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US PSN Update. Huge Resident Evil Sale, New Games, And More!


Told you I'll edit this.

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  1. cr7 says:

    primeiro comentario (=

    • Hugo_Mundo says:

      Primeiro retardado.

    • chaos_star23 says:

      Definately get 4. Resident Evil 4 is one of my favorite games of all time. I love it. the Chronicles games are alot of fun if you have somone to play with you on the couch. For rails shooters they are alot of fun. % is horrible but it doesnt hold a candle to 4 so maybe i just expected too much from capcom. ( i lost hope a while ago) code veronica x and the original 3 are great but your gonna have the wonky camera angles from pre rendered backgrounds, but youll put up with it if your from the same generation as me Haha. Because its nostaglic……….

  2. italo says:

    buy resident evil 4 its the best

    • Hell says:

      Actually, in my opinion the best of all is Resident Evil 2 and 3, but for this price it’s worth buy ’em all.

    • gunblade says:

      i eder got over residenf evil or the game they be having r shity ones think my faver one was the one were if u get bite from the zombe u get lil while before the thing spread n u die..n they wer like random carecter i think well remeber play as one person then having to plaY as anader one i think if it the same game. got number five i think barly got past the first level stop playing it got bored wy they made movies of it idk but last one was okay the whole end of humans n last stand.

  3. BahamutBBob says:

    IMO this week isn’t that great. I already have everything I want that’s on sale, and none of the new releases interest me. Actually, God Mode looks sorta interesting, but if I get it, it won’t be on PS3…

    Minimur, skip RE4. RE5 is better in almost every way. I always hated how RE4 was completely unrelated to the other games, aside from having Leon and Ada in it. Killing off Umbrella is the worst thing they could have done, and a random cult with some parasite doesn’t make up for it.

    • chaos_star23 says:

      4 is great. 4 was just a sidestory that took place after resident evil 2. And without 4 you wouldnt have other great third person shooters and also wold not have the devil may cry series as the original story of resident evil 4 was turned into the first devil may cry with heavy revisions. But then again I was playing resident evil 2 on my Nintendo 64 when i was in highschool, so maybe im a little more tolerant of graphics that dont look high definition and games that are heavy on atmosphere and tension versus all out action. 4 was the first straight action game in the series yes but it was high on tension and also the environments and difficulty were what made it so intense. And chasing after terrorists in Africa is better then a cult in South America? Im not gonna knock on 5 but i personally didnt like it and my girlfr4iend didnt like it either playing co-op on the couch. but thats just me. i was also personally dissapointed in “operation racoon city” and i swear to god every gamestop employee at the time was forced to sign a cntract saying “oh its great and the multiplyer is awesome” becasue its the first game i have shut off after the first 20 minutes and then tried desperately to figure out why i just wasted 60 dollars when i could have gotten something funner and more interesting like a national geographic subscription. And for the record, i really like how i get to see actual news on here besides “what everyone wants to be released’ selfishness exceeds its limit sometimes. and this is something that doesnt even ahve to be done you know, he could just post nothing until theres “news” but instead, we get tidbits and cool fun articles and psn updates to read about that are something to get excited about and all this cool stuff on here and you dont have to be such a “meanie” about it. Thanks Minimur for the post. i dont actually like hashing thru psn to see whats new or checking the official site as they dont even put everything on their little “this weeks” section. I appreciate the fact that i get to read stuff while im waiting to be able to play demons crest and bahamut lagoon on my vita. 🙂

  4. UbdU says:

    Nice, I finally grabbed RE 1-3 & Fire Pro Wrestling.

  5. Draven says:

    I appreciated this post. I never check the PS blogs, so this let me know exactly what got changed during the last update.

    I need to snag Soul Calibur for Vita. Now I know it’s available, because of this blog post.

    Don’t sweat the haters, Minimur. Being hated at least lets you know you got someone’s attention.

  6. Minimur12 says:

    hey, evilyou
    when I said I will copy, its called a joke, my articles are filled with these poor little things.
    when i said i’ll copy i meant ill copy the discount, im not copying the work of another blogger, you seriously want me to type out each discount, sale, and promotion? the sale would’ve finished by the time i submit it!
    if you want to read the ps blog update itself, here it is


    happy reading! 🙂

  7. Draven says:

    Not everyone checks the official Sony blogs.

    Not every article on this site has to be a new kernel exploit for the Vita.

    You act like you were personally negatively affected by this blog post’s existence.

    May you find the strength to soldier on through this crippling adversity that you bravely face, in reading a blog post that you saw somewhere else on the internet.

    Be strong. For the children.

    • about advertising says:

      You’re right, but then again I am not sure whether this should be a commercial blog. At least, PSN blog sales are announced every Wednesday. But sometimes advertises on here is ok I guess. A little more interesting (hopefully upcoming) game that would benefit some advertising is Jagged Alliance: Flashback.

    • Evilme says:

      I never mention exploits, at all. If you must know, I found the site for Wagic the homebrew, years ago. I’ve watched the scene here for a long time, man. NEVER, once, have I complined about exploits ( or the lack thereof.) I have a vita, this was a Psp centric site from the get go. One that always offered a certain level of integrity. I see that slipping, and am addressing it. Obviously wololo is growing weary, and is looking for his successor. I vote against the demographic of idiocy. I’ve seen the comments here, and the new hordes of visitors are rife with stupid, greedy people. Gimmie, Gimmie, now! *** them.

      I understand the admins need to maintain the levels of traffic the site hits at exploit time, and I offered constructive advice as to what kind of content I would like to see. As a long time visitor, I feel every inch of entitled to say my piece. I’d rather see this turn into a real news and conversation site than a trashy spewing ground for un funny teenage bloggers.

      An entire post to boost minimurs ego when a link would suffice? Hmm. Like I said, lets get some more reviews, news, etc.. We could even organize online gaming sessions etc, things that are interesting and good articles. Not copies from the Psn blog. You can write a script for that job. You want visitors, give them good content, not filler.

      • wololo says:

        @Evilme, just for the record, I am reading these comments and I understand where you are coming from. I am not entirely sure how (and how soon) I will address them (it is also difficult to filter real constructive criticism from some noise), but I just want to say for now that I’m not ignoring this feedback.

        I know that this site has changed a lot since I started it 5 years ago, depending on my own motivations and free time, and it would be hypocritical to say “we’re still the same good ol’ Wagic blog”, and I know I won’t be able to please everyone, but I just wanted to emphasize that I’m not ignoring people who rightfully criticize some of the recent changes.

        (One example, directly related to Wagic: I’ve thought about moving Wagic related content to its own website (wagic.net) would have been the right idea, but failed to find the right people to manage and keep such a site alive. It would then just have looked like a ghost town and I didn’t want that for Wagic)

  8. Ikeaner says:

    Yaaaaay Black Rock Shooter now as a game!!

    >US Only

    Sony truly seems to hate EU. They despise us and really all in all don’t give a *** about us.
    P4Golden – November 2012 US Release

    Ragnarok Odyssey also only February in EU

    No Nicovideo app in sight to be released in EU (soon, probably in 4 months…)

    WHAT THE ***

    • Edzo says:

      Just so you know they dont support the US niconico app at all. its not even worth using. the reason BRS is US only had to do with licensing issues that NISA had. they announced that recently.

  9. Chris.Beanz says:

    Thanks a lot for this post, I had no idea about God Mode but I will definitely give it a try now, it looks like it could be lots of fun 🙂

  10. gunblade says:

    this is nice and all. shity i should have told sony that i dont have to much money n not in to video games so they can go back to making computer or desing airplane for the military.. china got brand new bootleg made in taiwan f15 but i guess atleast testing on a similation isbalmost like flying the real thing atleast good fo practice

  11. qwazed says:

    Excelent quality post!!

  12. jake says:

    *Sigh the New Zealand PSN store still doesn’t have Netflix ect
    Hey, I’m thinking of buying a new 32GB memory card. If I keep my 16GB, Could I download apps from two different stores and since netflix doesn’t have trophies I won’t require any?
    (FW 2.10 currently, will update to 2.11 once my internet speeds up :S

  13. Kevin says:

    Residebt evil 4

  14. TelgarDrakore says:

    Be careful with God Mode, the game looks awesome but you are only allowed two weapons, no customization during matches, and the mobs can get very similar quickly. I found it horribly boring after a very short time. Definitively play the demo a bit before getting the game just to make sure you like it.

  15. NNNRT says:

    Thomas Was Alone is funny. 😆

  16. Gunblade says:

    Her, der, I’m like , a person lik who can’t see red lines. I *** spell, I’m real dum.

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