How Do I Get Different Region PSN Credit? Your Answers Here!


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. rekuhs

    I get mine from Amazon, you just need to have a US address on your account and you’re good to go.

    • wololo

      Afaik Amazon Only works if you live in the us, or own a us credit card.

      • coldhell

        You don’t need US card (or at least mine is EU one) and code comes 2min after the transaction, so… Instant, safe, no fee 🙂
        Just ask one of your friends who lives in US to give you his address or make fake one (but I am not sure that is allowed)

      • NoName

        Any credit card will work and you can just enter a random address.
        People have been doing this for like years now. Nobody ever reported a single problem.

        • wololo

          That’s good to know, but clearly people haven’t been doing this for years, last year amazon was not selling online codes.

      • thealienamongus

        I just bought $70 worth from amazon. You just need to put a US address in (

    • JaggedAllianceKickstarterFan

      Yep I have also used the same method. Working fine and US prices are much cheaper compared to EU.

  2. Lord Senfgurke

    Well i use another site to buy psn card`s from other regions.
    everyone who lives in EU can give a look on this site.

    I bought nearly 10 different cards with no probs. You even pay less than you get 🙂

    cee ya

  3. Paul

    Laught for ages at that video 😀

  4. L337Snowman

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  5. kenny2858

    I’m actually surprised that no one asked, “OMG HOW YOU GOT THE TWIN TEE DOLLARS FEE FRO THE SONIE?”

    Anyways, I got Walgreens, Walmart, & Gamestop. No need for the internetz, I can walk. Trolollolol

  6. Softtm17
    This is one of my best site for buy US cards or jpn etc
    It secure 100%
    After you buy a card, after…5 minutes about it comes an email with an image with the codes on it ^^

  7. Youss

    Or just pay with paypal on Sony’s website, simple.

  8. NNNRT

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  9. jkoiou

    as the video is a bit funny, its kinda dumb…. just my 2 cents… 😛

    as for PSN cards, amazon is probably a good bet, or supporting wololo is another good idea…

    and i GUESS i will be the first to ask since i didnt see it above: Minimur, how did you get 20$ FREE from sony….. if that is what you implied… 🙂

  10. Lucius

    I use this on Android and this on Apple iOS you can get PSN, XBOX and NINTENDO cards, need time but works like a charm, use the code GN1066001 for a good start,,, you can see it here

  11. Curan_a

    If you want Japanese codes this site is a good deal.

  12. Tom

    Use non of those stated above.

    I was once struggling to find a good shop, PCGAME Supply and other are ***, it takes them century to send you a code and you pay extra for every card.

    This is hilarious, because there is one simple shop that is better above all mentioned.

    I can actually go to AMAZON and buy these! Instant delivery, no extra charges.
    I used to look for US cards so this is where I got mine, not sure if they supply EU cards too

  13. Fingloi_x3

    no asian love? huh? wololo?

    • wololo

      If your question is how to get JP psn codes, I can probably help too since I live in Japan, PM me on /talk

  14. NrGroq

    you kidding me? this is not viral maretial.


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  15. whaleiam

    As an indonesian user I ussually go to this site :
    it sells Voucher from all regions and also selling cards for XBOX, Nintendo, and Itunes

  16. Michael Manlapaz

    Why sell Sony PS3 and not able to buy PS Game Cards using my Amazon account just because I am from the Philippines. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Instead of you guys making money, you now open the doors to others taking advantage and reselling cards online for a more higher price.

  17. WRFrame

    I get it from

    The site is for indonesian user only right now, but quite popular in Indonesia because of the selection of PSN Card and PS Plus

  18. charles oni

    please how is the code sent to you, if you buy from Amazon? is it through email or they post it?

  19. Onizuka

    I usually get my Play Station related stuff from Play-Asia. Since I am from Asia it is eco for me to buy from them, their conversion rate is good. They send digital codes via email so it faster too. There was a guide written long back for this but not sure if its active the link was

    +1 for Play-Asia.. 😉

  20. Alexander

    I’ve recently bought mine from . You pay just over $100 for the $100 card. The devlivery speed was a good one. But the support service could have been a little better.

    Hope this helps,