PS4 Test Data and upcoming content spotted on PSN by hacker


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  1. Yes says:

    “More interesting to me is the fact that people like SKFU seem to have access to some of Sony’s internal PSN servers, somehow.”

    At the begining of the PS3 hacking, i think that everyone could make a PSN account on the developement network. You didnt get access to anything special, but you just got connected to those servers instead of the retail PSN servers. This method doesnt work any more as far as i know, but some of the accounts that were made a long time ago still works, at least i read something like this a while ago 🙂

    • Yes says:

      And just to add, the reason why it worked was because in the PS3 debug firmware, you’re able to change which network enviorment you want to connect to. I think this is why it worked at least, but please correct me if i’m wrong =)

      • Oh i guess ill correct you, at the beginning of the PS Jailbreak hacking Era, PSN wasn’t actually blocked, you were still able to access it on 3.41 and access it on 3.55.

        It was blocked, then the method to access the Dev Networks was found through Rebug FW i think, then it was a cat and mouse between Sony and PSN users with CFW.

        • Yes says:

          Hm, what did you correct me on? 🙂 When you say “PSN wasn’t actually blocked”, are you referring to the retail PSN servers? Earlier i was only referring to the developement PSN servers. And it was indeed through a debug PS3 firmware (maybe Rebug first released it?) that made the access possible.

        • Yes says:

          Just to clearify a bit better about what i said earlier. When i said “in the begining of the PS3 hacking”, i was refering to the early custom firmware days, and then people could change the network enviorment in the firmware, then make a new PSN account that was on the developement network. Sorry if i wasnt more clear in my previous posts 🙂

          • The early CFW days we still had access to retail PSN, when it was blocked, we were able to access it through sp-int on Rebug CFW.

            You were clear in your previous post, but two me there where tow era’s in the PS3 Hacking scene

            There was the time Paradox promised to release an ISO loader at the same time Ferrox promised to release a method to load ISO’s, but the method was only for dev consoles and the team decided to report the method to Sony

            Shortly after Team ICE with their exploits and custom Home, that all stopped, which ended the first PS3 hacking era.

            The second era started when GayoHot tried to hack the PS3 to PS Jailbreak to CFW

            Click my name to read up a little on the history of the PS3……

          • Yes says:

            Yeah, that is what i mean 🙂 The sp-int are not the retail PSN servers, but everyone who was running PS3 CFW in the early CFW days could make a PSN account on the internal PSN servers. I think some of these PSN accounts still work, so i assume that this is how SKFU have access to the internal PSN servers.

            Ah ok, i see what you mean regarding the hacking eras. I see that more as additional info rather than correcting something i said earlier, but i see why you mentioned it 🙂

            Sure, i already know (and i have seen) your website about the PS3 history 🙂 I complemented you on the website quite a while ago as well =) (then i used a different username than what i use now).

    • Which beginning of the PS3 Hacking ? :p

      Are you referring to the Paradox – Team Ice – Ferrox hacking Era.

      Or the PS Jailbreak Era ??????

      Either way, SKFU has been around the PS3 scene from the beginning, he is part of the reason i got involved, he has dabbled in the Vita and it looks like he is going to dabble in the PS4 too 😀

  2. wartaf says:

    something wrong here, how is he able to access something inside the local network of Sony?? or maybe, it is actually outside(internet accessible)??? also, what’s that test for?

    • Thrawn says:

      Well, I guess that test is to find out how the ps4 responds to the actual store network and how it handles a lot of products, maybe they are also testing a new product search algorithm, also how the store page works on the ps4, if there are any bugs crashes…
      The kind of testing you do before you ship out a product that shouldn’t be riddled by to many problems at its start.

    • Minimur12 says:

      maybe he works for sony :O

      • Thrawn says:

        Yeah that also came to my mind, as the google search for psnsss does not return anything useful.
        There are to possibilities:
        A skfu is a hardcore hacker that knows how to write backdoor programs, inject them in foreign systems bla bla bla
        B skfu is in any way related to the sony corporation

        I would vote for B, as the psnsss program in the picture looks MUCH to skillful for a HACKER’s little helper programm.
        Most little helping tools for hackers are based on c, c++, assembler even and have no GUI and are started and controlled by little swifty and fast bat files.

        • Yes says:

          The GUI is very basic, nothing too special about that 🙂 Personally i dont think he works or are related to Sony at all. I think he just found a way to extrack the info that we see in the screenshots from the PSN data packages.

          • Yes says:

            Extract*, i just had to correct my typo.

          • Thrawn says:

            Well to destroy your thesis;
            You would need to know WHEN to search and where to search.
            It’s not like the sony network is a small one so obfuscating it from outside would result in some traffic especially if you search something.
            Also it is important WHEN to search, as those are test data, you could expect they are available for a day, the next they are gone, shifted, renamed,… what ever.
            So the WHEN becomes really important, as you need a hint. You could try and obfuscate the internal psn network a hundred years and you would only find your standard updates for products and login informations.

          • Yes says:

            I think it depends. Technically he could be doing sniffing all the time and filter through the data later on as stOneskull mentioned in another post here. The program is also called “PSN Store Secret Search” which could indicate that it is related to the PS Store part only of the PSN network.

            If he made a PSN account on the PSN developement network in the early PS3 custom firmware days, that could also gives different results when sniffing for packages compared to doing it on the retail PSN servers.

            These are just my guesses though, so i cant say for sure exactly what he does. But i dont think that he needs to have any ties to Sony to be able to do the things that he do here, especially since he have a PSN developement account (which i assume that he made in the early PS3 custom firmware days).

  3. GonjaT says:

    +1 thrawn

  4. stOneskull says:

    He’s always sniffing.. then doing periodical keyword searches.. as in the screenshot.. ps4 and orbis

    • Thrawn says:

      Yeah of course he could be sniffing all the time. But that would require a constant or periodically repeated login to the server and always filing the same search query to the server.
      How long do you think is it going to take for sony to filter out such requests to the corresponding developer account? I doubt more than a day, then they cut you off. How to avoid that? If your inside the whole network with a certain trusted certificate you could do anything without “almost” ever being noticed.

  5. stOneskull says:

    Maybe E is End-user

  6. newGeo says:

    hackers beleive all information should be free except for there own. silly boy.

  7. WOWOWO says:

    Not to hate.
    But what happen to our donation for his Dev PSV?
    Is he still working on it?
    Or his works still on?

  8. James Way says:

    Nope…I can’t wait for the Xbox 720; durango? I don’t like my ps3 much, but because of its blu-ray disc drive it has better graphics than the 360, despite it having less powerful hardware. Better graphics = more pixels = more memory = larger media capacity; HD-DVD just doesn’t cut it. But for the 720, plus illumiroom, plus kinect 2, I can’t wait. Ill prob get the ps4 after a few years once two iterations of it have been out for at least a year.

  9. Th3lllUnkn0wn says:

    Not that excited for PS4 when I know Xbox 720 will rape the PS4.

    • Microphone Software says:

      I hope you’re not talking about hardware specs rape, because the 720 has worse specs than PS4:

      * 720 has slower memory
      * 720 has less GPU compute units

      These 2 will make a difference as to what each console is capable of doing in practice.

  10. FLOW says:

    So that’s how tough Sony is? Some random dude can just go in their servers?

  11. isnizal says:

    cannot understand at all……..why u not full jailbreak ps vita…xD

  12. isnizal says:

    nice job la…what ever…..make this game…cannot buy.

  13. lol @JeoWay, the little fruit cake that has to use GeoHots alternate nick name to get special attention.

    My role in the PS3 scene is a good bit more than a “Super Moderator”, though one of my hobbies is worming fake devs like you out, i do that for fun 🙂

  14. Brylon says:

    Wow, I just wanted to comment after reading these comments and say alot of nerds up in here.

  15. gunblade says:

    coool looks like demos…

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