The PS Vita getting ready for the PS4? Oops, nope…


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  1. BahamutBBob says:

    I would guess they’re going to add the PS4 to the PS3 button, but I could be wrong.

    It makes sense to me, but what makes sense to me doesn’t always (or ever) make sense to Sony 😛

    • E says:

      I completely agree. It seems like it would make the most sense to do it that way and I assume they will unless they decide to upgrade the USB port to 3.0 or a different format altogether.

  2. shades says:

    ” . . . for the *** that Japanese TV restlessly vomits anyway . . .”
    A more accurate line hasn’t been spoken.

    • Kefkiroth says:

      This hurts, as a fan of anime. Why would he make such a generalization?

      • wololo says:

        You obviously have never watched japanese tv. I wasn’t talking of anime in particular, but not sure you would actually enjoy them that much if you were actually watching them on tv. They are cut with the dumbest ads you will ever see, every 5 minutes.

        • Z says:

          I feel your pain. Plus all those creepy game shows and stuff which are on borderline crazy.

          • wololo says:

            Yup, I’ve seen “games” such as “guess who is a transvestite” or “guess which one of these young mothers is actually 13 years old” here.

        • gunblade says:

          like that one reality game show were they got to get trough the obstical course…..

        • Jamie says:

          You’re a big troll. “Seriously though, who wants a VCR that can only connect to Sony products?”

          You obviously never used it, because you can use NASNE with any random-and-compliant DTCP-IP compatible client.

          But no, it’s much easier for you to talk *** because it’s a Sony product.

          • wololo says:

            Guilty as charged, I do not have any interest in that device. In my defense, the promotion description of the product ONLY mentions compatibility with Sony products, I was not trolling, merely quoting what Sony themselves tell in the video that is promoting the product. They should be a better job at explaining this works with non Sony devices.

            Look at the video and tell me if they mention a single time “works with any computer”. They don’t, they keep saying “you can plug in your VAIO and…”

            Edit: I’m not the only one being misled it seems:

            Edit: which makes me think *you* might be the one not understanding what this is about? 90% of the features of this product do not work on non Sony devices

          • gunblade says:

            yea think with the vios u had to download a program .. it saposed to work with the psp think i heard.. ooh dude microsoft got amd unviealing of the xbox i think its in washington but can watch it online i wod go but with all this maraton stuff thing seems poit less again so ill maybe watch it on tv like may is anything …

    • gunblade says:

      yea they even have like this werd game on the psn somkind of man in spedo idk wy jap game dont jus stea to rpg n ahit but its under psx classsic i watch groude or was it scary movie kawisaki.. but yea wy japanise building have like typhoon rooofs but its like on a volcano.. or was that wy had hot spring in the fedual era seen it on inuyasha well the hot springs.. well allwas heard the cherry blossom r nice in bloom.. alway wanted to go to japan but i guess wont get to plane far n all even do now u can bring small nives on the plane. this vita suck rather have been in the boat. or the joyride with cuz.. well nice *** day

  3. ASKidwai says:

    Sony had announced a long time ago that they would add Nasne and torne support for the Vita. This is no surprise, and I don’t doubt they’ll add the PS4 button when it’s ready. We haven’t even seen the PS4, so isn’t a bit early to speculate at the moment?

  4. aerinas says:

    I wish I could connect my Vita to my NAS instead :<

  5. lolol says:

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like a toilet

    But it could be that I was watching this

  6. qubix says:

    Well, obviously there not going to update the Vita’s firmware for support with PS4 this early. Why would they? The PS4 hasn’t even got an official release date yet, other than the 2013 holiday season, which has a good chance of being pushed ahead further.

  7. WolfRamiO says:

    m… thay can ue the ps3 button for the ps4 too, something like “ps3/ps4”

  8. WUT says:

    I think you mean DVR player…

  9. wartaf says:

    not so great 😀

  10. Leires says:

    I’ll tell you who wants to, wololo! People who are nsane.

  11. gunblade says:

    so then nasne finaly coming to us cool i guess meadia storage for the vita…well if they not supproting the ps3 think sony will jus switch the ps3 button to ps4

  12. aksk says:

    nasne and torne systems are so usefull.
    If you have PS3, torne and monitor, then you don’t have to buy a TV!

  13. DarkAlex says:

    duhh…The cross-compatibility with the PS4 and the PS Vita are going to be more important than you might have first thought. It’s obvious that the vita will be the gaming console that the ps4 sys will use. So it seems that cross-platform control that Sony was so keen to advertise during the PS4 announcement is for a reason – these two platforms were developed together…

    • gunblade says:

      so then like the wii u tablet remote so i guess need one more for two vita ps4….?..or like remote play… guess the new color n 4g coming out with the ps4..

  14. gunblade says:

    i dont get sony n there randoms yea free final fantasy yea vita sale gamestop only one one nity nine for a 3g yea special discount on pre owned game yea rather be like nice gold plated glock cuz..

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