Trololo Talks: Predicting The Future (In Games)

Hey everyone! Episode 2 of Trololo talks now, this week we will be discussing predicting the future in games! (a.k.a. predictable moments)



So, if you’ve ever played a video game on any device, be it PS Vita, PC, Xbox 360, and even your Mac……. Actually, you can’t play games on a Mac, can you?

What I really mean, is predictable, a ‘seeing-something-from-a-mile-away’ moment in a game. When I first got Uncharted 2, I wasn’t hoping for much with the game, the opening sequence was predicting a hell. I thought to myself ‘Well that boulder is going to fall’.

This is what I mean.

There aren’t any spoilers, this is the opening scene of the game.

Apart from the opening chapter, I loved the whole game. It is still up there in my top 5 games, if you haven’t played it I really suggest you do.

You will know that in any game, there is a moment in EVERY game you know what’s about to come next. Here’s a few examples of what I’ve experienced:
•Walking over an old wooden bridge suspended hundreds of metres above a river? Yep. It totally won’t break.
Culprit: Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

•Hitching a ride on a train? What’s that? Something’s in the way? No, really?
Culprit: Telltale’s The Walking Dead

•Running away from enemies? Don’t worry. You’ll trip.
Culprit: Telltale’s The Walking Dead

• Just finished a major boss battle? He’ll come back later, twice as powerful, just you wait.
Culprit: All Final Fantasy games.

•Cousin’s got a problem with loan sharks? As soon as you turn you back they’ll be there, beating the crap out of him.
Culprit: Grand Theft Auto IV

And another one thrown in just for good measure;

•Sliding down something that you’ll go launching off into your death? You’ll grab onto the ledge just it time. Don’t worry, you’ll be safe.  
Culprit: Tomb Raider (2013)

Obviously these predictable moments aren’t exclusive to that game (maybe apart from the GTA IV one)  but these are the games that I’ve noticed them.

So, I want to know, in what game were YOU able to predict the future?

You can comment on your predictable gaming experiences below, or on the /talk forums here.

How many times did you fight this guy? (Barthandelus – Final Fantasy 13)


No Nintendoheads were meant to be offended in the making of this article.


I know I said this Trololo talks would be on pet peeves, but I forgot and started writing this one instead.

Apart from Pet Peeves, I’ve ran out of ideas! So there’s only 1 month left of Trololo talks. Unless you, the Wololo community is willing to chip in and suggest topics for it! :)


If you don’t understand the picture above, it is a Pokémon reference of the Pokémon named Psyduck. His name has ‘psy’, for psychic (no, not the Korean singer) That’s the joke.


This song has been banned in South Korea by the state broadcaster KBS, why? Well at the beginning he kicked over a cone that said ‘no parking’. Yep.

I have a theory, that if the next Xbox is called the Xbox Infinity, that the next-next Xbox will be called Xbox: Infinity and Beyond!

  1. cscash241’s avatar

    +1 for the Psyducks


  2. ALLEN2’s avatar

    I thought about call of duty for the title. 6 months to make a game every year. Hell even that new stupid one “Ghosts” already has a pre order and a release date. It is gonna be finished in 6 months and yet it makes more money than games with devs that actually care and takes years to make.


  3. ALLEN2’s avatar

    Another comment but why doesn’t this author write about the yearly half assed games they make?


      1. Minimur12’s avatar

        that is such an awesome video!

        I might have to use it ;)


        1. Minimur12’s avatar

          You know, a trololo talks on year-on-year games is a good idea. ill see what i can think up to write about it (dont hold me against it though :) )


  4. Electric Penis’s avatar

    Minimur, I see your blogging skills are as horrid as ever. Why not kill yourself already?


    1. Minimur12’s avatar

      Hey electric, haven’t heard from you in a while! Where’ve you been?

      If you really want to know, I haven’t killed myself because yet because I have friends, family, people that I love. Ask yourself the same question, why haven’t you killed yourself? I’m not sending a death threat to you, just a question.

      Go ahead insult me all you want, I’ll be here, reading your comments, being un-insultable :)

      I’m always up for constructive criticism, be it positive or negative.
      One more question, now don’t go ranting an raving at me because I asked this question, what is your age?

      TStrauss: I jinxed it


      1. Electric Penis’s avatar

        See, I was actually kidding around(wanted to get in one last jab before I stop ragging on you). I’m not above admitting you’ve gotten better since your articles about game engines, and that’s a good thing. Keep up the pace.

        Oh, by the way, I am twenty.


        1. TStrauss’s avatar

          I remember knowing everything when I was 20!

          Spoiler alert: when you get older, you start to know less and less. By the time you have kids, you’re the biggest freaking moron on the planet. I’m told that when you have grandkids, you start to know things again, but I haven’t gotten there yet.


        2. Minimur12’s avatar

          another thing why choose the name ‘electric penis’?


          1. Electric Penis’s avatar

            Because I went through a complicated surgery that turned my penis into a conducting rod, obviously.

  5. Prank’s avatar

    Psyduck, mierda, ya me agarro la ciber pseudo nostalgia


  6. SSJ-Vita’s avatar

    I kept wanting to be able to avoid all the incoming bombs exploding and fighting off soldiers and whatnot but I knew that my part as Zack was over, waiting to be continued by Cloud which is a game I have yet to play. I’m saving that FF experience for a special occasion.


  7. xyphon’s avatar

    Well, what I know is that Xbox Infinity is a fake …


  8. MovingxTarget’s avatar

    Minimur your blogging skills are great as ever.You put alot of time ito these posts like no one else would.Keep it up :)

    -The Target


  9. ADudeWithAnHorriblyLongName’s avatar

    ok it goes like this,
    You’ve got an army of bad guys in front of you,armed to the teeth, you have a pistol with a couble rounds.
    You’re in deep. there is no way out.
    “Surrender you’re surrounded!”

    But then! RED BARRELS!

    Everybody’s dead.
    Mission Completed!
    You saved America!
    Credits roll.


  10. xoombie503’s avatar

    minimurs dad is psy


    1. Minimur12’s avatar

      :O how did you know?!!??!


  11. Lucas’s avatar

    Please stop writing. I mean it.


    1. TStrauss’s avatar

      This is unkind. The article was pretty cute, actually.


  12. Mike’s avatar

    I Like Turtles



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