Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

EU PSN Store Update, ‘Lost Treasures Sale’, New Games, And More! Again.


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. tn0w says:

    Vita is not a Pal system nor is it ntsc.

  2. gunblade says:

    third… think my psn end this month..

  3. gunblade says:

    its jus like japaneses game r fo japanese cuz they have um in japanese

  4. FIRST! says:


  5. Hell says:

    You’re welcome :p

  6. x eye says:

    sooo no free games?

  7. about advertising says:

    I think EU had a Resident Evil sale not too long ago. US prices are cheaper though. I think this EU sale is also good. I did get Siren: Blood Curse. I haven’t played it yet, but Minimur12 if survival horror games are for you (like Resident Evil), maybe you should check it.

  8. gutsmahone says:

    Looks like the *** hitting the fan with Sonys psn.The marketing team they have is by far the worst yet.

  9. NNNRT says:

    heck all these on PS3! 😮 I hate CFW! 👿 😥

  10. Tryrush Deppy says:

    funny, the 6 games i want to buy but haven’t because of pricing being too high…

    From Dust
    Calling All Cars
    Beyond Good & Evil
    Scott Pilgram
    Eat Them!

    …are on sale @EuroPSN but not in the U.S. store.
    i hope they will price-cut these on the U.S. store sometime soon, otherwise it’s just not worth it for me.

  11. lol are you kidding me where is the good stuff the juicy stuf the HACKS man the HACKS!

  12. cr7 says:

    to em 2.06 no vita nem sei se eu atualiso SIM OU NÃO [=

  13. Woto says:

    are we getting winked and nudged at by this?

  14. chaos_star23 says:

    I think that the EU gets a better deal considering they get Okami HD on Ps Plus and we got…….”malicious”? Plus some other titles that arent even localized over here on the psn and the US Marketing team thinks PS3 owners in the US are a bunch of mindless FPS playing 14 yearolds………………(says the 29 year old Jrpg lover who yearns for the lost days of the PS2…… 🙁 Oh childhood! What sweet Innocence lost!)

  15. stoneskull says:

    i got sound shapes and am impressed. a little overwhelming but looks like great value.

    i’ve had smart as since release and i think it’s worth getting.. especially if you were thinking of it before but it was just a little too expensive for you before.

  16. gunpaul says:

    left overs only for vita? & the game is not the best either… Sony suck sony suck….

  17. gunblade says:

    I like men. Big hairy men. I’m gunblade, yo! Sony plz send meez moar spoon say bards. Naked bards.

  18. Hellinferno says:

    ***,we need gow,kingdom hearts,kof,tales games and more psx games.

  19. Octavio Mcmorries says:

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