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Minimur, WTH Happened This Week? Dust 514, Assassins Creed PS4 Dev Diary, And GT6 Vita?


Told you I'll edit this.

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    • SONY says:

      SONY wants to pitch more hype on the Vita and the PS4. For example, we’re planning to push more GAMES down people’s throats and get even more money out of their pockets. Sony has changed it’s strategy by bringing a lot more INDIE games not only because it’s much cheaper to make, but also to bring more exclusive games to maximize our profit from our faithful sheeps and new converts.

      Being a Japanese company, we put our proud over anything else, nothing can match our strategy to grab your money in the name of GAMES. Nowadays, we have western and eastern/arabic personnel working together for one global goal — YOUR MONEY.

      We love to see you waiting over and over again with a great anticipation for our GAMES. Thanks for the hype by our sheepy sheeps!

      Playstation® 4
      Greatness Awaits


    • totally cool like says:

      Enjoying your posts, just mentioning b/c I don know if you can edit your posts or not, you put the incorrect year for fifa 13 in murican and put “line” where I think you meant “like” in the assassins creed area.

      Keep up the good work yo!,
      Bleating Sheep

  1. Jd8531 says:

    “10/4/23 for you ‘mericans”
    FIFA 14 in 2023 geez I cant wait for that :p

    Also Shahid said you would play for hours a day on end (Not something you would do with a racing game typically), he has also done mostly contracted indie dev work with Sony so right now the rumor is actually Minecraft which fits more in line than GT6.

    • trey says:

      **whoops, ya beat me to it**

    • TheTokBox says:

      Nope… Minecraft, although huge now, IS an Indie game and he said it wouldn’t be a port… Considering minecraft is on almost everything, how could minecraft not be a port?

      • Jd8531 says:

        I looked through all his tweets and see nothing about him saying its not a port. Minecraft is not an indie game anymore. When you have Mojang and 4J working on it, it stops being indie especially when pysical copies of said game are coming out.

  2. stOneskull says:

    i thought he meant Tearaway at first..

    if not that, i hope it’s GTA Vita

  3. trey says:

    So the american release for Fifa 13 comes 10 years later. Woah, i guess they really are waiting for the release in ‘merica. (sarcasm implied, I’m not stupid)

  4. Decius says:

    Gran Turismo 6 <3

    GT5, GT PSP was a HUGE let down.. but since I'm such a diehard fan of the series it still made me happy. I was able to at least play Seattle Circuit on GT PSP. I wish I could drift it in GT 5 🙁

    • jccarbon says:

      True statement. Gt5 missed the best features from gt4 like driving missions and those special events. Even with more space to work with on the disk, gt5 didn’t really surpass its older brother, instead just adding more polygons and cars. If my PS2 wasn’t overheating I’d go back to gt4

  5. E says:

    Idk, I hope this “big title” is not Gran Turismo. GT would be super lame on the Vita. Maybe I am just biased though, because I prefer street racing games. #NFSfanboy

  6. E says:

    Maybe it is just the Otaku in me but, I am REALLY hoping– scratch that– PRAYING that one of those five SEGA titles will be a Bleach one. I wager that they will be 1. Bleach 2. One Piece (which I hate), 3. the rumored (or not-so-rumored since the announcement was made in Shonen Jump) Anime mashup fighting game with Goku, Luffy, Naruto, etc 4. Something Sonic related and 5. a game I probably will not care about, though Bayonetta for the Vita could be cool. Maybe I am just reaching but even still, it would be nice.

  7. JiachengWeng says:

    I am looking forward to GT6 on Vita, which can compete with real racing on android and iOS. While if the game is GTA, it will be much much surprising!!

  8. shades says:

    I’m way more interested in this teased “huge” new VIta game by that Sony spokesperson. I know it’s not Minecraft, and I know that if it was Dark Souls Vita the world would spin backwards forming the apocalypse from the sheer incredibility of it all, so I’m lost as to what it may be . . .

    Really hope it’s not something like “Peggle Vita!” or yet another God of War with rehashed gameplay. I understand people like the series, I did too for 1 and 2, but from then on the gameplay excluding boss battles was just . . .

    Anyway, I’d love me a good Western RPG. Persona 4 Golden has me on the JRPG front now and forever.

  9. Imran says:

    Well anyone guessed, it might be a new Patapon or Monster Hunter…:D

  10. GlueGun says:

    I can wait for those future titles to be released, KEEP BUYING!!!! 🙂
    hey mabey in the next 4 months GTA to be released…if not then mabey a exploit?

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