Amazon One Day Video games deals: 33% off of “God of War – ascension” and other deals


Been followin' the console hacking scene since 2006, I'm an old guy so get off my lawn!

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  1. Minimur12 says:

    The ‘hint’ they give i’ve googled some and I’ll say what google says-
    9:00AM – Dead Space 3
    11:00AM – TRITTON 720+ 7.1 SURROUND
    1:00PM – hint is ‘Give yourself an audio advantage!’ google didnt find anything
    3:00PM – Virtue’s Last Reward
    5:00PM – ‘Race on some of the best driving roads in the world’ – gran turismo 5?
    7:00PM – Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection
    9:00PM – I’ll let you guess:
    ‘Experience the LEGO The Lord of the Rings heroes come to life in a…’

  2. fucksonysproducts says:

    Vita was my last sony Product
    Fuck of this mother fucker Company
    boycott the fuck company
    with/after ps3 all was coming out was bullshit
    Fuck of vita HBL and more there its only to stolen the money from the user
    1 year after and nothing is realy out for vita
    TN-v – virtual psp loool what a fuck for childs

    better to buy a gameboy

    Only to make money all this sucks
    I cant see more sonyproducts

    I have sell my sony receiver and have buy a yamaha
    I was sell my ps3
    I never buy a suck ps4
    and i sell my looser shit vita

    I will see the FUCKING company goes DOWN
    I understand some people there fight with sony

    And i think wololo and his team is from sony too
    Sorry wololo but all the stuff is for childs
    all is to make some money
    After Dark Alex all was only to do for money
    This people sucks

    Data have to be free

    Only fuckers and looser in the szene

    • wololo says:

      @fucksonysproducts : you’re delusional, I don’t work for Sony. If you don’t like VHBL, move on. If you think this is all for money, you seem to be forgetting that HBL has been GPL code since day one, nothing prevents you from creating a fork and do whatever you want with it as long as you keep it GPL, so go crazy.

      You pretend Dark Alex wasn’t in for the money, and you’re probably right, most hackers aren’t in for the money. And yet, if you recall correctly, Dark Alex’s website had lots and lots of ads for spanish Modchip resellers, so somehow he wasn’t spitting on the money either :)

      I can also give you dozens of examples of hackers who release part of their work for free, and part of their work is sold. You know, at the end of the day, people like you are the only ones who think that somebody should work for hundreds of hours for the benefit of the “scene” then give it away for free. You’re lucky some people still actually do it.

      If you ask me, the PSP and Vita scene are still pretty clean when it comes to money. All the existing hacks are 100% free.

      The fact that we find exploit in games that you have to buy is not a decision the hackers make, it’s just the way it happened. Don’t you think hackers would be happier to sell you a dongle rather than see you spending $10 every time that goes directly into Sony’s pockets? You’re in another world if you think hackers are getting even a f#ing cent when people buy a game on the PSN just to run VHBL.

      • ooFLOWoo says:

        Is this some kind of troll?

        • wololo says:

          The guy above me, definitely. Me? Not so much, I just got angry at his post.

          The dongle reference was just a way of saying that if people are ready to pay $10 for a hack, I’d rather see it go into the pockets of the hackers than in a PSN game that they will not actually play.

      • NeonAera says:


        TN-V is for everyone. wololo is not working for Sony. How did you come up with that theory? He is a benign hobbyist device hacker to me. One year later we got decent games for the vita like COD, MVC3, Need for Speed Most Wanted, PlayStation All stars battle royale, and etc. Stop being delusional and crazy, Troll. GTFO of here, you’re the loser and crybaby whiner. Go vent somewbere else. One last thing. The vita is not a loser shit, period. Now get lost.

    • mohd salauddin says:

      Dude u lose the hope i have ps3 and also ps vita when i am at home i am enjoying ps3 game and when i goes out i connect my vita to ps3 vita remote play and here i play lot of games also some new titles like bioshock infinite, devil may cry, tomb rider ETC….. it all was happened due to some hackers…. you can tease sony peoples but You Cant Tease the peoples Wololo,Rogero,Ps3new Etc Who Help us to Save our Money

      May be you Dont have any knowledge to use this products so Better you go for consoles like gameboy, Nes, Sega……

    • Jd8531 says:

      You know people like you are the reason talented developers are leaving the scene. You have no clue as to what you’re talking about.

  3. Shinobi says:

    Wololo is an ET im telling you i saw him once with his UFO

  4. NeonAera says:

    Heya wololo/moderators, could ya remove this mistake post of mine? It was meant to be a reply to user “fucksonysproducts”.. I just replied to his rant comment the right way below his comment.. Just to show some folks I’m not arguing with nada internet air or gone crazy lol.. If you guys can help edit a little bit, great! If not it’s alright..

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