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Introducing the Dual Shock 4!

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  1. k3nn says:

    not really exciting or excited about this. I could snag the touch control and have died because of it πŸ™ I do that in my vita you know, the square button just comes off of my thumb and slides into the touchscreen and BAM! I just turned right (or walked right, depending on the game) and I got shot coz I couldn’t see the bad guy coming.

  2. Im excited about it, it alliws more crossplay for the vita and more in game experience

  3. razor says:

    The analogs should have been round like the previous ones..

    • SIP Trysten says:

      Personally I don’t. My big *** thumbs always tend to slide off of the rounded ones.

      Those triggers are my biggest concern though. By God I can’t stand my ps3’s triggers, as with the sticks my fingers slide off all the time. You fingers should not slide on any controller. They should stay where you want them to. It makes a game much less enjoyable when you have to constantly adjust you fingers because of faulty design.

  4. svenn says:

    Look at our awesome cool controller. *** is wrong here ? Look at my 96 node cluster … it has a nice keyboard and mouse.

    I thought people bought these for playing games; but I’m wrong people who buy a ps4 are gone jerk off on there controller instead…

    • rafael says:

      i play on keyboard alot, but the controllers are better experience, i would rather play any game on single player with a controller. just sit back and relax with the controler, the keyboard is good for when youre in a hardcore rush match on bf3 but not so much when youre playing anything other then shooters, party games, racing games, sometimes even simulators

  5. wiockedchew says:

    Really love the controlls in vita, i can push two buttons at the same time because of the squeeze of the buttons, specially playing UMC3 which requires it

    excited of ps4 controlls

  6. Β¬_Β¬ says:

    Meh come on $ony that’s all you have to show me

  7. TelcoLou says:

    I like it, especially the concave shape on the top of the analog sticks. Its good that they otherwise kept the same overall shape of the controller itself.

  8. blahblah says:

    The 1 million dollar question would be can we use it on our PS3?

  9. ero says:

    talk is cheap, I am a long time sony fan but I cam admit dualshock 3 sucked in comparison to other controllers. Dualshock 4 just sounds like its going to be te same thing but more expensive.

    • NNNRT says:

      Are you awake dude? 😐

    • NNNRT says:

      I like that game recording thing! πŸ˜€ YouTube will overflow! πŸ˜†

    • mlc says:

      I thought it was nice… the issue is that everyone was already acclimated to the design by prior Sony controllers, so it gets more points for design than a controller with a strange design. Personally I think some of the worst controllers were the original Saturn US controller, and the clunky Xbox controller.

      & The Wii controller is pretty ok for motion games, but rather minimalistic in general. (though that’s what they were going for)

  10. jon says:

    So nothing to do with vibration.


    • Guest643195 says:

      Its a “Dual Shock” which implies vibration. The PS3 controller when it first came out was the “SIXAXIS” until they added vibration then it became the “Dual Shock 3”

  11. Link1565 says:

    >Sony spends a lot of money and time in controller R&D to make sure that their console has the best possible controller.

    This is the first major improvement in more than 10 years of PlayStation…

    No, I don’t count “adding triggers” to be an improvement.

  12. shinra358 says:

    It still has trigger buttons as L2 and R2 which alienates fighting games πŸ™

    They should just make the triggers like the Thrustmaster 3-in-1 so that I can still play fighting games with the normal L2 and R2 buttons.

  13. NinjaKakashi says:

    Metal Gear Online 2/Metal Gear Solid 4 already could make it so that you could tell if a bullet was coming close to you and they only needed one tv screen rather than both a tv screen and a remote.

    Developers shouldn’t count on the controllers sound too much in my opinion and lose touch that the quality of the sound is important.

    Not saying the sound on the controller is a bad idea but just saying that the sound on the controller should only be reserved for sounds that aren’t so special.

  14. Maxilus says:

    Im glad they make the controller the same design but upgraded with new features. I like Dualshock controller since it first came. Can’t wait for PS4 to reveal.

  15. Terry says:

    Xbox 720 is going to sh*t all over the PS4, I can already see it.

  16. tdk says:

    Ok… i see the controller… but, where is the console?
    Probably they are figuring now, what shape they will give?. LOL

  17. TStrauss says:

    I kinda like the way Sony has revealed the PS4. Tech specs, real time demos, exclusives, and features should top the bill. Anyone who buys a console because of the box they put it in is a ***.

    Still, I wish Sony would stop acting like this new controller is a revolution. The speaker? Yeah, the wiimote had one of those. The light? They already used that tech with the PS Move. Tumb stick shape? XBox 360. Headset jack? Again, 360 (this is actually a step backward, since the PS3 used wireless Bluetooth headsets). Touch pad? The Vita and the Ouya both use these.

    It’s nice to see these features put together into one controller, don’t misunderstand me. I’m looking forward to handling a DS4 myself. But there’s nothing new here. Claiming otherwise seems dishonest.

  18. Skars says:

    I can already imagine myself playing Killzone and actually moving because I hear a bullet fly by me!

    Enlist to the army, then go to the war zone, GOOD LUCK.

  19. Scard4lif3 says:

    As long as it’s comfortable to use, everything else is secondary.

  20. chuckthetekkie says:

    I really hope they make the triggers harder to accidentally press. I will lay my PS3 controller down while I am watching a movie only to have the table press one of the triggers in and screw up my movie. That never happened with the 360 controller. The triggers is my biggest issue with the PS3 controllers. I just hope the PS4 controller isn’t too light like the original Six Axis controller. I felt like I was going to break that thing.

    My main issue with the PS4 controller besides the triggers, WHERE ARE THE START AND SELECT BUTTONS? What button am I supposed to use to pause the game?

    The only thing that makes me try to dodge bullets is when I’m using my surround sound system. I’m sorry, I little speaker is not going to make me believe that a bullet flew by me as it’s not near my ear. If I was shooting a bow and arrow, the speaker would signify that I released the arrow like in Twilight Princess.

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