Coldbird is Coming Back, Team PRO and TN Put Differences Aside, PSX Sound Coming!


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73 Responses

  1. wololo says:

    Wow, it’s great to see TN and team pro coming together, now they’re like the Avengers or something :)

    • Deagle275 says:

      I believe it’s like Marvel plus DC/Capcom :).

    • Casavult says:

      Yup, it’s great to see them put their differences aside. With their great skills combining, this should lead to some amazing work from them. :)

      @Cj: lol @ Total Pro.

  2. Abdou005 says:

    Awsome :D. Coldbird is a very nice person. Thank’s for coming back !. Tn + Proteam = my Ps vita will be happy :D!!

  3. Newbie says:

    By the way, happy to know the news.. I really wanting this to finally happend… Keep up the good work, Coldbird!!!

  4. dboyz90 says:

    this is d best scene ever for vita’s

  5. LoLzstupidhomebrewXD says:

    LOL stupid psp homebrew on vita looooooooooooooool


    • dboyz90 says:


  6. Chris.Beanz says:

    I just went and donated $5 to TeamPRO after reading this post. Thank you so much for all your hard work on this guys, this is one thing I’ve been VERY excited to get. I can’t wait to play Suikoden 2 on my vita with sound!

  7. Happy says:

    Yessssssssa yiuppiy

  8. noobrstxk says:

    niceeeeeee! AVENGERS –> psvita vs sony

  9. Lawliet says:

    Really great news! Can’t wait!

  10. icyheart says:

    Coldbird is Coming Back,welcome

  11. mangosteam says:

    oH YEAH!

  12. john10101 says:

    Wow, This is the best news ive heard in a while. Ive been thinking of upgrading the firmware to get some new games, but if psx sound comes into play i think ill stick with the hacks a bit longer.

  13. Romu says:

    Just when i wipe my 2.02 hack and update to 2.12 xD

  14. Johnno says:

    This is great News. I think it would be great to play PSX games on the Vita with sound without having to pay Sony $15 (over here) to play resident Evil.

    Sony doesn’t deserve our money when they arn’t supporting our beloved Vita with REAL Vita games why should we support them. I would rather give my money to this hard working team to get the sound working.

    Good job guys, and keep it up.

  15. wartaf says:

    i wanna ask if i can help on devs?? i wanna learn and help how is it work?? thanks 😀

  16. Jiacheng Weng says:

    It sounds amazing! Thanks Coldbird and all your team members. It is really powerful that there is a cooperation between team PRO and TN. I am sure that I will be excited the whole day! Haha!

  17. skyrock21 says:

    i’d like to know how to donate to this guys.i’m hoping for a kernel exploit for fw 2.06..thank you.

  18. - says:

    I guess he is finally over his temper tantrum.

    Why are all the people who are able to do this kind of stuff such insufferable attention whores that let others influence their decisions rather than just continue doing what they enjoy?

    • Ninjya Re Bang Bang says:

      It goes to show you how weak of a coward he is.
      He should stay in his bird cage. lol

      • dumb says:

        ^ Two examples of noobs who do not appreciate the time and effort involved by developers, or how it feels to pour your heart and soul into something, only to have it stolen or released before it was ready.

        Ninjya Re Bang Bang, if Coldbird lives in a cage, you live in your basement, knee deep in your own faeces, your only friend is your mum and you fill her rotting corpse with warm *** every night.

        Thankyou Coldbird and Total_noob (and all others) for your continued work on bringing homebrew and opensource qualities to our locked down Sony devices.

        • xPreatorianx says:

          Guys, don’t respond to the trolls. Who knows they may even be dup accounts of the guy who started the whole mess in the first place which lead to Coldbird leaving. I wouldn’t put it past the *** to rise up and do something yet again because there’s more progress now.

          @Coldbird/TN/Team Pro/et all – Thanks guys for working out your differences and rising back up to bring more advancements to this scene! IT’S GREATLY APPRECIATED! Now I leave one last comment to you all “*** THE HATERS!” IGNORE THEM! Please! Don’t let the loud mouth, trolling minority, ruin it for all of us grateful users! Please!

        • gunblade says:

          did u watch hansel n gretel too.

  19. CodeLion says:

    Damn. I updated because I didn’t really need CFW without psx sound.


  20. NeonAera says:

    Awesome news! Avengers assemble. (: Looks like there is still hope for PSX sound.

  21. Axel-25 says:

    Tn-v + team pro=
    Fusion ha! Tn -pro!

  22. francis says:

    great! my vita is dead as of now…hoping u guys come up with something for iso.cso games..all of them,..thanks!

  23. Runehasa says:

    Hopefully they can crack open the vita for something more than just what any old PSP can do. We all know what we want and its not 15 year old emulators :)

  24. hell_knight says:

    wow this is really happening. It made me blink my eyes a few times before I could confirm this news ! it is absolutely amazing. So happy to know Cold Bird’s going to be active in the next few months ! All the best & I hope good things are coming :) !!

  25. Wamphyri2b says:

    I love it when teams put aside silly differences & band together for the good of all. I wish other scene teams could do this, lol.

  26. c-zero says:

    This is excellent news! I love it when rival teams come together to make new things!

  27. dan says:

    does this mean we could have a better chance of finding more kernel exploits.

    • stOneskull says:

      there is one more kernel exploit but it should be saved for a couple years secretly.. until a year after the ps4.. if it came out too early it would go the way of past releases where most people prefer to stay on up-to-date firmware. better to wait a year and a half to two years.

    • Mr. MaGoo says:

      Lol, tor a second there I thought u were gonna say nemo. Haha

  28. garrei says:

    still on 1.81 urbanix TN-A… I might actually bother to update for the PSX Sound haha

  29. Theredbaron says:

    My first thought: This is way to late for April fools. *** people.


    OMFG, heck yeah, so awesome.

  30. Johnno says:

    I’m currently using ARK with the UNO exploit. Does this mean that ARK and TNV will be a joined release now ? So the next one that comes out will have to update to that so the PSX emulator sound will work on it ?

    Hopefully it will work with the Uno release as well as I always seem to have trouble putting new ones on my Vita with these exploits.

    But I’m just happy to for it to work at all and glad there are people like this that use their own time to try and make our Vita so much better.

    Don’t worry about the few that *** about things as there are many more that really appreciate what you’s do :)

  31. Sylen7nato says:


    this is the best news ive heard all year, well actually since CB left…cant wait to see what awaits us…thanks to TN and PRO for continuing to provide the amazing.

  32. D-TeK-DeV says:

    When great homebrew developers come together, that makes a perfect CFW. We finally won’t have to decide wich CFW to get. Its all in one!

  33. kazuya101 says:

    wishful thinking???
    More like wish come true!!

    This is awesome news.
    The Community supports and salutes you!

  34. isnizal says:


  35. Snowman says:

    Coldbird, you sly dog. I knew you’d be back! Just can’t stay away from the scene, can you. ;3

  36. Natan says:

    Great, I hope they will create a way to connect to the PRO SERVER !!!

  37. Fred94 says:


  38. natsu says:

    freaking great news!!!!


    Coldbird is back
    now real heck yeah :)

    And Team pro + TN
    this are 2 very very fantastic news in One

    I can´t await new cfw, homebrew and PSX with Sound

    Thanx Coldbird Total Noob, Pro team the Z Frostegater and all other who made its happen PS Vita is Open *Like a Dream*

  40. BrendanBeckmann says:

    I’m very much happy that they’ve settled their differences and together now everyone will profit. I can only hope that this will finally let me play the Crash Bandicoot series on my PlayStation Vita since Activision and Sony can’t get their *** together.

  41. Brandonheat8 says:

    Wonderful news guys wonderful 😀

  42. Yuu says:

    Welcome back and take care of yourself until your return in 5 months :D.

    Always knew you would come back ^_^

  43. Auron says:

    bout time, maybe you can finally create a CFW and not those VHBL stuff.

  44. says:

    Sound is great isn’t it? Without sound, we’ll all be living in a silent world. Hmm.. maybe that’s not a bad thing :)

  45. Buchan88 says:

    Great with these two working together I have a feeling we can expect the PS Vita hacking scene to be as glorious as the PSP one was, lets be honest the PSP scene moved slow at first, but now its freaking amazing and has the only emulator that can correctly emulate Sega CD that is not pc based. I solute you developers and have high expectations of you. Another not to the developers, if you have another person who leaks information I understand how frustrating and annoying but try to remember those who support you next time :)

  46. Buchan88 says:

    salute sorry for the typo

  47. WhiteMaze says:

    Holy ***.

    I’ve been following the scene since my first PSP. I never thought TN and the Pro Team would team up. Not in a million years. After all the battling and struggling to be on top, they FINALLY decide to do the right thing 😛

    Good for you guys. Work together and you will reach new heights 😀

  48. Philip J Fry says:


  49. Gie says:

    I see nothing but a bright future..

  50. roswell108 says:

    Think what you want, but the first line of the statement says it all: “You paid me more than whatever tantrum was worth”

  51. anima22 says:

    these guys are rock stars in my eyes.

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