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Microsoft Announce Conference For May 21st ‘A New Generation Revealed’


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. k3nn says:

    no good games for xbox that I like πŸ™ i’m sticking with ps5 πŸ™‚

  2. GuitaristMatt says:

    Just got out of work, wow that’s some news. It’ll be interesting to see what they try to do, but Sony is probably counting on this so that they can make fun of their conference during E3. The NextBox I think is being rushed like the PS3 was, so I think there are going to be a bunch of problems and I won’t even want to touch it. Though, you should never buy a console on launch because there are always horrible bugs.

  3. Playstation AND Xbox Fanboy says:

    You all need to chill on the Xbox trash talk. BOTH the Ps3 and Xbox 360 have plenty of issues. Take the fact you have to install a game manually after downloading it on the ps3. Or the fact PlayStation has no party chat feature to allow you to stay connected with friends no matter what you’re playing.
    Yes the Xbox 360 lacks the “Omfg blue ray and graphics” Big whoop. I own both and lets say if I had to pick which one to play Call of Duty on, It would be the Xbox. heck i use my Ps3 for media more than games.
    You say the controller is alien to you, so was the Ps2’s when I was 5 and got my first PlayStation. Any game system will feel alien if you never touch it. You sound just like all of the hardcore PlayStation fans who trash talk the Xbox, even though you don’t even own one. Me, I own both thus I have the right to trash talk both of them.

    • Mr. Magoo says:

      Ill have to agree with you. I own mutiples of both consoles and can put together a list of eaches positive s and negatives. Both have major issues and both are awesome in there own way. As for me, at 5 i got NES

    • gunblade says:

      my first xbox 360 n ps3 was jus the motherboard well the xbox had every thing but the wire n needed repair n i jus.. didn’t really get them two work. got an ps3 now have an xbox dont see much difference i jus use the xbox to play xbox game n the ps3 to play ps3 game same i did with xbox n ps2……….

      “i don’t care which direction u run see for i was never hear”

    • pSnDeaofly says:

      Please stack PS3 exclusives up against 360 and see how small the 360’s stack is. Who cares about cross chat, I bought the system to play games not talk. When Microsoft can provide high quality games like what Sony has on the table then maybe I will see them as a worthy game system. Yea you said you play that weak *** call of duty so 360 fits you perfect. Play something that uses real teamwork and strategy to win matches then you can call yourself a gamer.

      • Playstation AND Xbox Fanboy says:

        Ha! I just picked Cod at random. Chill out dude. How about Battlefield 3? I could select from a list of games i would prefer on the xbox. I know I’m a true gamer. I don’t need to prove it.

        And I really hope the dualshock 4 has some actual triggers. The Dualshock 3’s triggers blow. Can even hold them down without my fingers sliding off. Always have to press on the top ledge of the trigger.

    • Acid_Snake says:

      I hate the xbox cause, it was made by microsoft, and tbh, after all the rrod thing, I have great fear of spending +200€ on a console that won’t last more than a few months

  4. Chasez671 says:

    It’s kind of annoying reading an article about your preferred console while having the blogger bash it, and start preaching about how his preferred console is better than yours.

    • enzospartan says:

      That’s what you get for coming to a Playstation-oriented site. I’m with you, Sony dropped the ball for me last generation and I’ll be sticking with Microsoft or moving to Steam this round – depends if the new Xbox announcement is as big a disappointment as the PS4 one was.

      • Thrawn says:

        Well I have had my roundtrip, from gamecube to xbox, to wii and afterwards ps2 and then ps3, finished with a loooong intense rondo of steam.
        Now I say: Steam a day, keeps consoles away! πŸ˜€
        Especially since steam launched it’s greenlight and suddenly console developers like ghostlight begin publishing there…

  5. wololo says:

    Minimur, I largely disagree with your analysis on that.

    Let’s wait and see I suppose, but I have not been impressed by Sony’s conference on the PS4 (or, rather, I have been impressed, but they have such a poor record of keeping their promises that I’m not holding my breath on the ps4), while innovative things from Microsoft such as Illumiroom are getting me extremely excited.

    We’ll see what Microsoft have up their sleeves, but to be honest right now I’m much more excited by the upcoming xbox than by the PS4. My heart tells me I’ll want both consoles, but my wife will probably kick me out of the house if I buy more electronics. When I mentioned the PS4, she said “but you already have a PS3, what’s the point?” <-- yeah, if you're in high school and can't wait for the day you're an adult because you won't have to listen to what your mother says, here's a hint: it only lasts until you get married πŸ˜›

    • atrumincendia says:

      So glad I am never getting married,which means I will be able to buy the systems I want without anyone but myself telling me about it (I’ll probably yell at myself in the mirror for good measure :P)

    • Mr. Magoo says:

      Haha, so true. I was thinking the other day hkw I miss being able to make my own chice without my wifes 2 cents. Lol. Personally my wife knows that gaming keeps me out of trouble but I haven’t been gaming as much which could lead to a few things…. lol

    • be0ut says:

      Haha I feel u on that lol my wife wasn’t so happy about the vita .PS 4 will be a tough sell I plan on telling her its for my newborn lol wish me luck

  6. Erich says:

    Still reeked of Sony fanboyism, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

    • inicuo says:

      sony we are with you :D!

    • gunblade says:

      r we doing the xbox playstation thing well on for the ps2 and xbox think xbox was more great since then ps2 u had to buy the hard drive n not to much people would buy it even tough the online games they had at the time was pc games.. werd n with ps3 n xbox the releases was what push it xbox 360 good but red ring thing n ps3 did happen as much but wen these jaspers n elite came out then the only difference was the ram wy xbox could have music in the back ground n ps3 couldn’t xbox was trying to have u be able to multitask.. the user interface for the consoles was a bit different so people got used to it sum played the ada one more cuz they like the feel to it… controllers i don’t got much wish they were light n tiny like old nintendo ones but yea basically ps2 n xbox controllers with the home button so not much if u played older systems..

  7. Dejango Uncaged says:

    Sony fan boys suck ***. Xbox all the way. Lol

  8. Bombshell93 says:

    I notice not much saying why PS4 wins console wise and you only really mentioned how they were announced.
    PS4 wins because from what we can tell your games will be locked to account, whereas Xbox given the patents they filed will lock games to console, this is an immediate problem because it means you cant take a game over to a friends house.
    Next is the almost certain (I’ll emphasize the almost because by all means they may have changed this or mislead us) online only, in that the console wont play anything if its not online, presumably to enforce the games console lock. Which is ridiculous in its entirety and limits the console audience to only those with astoundingly stable internet connections.
    Next is the game selection, as we already know microsoft think the future of the xbox is in the FPS when the gaming culture more and more in recent years has been finding FPS games stale without some special magic to have it stand out, where PS4’s first announce was not a FPS but a Platformer!
    Finally online services, now ofc the next xbox has not been announced yet so this is mostly speculation but we can assume that xbox online will be a paid service again. Sony on the other hand with free internet have also mentioned how they paid close attention to the online which I’ve heard many people complain that the lag in comparison to xbox was what caused them to take favour, if this is no longer an issue then aside from exclusives theres little reason to favour an xbox over the PS4.
    This is written with little bias, in the previous generation I’ve been an xbox over ps fan, I guess the final verdict will have to wait until past E3 where presumably some comfortable amount of light will be shed on both consoles, but for now the xbox is on thin-ice.

    • gunblade says:

      well shity so i buy a ps4 n can play it if iam log in to my account but what about sonys activate system thing is the console then lock to my account n on the xbox it lock to the system so a buy one time thing.. on the game sharing thing think there be like a game share thing for any of these consoles like the nintendo ds… well if there making the next gen mainly online think games like wow or guild wars.be coming out for the ps4 n xbox..

  9. w7y7a7t7t says:

    this is a pretty poorly written article, I mean you state your going to try to be impartial, and then immediately bash the xbox in the next sentence.

  10. Jd8531 says:

    Xbox can order pizzas. Your statements are invalid.

  11. TelgarDrakore says:

    Although usually I am willing to accept minimur12’s articles because of the fact he helps keep the website posting blogs, I have to admit this article was way out of line. Not only was it heavily biased but also the information given was pretty useless. The article was nothing more then an Xbox bashing with one small mention of an important date. I understand your trying to help the site with your blogs, but you really need to step back and look at your work and improve it greatly minimur12 before you start causing some severe damage to the site.

    • gunblade says:

      thks for starting it off.. yea so how much the thing cost last time ps4 we just guessed basically.(think was around five sumthing).. heard had blueray… thing probably be similar to ps4 or cpu up a bit more the ps4… think were in ps3 n xbox 360 were there was just mainly the ram difference would it be like that with ps4 but i guess ps4 go graphics xbox went cpu.. minimur video.. apple gaming system ….( cant think of any game tough mainly itun..es app)

  12. m says:

    this guy should be forbidden bloging

    • stoneskull says:

      i liked it. it was funny. and there are plenty of websites to get a more neutral or xbox friendly article if you desire.

  13. ricerrr says:

    cant wait to get a ps5

  14. Rhoads says:

    I have an xbox 360 with kinect. had a ps2 and my cousin has a ps3. would trade my xbox for a ps3 anyday. then i could remote play with my psp 3001. But im not really into either now, apple stuff man. In fact im synching my 5th gen ipod touch as i type this. Sony and Microsoft are loosing money and apple and google are the winners.

  15. AyeGuy says:

    I’ll stick with Nintendo for now.

  16. EJ says:

    Xbox will really need to impress me to make me pay for using Live, but still unanswered from Sony if their service will be free or not this upcoming generation. Either way, don’t have to worry much if I do switch to Xbox, since Sony is using a entire new ecosystem, digital content wise anyway. Exclusive games though, Sony still has me there.

    • gunblade says:

      yeap xbox live or psn.. ill probly try get both but took me a while for me to get an xbox n a ps3.. but idk if i have to pay for both.

  17. BahamutBBob says:

    I know this site is mainly about Playstation and Sony products, but Minimur, this is the first time I see fit to complain about your writing.

    I am not an Xbox fanboy, but just because the PS1 and PS2 were awesome almost from day 1 doesn’t mean Sony is always best. I have a PS3, Vita, and two PSPs, but this gen I started with, and still play, an Xbox 360. It was just better for the first few years of the generation for multiple reasons, and still has some advantages now.

    I used to be a Nintendo fanboy back in the 90s, but my eyes were open the first time I played a PS1. There is more out there than one game company. I hope that your eyes can also be opened Minimur. There is more benefit to having multiple consoles than not.

    That said, I am considering a PS4, and whatever Microsoft says on May 21st will make up my mind on the spot.

  18. gunblade says:

    minimur doesnt the ps4 have the kinect type thing from the xbox … u seen utube video ps4 controllers wen u switch or pass controllers its track the position and the split screen adjust to the player position.. but how do that with vita should be same thing but ps4 controller get share function… think the room illumination thing the only difference then well xbox720 got the light room thing n ps4 got the vita.. think 720 wont have a tablet type thing like the ps4 n wii u …or should they save like sony n have two products.. windows 8 has xbox live so that was cool could buy game on laptop then it would be in my xbox live..

  19. gunblade says:

    well at least those with xbox live help pay for real good online play for a few years hopefully the extra money spent on microsoft thell have a nice system..

  20. Jon says:

    Well my AMD bulldozer rig has built in heating πŸ™‚

  21. trecenters says:

    Blogger says to not start a console war, but then he gives his opinion on how PS is better.

    Everyone’s Opinion is different… Mine is that Xbox Controllers are Ergo unlike Small PS3 controllers and much easier.

    PS puts Aim & Shoot for FPS games on the top bumpers instead of the bottom triggers… That seems CRAZY. Feels less like pulling a trigger this way.

    Service is free, but are no party chats. Making the community very non social on putting games together.

    Xbox may have had RROD in the past and lost out on the HD-DVD Battle last time letting PS gain a hardware advantage.

    Yet the hardware advantage did not prove anything. Games look the same and in some cases “Battlefield 3” PS has Lag input issues for 1080p.

    The way I see it is If you are into RPG and Japanime get PS3.

    If you are more a FPS person or a Person who likes to Communicate with others more then get Xbox.

    I have owned all game systems up to date and I prefer Xbox.

    I am also very disappointed about this Vita Device I carry around for Audio Books and YouTube.

    • pSnDeaofly says:

      To bad you think Sony only has those 2 selection of great games. While Great games like Uncharted, Infamous, KillZone, MAG, StarHawk, LBP, Resistance, and a bunch of other great games are NOT RPG or Jap Anime. Shows how much you think you know about the PS3’s selection of games. As I said before, PS3’s exclusives trump 360’s exclusives.

  22. N!ck says:

    I visit this blog daily for PS news and what is this ***? πŸ™
    Xbox da worss

  23. wiii says:

    faggots ps3 and xbox 360 will always be *** compare to nintendo look at nintendo sales and look at the lame xbox and playstations.

  24. shades says:

    Last gen I was a huge nintendo fanboy, was that way until about a month after SSBB when I realized I’ve seen everything there was to see with the Wii. Then I went pro Xbox 360, since it was generally a PS3 but cheaper as far as gaming was concerned. So this gen I was an xbox fan, though never a fanboy. Late this gen? Ps3, hands down.

    But I won’t say I won’t be a 720 fan instead of PS4, or vice versa. I go with whoever has the games, which for a long time was Microsoft this gen, then became Sony around the time of the horrible, HORRIBLE tragedy that was Fable 3. If Microsoft thinks all it has to do is make another Gears, Halo and Forza to woo people like me back, then good luck.

    I’ll be #dealing with it by getting a PS4. (Sorry Nintendo . . . you’ve done nothing but misstep since Super Smash Bros Brawl. I’ll happily return if you return to being, you know, fun.)

  25. fate6 says:

    “the new controller for starters, downloading while on standby, browse the store on your iOS/Android device and start downloading while away”

    new controller looks mhee to me and Xbox can already do that
    just thought I would let you know
    (well if you have a windows phone that is)

    • hgoel0974 says:

      well, no matter what, XBOX still sucks (in my opinion) because you have to pay for live. Just look at the PSN, just buy the overpriced game and go online forever (as long as the servers are up πŸ˜› )

      • Playstation AND Xbox Fanboy says:

        Free online but crappy connections and get your personal info hacked because of *** security. Then update User agreement so that nobody can Sue you for it.

        Never had those problems with my $50/year for the service I pay with my Xbox.

        • pSnDeaofly says:

          Still talking out of your *** I see, there has Never been even 1 single person who has ever said there information was stolen and used. Crappy connections come from people who don’t know how to open ports in their router. I don’t have issues playing online and nether does any of my friends. Your prof of how much better Xbox is over PlayStation is getting very slim . Keep making excuses and I will keep feeding you facts.

  26. docj says:

    Xbox 360 is trash

    debate with me if you think otherwise

    • TStrauss says:


      Compare just about any cross platform game. For 3rd party developers, the 360 was the console of choice for its generation. It had a much easier architecture (PowerPC vs. CBE), a unified memory architecture, and a slightly more powerful GPU.

      Since these assertions are demonstrably true, and not open to debate, it therefore stands to reason that, as far as consoles go, the 360 was quite good. Thus, your assertion that the Xbox 360 is trash is demonstrably false.

      There is no need for a debate.

  27. TStrauss says:

    I think it’s premature to call the next generation of consoles when all we have are rumors of the specs & exclusives of the next Xbox. I also think only a *** is a “fanboy” (they call it “brand loyalty” in advertising). You go with the best hardware and exclusives for your buck, regardless of who made it.

    The interesting question is what do you do when one company’s hardware is better, but another company has better exclusives? The obvious example is Nintendo consoles vs. Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo hasn’t even been competitive hardware wise since the GameCube. But their exclusives are always quality. So, Wii U or PS4/ Xbox whatever? That is a question a man must answer for himself.

  28. Elcholomocho says:

    TStrauss, you have spoken the truth.
    Am I the only one having trouble trying to read what gunblade comments? Nothing against him/her, I just can’t, at all, understand what he is trying to say…

    • Thrawn says:

      No you’re not the only one on this planet, that cannot comprehend nor understand what gunblade is babbling all about. Sometimes I can read some word fragments but then again, I’m far away from understanding what he writes. So I’m skipping his comments everytime I read gunblade XD. My “*** to english” translator has lost its licenese hence I cannot understand.

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