that discover channel episode had this code thing on one wall prety coool was like from this one movie…

    • mlc says:

      I must agree with this.^

      Without all of the Google features, they’re just a glasses-mounted camera. So the entire functionality of Google Glass depends upon giving up all your personal information to them. While this might not initially be used for anything nefarious, it does create the possibility that people could be marked for surveillance/storage and essentially have any private moment (given that your glasses are on) recorded for law enforcement purposes. (or just abusive purposes, if someone involved in Google Glass or within law enforcement has a vendetta against you)

      While this would obviously be difficult to do on a large scale given the amount of storage you’d require, that wouldn’t prevent targeted abuses, and is hardly unlikely given the enormous push to a full surveillance state in the USA. (i.e. the illegal – but we’ll pretend it’s not – surveillance of phone calls, internet usage, and other First Amendment protected activities like participation in political rallies and movements) Also there must presumably already be an automated system to only store audio information which is connected to a particular target, or which has certain key words, and Google Glass will already depend upon an automated system to “recognize” everything you look at, making it seem entirely possible to set up a similar system.

      Of course Facebook, all other social media, and many other websites are already offering up to public and private entities a huge amount of information about us, but that depends on willing participation. Google Glass negates willing participation, as just one person around you wearing them may very well be unintentionally creating a partial record of your actions. It may become much, much more harmful to privacy than even cell phone location data & literal surveillance is currently.

  4. ChemDog says:

    Man, the sayans have had these for years

  5. wartaf says:

    i like this 😀

  6. George says:

    Do you realise that Google Glass is a peripheral for Android Phones and not a standalone device?

    The problem with it is that is not focused to the wearer, but to his surroundings in a way that is easily concealed.

    Its true that I can take pictures and video all day, but I have to make some very distinct moves and action and so I can be recognised to do so.

    With glass, everyone will be afraid around a person with glasses.

    Also what about people with prescription glasses, can they use the Google Glass or they are #%@$ like in 3D technology ?

    • hgoel0974 says:

      Yes, they can, they can either wear it over their glasses or get the appropriate lens in Google Glass

    • Z says:

      It is NOT just a peripheral for Android. It’s a stand alone product, with the software BASED on Android

      You don’t need to do actions to activate the Glass’s functions, it’s all voice-based

      And Google is having talks with eye companies so that they can bring prescription lenses with it

  7. Minimur12 says:

    It’s pretty cool, but if you think about it, its pretty creepy, I mean, you could film people without them knowing 😯

    • kuagelo says:

      Pretty sure some people are already doing that through telephoto lens. 😀

      I find Glass cool (and I plan to get one! … should the budget permit T_T), but I do share the privacy concerns. I think Google should add a very conspicuous way of telling everyone that you’re taking a picture. Like LEDs or something.

      • yeahman says:

        google glass is targetting the mass market and the mass market will soon be able to film whatever they want… people are already taking lots of private photos using smartphones… imagine what it will be with google glass

  8. x-eye says:

    sorry guys but this will never be as cool as having Actual cybernetic implants in your brain. y know so you can change the TV channel like that kid in the x men movie?

  9. gunblade says:

    it can translate english to japanese n japanese to english would it be like yo were is the sushi store or hi were is the sushi store or be like the plant need to be watered…

  10. Jmqm says:

    Your 2nd image is fake. The slide glass on the Google Glass is the part where they show stuff to you.

  11. dan says:

    old news, next.

  12. Frank says:

    hgoel0974, I disagree on your stance on privacy, and thankfully so do many others. Organisations like EFF actively educate on the topics and valid reasons we need to fight for our digital privacy. Before dismissing the other side of the argument, think about the broader implications of the direction the world is headed (a direction Google Glass does nothing to counter).

    The technology and physical implementation of Google Glass is unarguably brilliant. Its the Google part that worries me.

    Why can I install Chrome OS on my licensed Windows laptop, but I can’t install or develop a Linux OS for Google Glass? Of course you can ask the same question of mobile phones…

    • Frank says:

      Ack, in a recent development… you can install Ubuntu on Google Glass already!

      So initial news reports that hyped up the fact that Google will disable features of your Google Glass should you play with it too much were lies?

  13. Kr0n1kK1ll3r says:

    Cool idea but very bad. No privacy will exist. Think about it this way…you’re taking a *** and some guy next to you is wearing them, next thing you know you are on a website.

  14. TStrauss says:

    I think the privacy concerns are trumped up. You can easily film videos with a smart phone without anyone knowing. I’ve done it just to see if I could, and it was freaking easy. As far as tracking your movements go, again, welcome to the world of smartphones. Even older cell phones had to check in with a tower, meaning the cell company knows your every movement.

    Finally, people seem to forget that Google Glass is visible. You can see if someone has it on. If you’re having a confidential board meeting, you just tell people to take off the Glass. It’s stupid easy.

  15. mangosteam says:

    its cool imagine i can play Japanese games now with auto translation ,i wont need to wait for us release or fan translations.

  16. razor says:

    Vuzix m100 looks way cooler than glass.

  17. lenyekpenyek says:

    The most important function that I need is to measure the power level, no matter what it is.

    you know what I mean. Please google?

  18. MarSprite says:

    OMFG… NEED LIKE AIR! *goes to sign up*

  19. Tnutbutter says:

    Can’t wait to buy me a scouter!!

  20. mlc says:

    My other comment was too long and apparently is permanently help up for moderation approval, so…

    The difference between Google Glass and a regular smart phone is that with Google Glass it will be much more difficult to know if someone is recording you, although initially this will be limited in scope due to the enormous price tag.

    The difference between Google Glass and a hidden camera on your person is that your hidden camera requires more effort to set up, your own storage, and your own analysis of the images. Also, you would personally have to give those images to the government or whoever, whereas with Google Glass, Google will immediately have those images as a necessity for the full feature set of the Glasses. Also, in the USA we are already practicing several forms of illegal surveillance, so it seems foolish to think that Google Glass won’t be put to the same surveillance state uses.

    • 502 Bad Gateway says:

      Lower the price and I might be temped.

    • wololo says:

      Sorry, just approved it (I’m – intentionally – the only mod on the blog, so when the timing is bad it might take up to 12h for a comment to appear. Hint, avoid using the word “first” in comments as this is a flag for moderation)

  21. owanef says:

    Awesome! I got this free PSN code from a card and it worked! I got it from freepsnforever● com

  22. Randy Steele says:

    This thing really makes me think of that episode of futurama with the “Eye-phone”.

  23. Shinny says:

    I would buy them just to play JAP PSP games, cause yay it can translate them… but on the other hand, i would not buy them cause im pretty sure that the price is just massive.. =/

  24. unknown says:

    why you should hate them?
    for 1 reason, a really important reason: more tumors with this!

    no one cares about tumors but after 10-12 yrs they will cry

    your head is exposed to the radiation ALL THE DAY

    • Deamon says:

      So my head will start glowing green in the dark or something? xD

      I have a feeling you watched too many StarTreck Movies or something, because the radiation would have to be much higher than coming from such a small device.

  25. Ingus says:

    would be nice if it could translate jpn games text so english users can play without having them fan-translated XD (SEE THE BRIGHT SIDE DO NOT GO TO THE DARK SIDE)

  26. unknown says:

    even if the device is small the radiation can be high
    it depends on a lot of things

    for ex. the htc one(m7) does 1.2-head, BUT 1.2 is not the real value because there are other things that you have to consider
    so 1.2 can be the min value!
    with a phone like this(m7) you may have a tumor(90% possibilities)

    with this(google glass) you may have a tumor(100% possibilities)

    this is not a joke, these are the facts

    these radio waves are not natural, your cells CANNOT handle them for a long time

  27. Pirate says:

    This looks cool!!
    I agree with this!! this should be released 😀

  28. Chris says:

    are devs already workin on a jailbreak? xD

  29. w3ird00 says:

    Step 1: Were them.
    Step 2: Go outside.
    Step 3: Be robbed.

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