(BETA) Release: TN-V & TN-C for Apache Overkill 2.02 and below

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  1. Mr. MaGooo says:

    Nice, looking forward to trying it. 1st by the way 🙂

  2. ZeroSkys says:

    I got really happy for a second.(still on 2.06 Apache) Oh well Nice release.

  3. Looking forward to it also, mostly looking forward to the next kexploit, and 2nd btw

  4. Arie says:

    ha! 5th.

    This plays vita games yes? how do i install on 2.12 with wifi?
    where are links to gamez. i need to play fifa 14

    Just kidding 🙂 Nice work. Hope I can step in the upcomming exploit. Take care.

  5. G36cBossMan says:

    figures im on 2.06…. does this mean i must wait for a whole new exploit and then wait even longer for CFW for that exploit?

  6. Joe says:

    There will never be a new kernel exploit.
    Deal with it.

  7. Jkoiou says:

    If I am running the UNO exploit, is there a reason to install this as week? Kinda like a backup of sorts? Or is this faster to load than UNO? Also in the install process, would I still need to press R, if it is already installed through UNO?

  8. Freakler says:

    Seems Tn-C (Eu Version) isn’t loading correctly. Tn-V is fine. :/

  9. j.g.k says:

    OK, here is the question which is nagging me for quite a while now,

    Will we ever able to ‘backup’ and play PS VITA games, like we can do now for PSP games ?

    I mean is it theoretically possible ?

    • Jd8531 says:

      With pspemu exploits no, natively in usermode no unless we get past kernel. Even then it’ll require a miracle. So it could 5-10 more years if ever. Just buy your games.

  10. Sylen7Nato says:

    great work…probably going to try this out today, and have both ARK and TN-V available to switch between…thanks to all who contributed to this.

  11. Dario says:

    all we need is the ability to downgrade

  12. wistine says:

    Thank you for having published this post jd8531

    Normally everything should work
    This is compatible for the firmware lower or equal to 2.02

    For the firmware 2.06 or 2.1x it must have a new kexploit
    and a new exploit usermode….

  13. JeoWay says:

    If we could downgrade, we would be able to have a native custom firmware….

  14. Valvatorez says:

    So I’m a bit confused how this would be able to work I could buy a PS Vita and just upgrade it to 2.02, but where I would be stuck is getting the game to my Vita I would have to upgrade and to have homebrew I would have have a lower firmware.
    I’m still new to the Vita hacking so I apologize in advanced.

  15. winkibinki says:

    🙁 i have upgrade my psvita because i think it was just a usermode and can’t play Monster hunter

  16. wistine says:

    Valvatorez if you buy a PS Vita and that you put it in fimwrare 2.02, it you enough buy this game from your ps3 for transferred…

  17. thebigboss1206 says:

    White screen on my psv when I try to launch the hack pressing the “R” trigger… and then I need to reboot the console ’cause it freezes. (EUR savegame ).

    • afehst says:

      here the same problem, the tn-v version does boot up, but gives you a infinite loop when trying to open the game folder….

  18. oRPHEN says:

    Will Someone make a port for 2.06 ofw for vita?