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You Can Now Become A PSM Developer For Free!


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  1. wololo says:

    TBH I don’t think the fee was the main issue. The small customer base on the Vita and PSM compatible devices is the issue imo. Devs who are serious about their games wouldn’t mind the $100 fee, but rather the time investment it takes to learn a new platform VS the benefits they would get from it. (see my article here http://wololo.net/2012/07/16/vita-why-developing-for-playstation-mobile-is-a-waste-of-time/ )

    As far as Wagic is concerned, I wish this could happen, but I won’t be the one driving this as I don’t have enough time. Also, Wagic is C++, so I’m guessing the port to PSM will not be that easy.

    Nevertheless, this is interesting information, and a nice move from Sony. Maybe a few indie companies who were reluctant to give it a try because of the fee will now have a look

    • Davee says:

      I agree, I doubt this will accomplish anything. Pretty much all serious indie developers can scrape together the relatively small fee.
      Not to mention the poor adoption of the vita and substandard tools and documentation when compared to SDK of which is provided for Android/iOS.

    • hgoel0974 says:

      It definitely won’t be easy and will take time to port it over but I actually find the SDK to be quite simple and easy to understand, the problem I would say is the time it would take. Plus the selling problem. ATM nothing on the PSM is allowed to be free (acc. to the FAQ) so, would you sell the game on one platform? and have it free for others?

      I have actually realized that the problem wasn’t totally with Sony, it turns out, Applications ARE allowed, but no one wants to make them. Sony doesn’t have anything against making apps like calculators and stuff, but no one does it.

      • wololo says:

        I guess if Wagic was ported to the PSM, I’d ask people to apply for a Publisher licence, and provide them with the source directly, explain how to compile and run it.
        There was a project a long time ago to make a commercial game with the Wagic engine, but with lack of time this got cancelled. It’s sad because we had some quite cool graphics and rules. Example: http://wololo.net/files/wagic/1050.jpg

  2. wartaf says:

    Nice!! where’s the SDK??

  3. wartaf says:

    btw, can i run my own code? on my own Vita?

    • electriceye says:

      someone please answer this!

      • Minimur12 says:

        Don’t hold me against it, but I’m pretty certain PSM is written in C#.

        So to ‘your own code’
        Technically yes, depending on what language it is in.
        Someone has already made an emulator on it, so it’s possible. I think Sony have been careful enough for developers to not allow an app to manifest the console and hack it xD

        But nethertheless, you could always port any old emulator on it, and also any old game 🙂

        I replied to a comment below with a link to someone that has made an emulator on it.

        • celcodioc says:

          …the NES interpreter emulator ran Super Mario Bros. at ~10 FPS and Contra at ~2-5 FPS on the PS Vita. It might run at full speed on Android phones that support PSM — but you could just grab NES.emu on the Play Store.

          For those who want a portable device for emulation, I’d recommend getting a high-end Android device and a Bluetooth gamepad (or a device that has a built-in controller, like Project Shield). In a few years, we’ll probably have a somewhat working GameCube emulator for Android. (Dolphin is actually being ported right now, but it only runs homebrew at less than 1 FPS.)

          • Acid_Snake says:

            yeah gamecube games in portable devices, you wish, maybe in another 5-10 years when portable devices reach the 3ghz mark and the emulator becomes stable enough on such conditions

        • CaptainObvious says:

          Since this is an annual subscription, does this mean that i can become a PSM developer and pay absolutely nothing at all? or is this just a temporary offer before sony puts the price back up?

          as awesome as this is, i would rather not be a free developer only to find out in a few months that i need to start paying after a month or so…

    • hgoel0974 says:

      You need to apply for the PSM Publisher License. They’ll approve it if everything is okay, normally you’d have to pay, but it will be free.

      Minimur missed an important detail here:

      The PUBLISHER license has become free. The Developer license was always free. The publisher license is the one that allows you to test on a Playstation Certified Device and to put your stuff up on the PSN. The developer license will only allow you to create the game and test it on the PC simulator.

  4. NNNRT says:

    Sony finally found another way to stop hacks! (instead of only patching exploits & nothing else) 😆
    Who wants homebrew now (well not now, after some time) other than me? Cuz there’s no PSM in my region. 🙁

  5. isnizal says:

    please!!!hack it….i wan remote player…xD

  6. Skars says:

    Noob end user question:
    Will be possible to delevoper make emulators? SNES on PSM?
    Or at least, on their own devices?

  7. Hell says:

    Great news 🙂

    I’ve alreadly downloaded the SDK and i have an ideia for a game. Actually since i started playing games i had this idea and an written history 🙂

    Now it’s time to make it live 🙂

    • Minimur12 says:

      Kp us updated! Haha, what’s it about?

      • Hell says:


        It’s kind of cliclè, but it’s a thing that i drew when i was still a child.

        It’s a history about the world some centuries from now on where biolocal enhancements is common, and desiases does not exist.
        But some humans have shown some collateral effects from those vaccins and were labeled as mutants as they have reproduced and their sons became stronger and stronger.

        Another problem is that natural resources are scarce and the humanity still trying to find life on another planets or even find another suitable planet for us to live, all of this while our sun is approaching it’s “death” and is expandind and swalling planets around it, before it become a red giant and finnaly die.

        Our only hope is a technology that we are creating on our human base on mars, but some say we are not alone on this planet, and something lurks in the shadows.

        Four mutants will have to take a stand and fight for the humans that despise them.


        Well, it’s a summary of everything actually is more interesting in my drawings …

  8. Wolf89 says:

    ahh man magic would be great!

  9. hamon says:

    Create ones and inject vhbl or cfw x) !

  10. k3nn says:

    i think it’s the right to “publish” the game is what is free, development and the sdk has been free from some months back 🙂

  11. wulonglong says:

    Does this mean.. Developers will get devkit software thingy? Is there any chance we van hack vita through minis?

    • celcodioc says:

      Developers get a C# programming interface/compiler. The software runs in a sandbox and security is pretty tight so we can’t just magically inject something that will hack the device.

      AFAIK there was a way to break out of the sandbox before Sony released PSM 0.99.20, but it’s too late now.

  12. FLOW says:

    Go home Sony, you’re drunk.

  13. Magnum828 says:

    So I’m registered. Download all new. And still ,,Please create appkey …” What is this ? Pls help me I wanna remote desktop

    • fatman01923 says:

      You need to load the Publishing Utility and generate a Device Seed for you Vita and then you must generate the appkey using the “app.xml” of the program then you are allowed to build and transfer to Vita.

  14. GlueGun says:

    Please Understand This Is For North America.

  15. romain337 says:

    GoodBye CEF, see u later 🙂 [go to psm download page]

  16. skok says:

    what are the supported languages in the SDK ?
    can i use python or VB , i’m expert at those ..

  17. TheTokBox says:

    Alright… Lets get ALL the popular hombres on there for free like Lamecraft or really any other! (Sorry Lamecraft was the only one I could come up with on the spot)

  18. TStrauss says:

    Minimur, I recommend taking up a disciple, and programming is one of the best. It teaches you to be methodical and logical, it builds your memorization skills, and it teaches you to be analytical.

    I would recommend starting with C++/ C#. Damn near everything uses a C derivative, and you will learn object oriented coding, which is where it’s at. I learned BASIC and C++, and while I can’t do much with other languages like Java, I can at least read the code. Also, you want to stick with PC at first. Other platforms have specific libraries you have to learn, and that will just screw you up down the road.

  19. advice says:

    if you want to make a game for PlayStation consoles use unity

    • Jd8531 says:

      The SCEtools and PSVITA tools arent out yet. They just announced the tools back in March so it could be months before its out. Even then you would need a Unity PRO license.

  20. AntiHeadshot says:

    Great 😀 already waited for something like this!

  21. Frank says:

    Yes ! Can’t wait to see Wagic on PSM using the touch screen 🙂 Really good news !

  22. Patrick Vogt says:

    Is it possible to install de PSM dev client onto the Vita while staying on a low firmware with a Kernel exploit.

    I don’t want to update just to test the code on my Vita

  23. Warlord698 says:

    you don’t always have to program to make use of the license really, if you know somebody that does program and they need testers all you need to know is how to use the software to install with the tools they give you.

  24. VIRACY says:

    Its probably worth noting that this is only going on until the first week of September 2013. If it wasn’t already noted.

  25. romain337 says:

    I have the license, i have the license, naw 😀

  26. svenn says:

    “I’ve always wanted to learn how to program.”

    There is no such thing. There is nothing to learn, there is only things to do; You don’t learn to ride a bike, you just step on and try & fail until you ride it like a boss.

  27. adriandevera says:

    wow im so mad, i scrapped my ps vita project last summer because of the dev fees! I just got the unity engine to develop cross platform for mac and pc….


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