Coldbird is Coming Back, Team PRO and TN Put Differences Aside, PSX Sound Coming!

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    Coldbird is back
    now real heck yeah 🙂

    And Team pro + TN
    this are 2 very very fantastic news in One

    I can´t await new cfw, homebrew and PSX with Sound

    Thanx Coldbird Total Noob, Pro team the Z Frostegater and all other who made its happen PS Vita is Open *Like a Dream*

  2. BrendanBeckmann says:

    I’m very much happy that they’ve settled their differences and together now everyone will profit. I can only hope that this will finally let me play the Crash Bandicoot series on my PlayStation Vita since Activision and Sony can’t get their *** together.

  3. Brandonheat8 says:

    Wonderful news guys wonderful 😀

  4. Yuu says:

    Welcome back and take care of yourself until your return in 5 months :D.

    Always knew you would come back ^_^

  5. Auron says:

    bout time, maybe you can finally create a CFW and not those VHBL stuff.

  6. says:

    Sound is great isn’t it? Without sound, we’ll all be living in a silent world. Hmm.. maybe that’s not a bad thing 🙂

  7. Buchan88 says:

    Great with these two working together I have a feeling we can expect the PS Vita hacking scene to be as glorious as the PSP one was, lets be honest the PSP scene moved slow at first, but now its freaking amazing and has the only emulator that can correctly emulate Sega CD that is not pc based. I solute you developers and have high expectations of you. Another not to the developers, if you have another person who leaks information I understand how frustrating and annoying but try to remember those who support you next time 🙂

  8. Buchan88 says:

    salute sorry for the typo

  9. WhiteMaze says:

    Holy ***.

    I’ve been following the scene since my first PSP. I never thought TN and the Pro Team would team up. Not in a million years. After all the battling and struggling to be on top, they FINALLY decide to do the right thing 😛

    Good for you guys. Work together and you will reach new heights 😀

  10. Philip J Fry says:


  11. Gie says:

    I see nothing but a bright future..

  12. roswell108 says:

    Think what you want, but the first line of the statement says it all: “You paid me more than whatever tantrum was worth”

  13. anima22 says:

    these guys are rock stars in my eyes.

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