Coldbird is Coming Back, Team PRO and TN Put Differences Aside, PSX Sound Coming!


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  1. WhiteMaze says:

    Holy crap.

    I’ve been following the scene since my first PSP. I never thought TN and the Pro Team would team up. Not in a million years. After all the battling and struggling to be on top, they FINALLY decide to do the right thing :P

    Good for you guys. Work together and you will reach new heights :D

  2. Philip J Fry says:


  3. Gie says:

    I see nothing but a bright future..

  4. roswell108 says:

    Think what you want, but the first line of the statement says it all: “You paid me more than whatever tantrum was worth”

  5. anima22 says:

    these guys are rock stars in my eyes.

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