VHBL: The Z’s exploit only available in EU stores, release postponed?


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  1. iLuvThisName

    once again great job. too bad i dont have EU acct but im still happy with the uno exploit. keep up the good work guys!

    • Mr.MaGoo

      I do agree. I am definitely pleased with all the work done to the uno exploit. I have collected all exploits available and still feel fortunate for whwt has been provided at the current cost 🙂 . I am actually going back to school for coputer science and hopefully will be able to contribute at some point in the future. Thank you to all the devs that invest there time.

  2. Mr.MaGoo

    I am still running CEF at the moment on US so thank you but I am looking forward to a future release of a kernel exploit. Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. Mr.MaGoo

    Wow 2 people and still no “1st”. Lol

  4. chaos_star23

    ouch. thats just bad news for me. all i want for my birthday (late may) is to be able to play my emulators and homebrew on my vita.

  5. Stanf

    I’d actually care more if it was a kernel mode one..

  6. REMF

    its better to release both kernel and user mode exploit even its for EU account only than nothing. new vita owners at least will have an experience playing PSP games/isos in their Vitas.

  7. StanSmith

    I think he should keep it for later as its only a VHBL so very limited to what you can do anyway and as its only in the EU store its even more limited to the users of it.
    Wait and maybe he will find a way to turn it into a kernel exploit on a later firmware maybe then release it.

    The last vhbl exploit for me did nothing as everything I tried failed to run.
    I will now wait for those kernel exploits where they let ISOs run. Thats what I’m after and waiting for.
    Thats coz the games I run via ISOs are banned in my country so I have no choice but to run them as ISOs. I cant buy them in the PSN store or in the local shops. If they unban them I will gladly buy them.

    • mlc

      This is actually a pretty good idea, though it obviously depends on if the Z is aware of any coming CEF releases. It could help out some EU people after whatever kxploit firmware game is pulled, although it would still probably be limited to people with PS3’s or two Vitas since Sony is pretty quick to push out a mandatory firmware upgrade after each kernel release.

      Depending on how many Vitas he has, though, he might think a personal current firmware VHBL is more useful than an extra game for CEF for a few hundred or thousand people.

  8. francis


  9. francis


  10. mike

    how do you get it up and what do i have to buy for the psn store in order to get the psp iso to work?

    • FIRST!

      it’s easy. you only need a credit card. Then go to the PSN store in the PSP section and buy any game you like. All downloaded psp isos from PSN will work 😀

  11. vhblfans

    not 2.1x? it’s 2.20?

  12. Annie Schilder

    Good news. I’m happy with a EU version since I missed the last few exploits. Keep it up!

  13. jvhellraiser

    Cojones! que te esperes que no saldra para la 2.10 saldra
    para la firmware 2.20 y el juego solo esta en EU osea Europa .

    • psvita-freak

      Just an suggestion…
      Please speak English, so other people can read where you’re talking about… :\

  14. jvhellraiser

    As for me I am very happy I had to update to play my new games sadly so I lost my UNO exploit, the worse part for me
    is the emulators but that’s all. thought that a New TN-V in firmware 2.20 would be good.

  15. medo

    pls we need it out sooooooon pls

  16. bigmama69

    Please for ps3 !!!

  17. Moi

    I’m just damn happy I have UNO and 2.02. My second Vita will ensure that I never need to update from 2.02 unless another kernel exploit surfaces. 🙂

    • inicuo

      so you have two PSVITAs and one of them you use it for playing PSP games….Wow you’re wise!, i wouldn’t have thought it before… you genius.

      • mlc

        Plenty of people who were big on PSPs ended up buying multiple… it’s a bit of a waste, but if you can afford it and still pay your bills and eat, it’s not much more wasteful than multiple TVs or any other piece of electronics.

        Also a hacked Vita is basically like a super fancy PSP – it can’t be matched in display quality by the cheaper alternatives, so at the moment it is the “ultimate” PSP. ;p